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  1. Alenichev

    Can we get KOTS container this weekend?

    thx. I missed yesterday's game hope I can get it today.
  2. I saw the game is on. Can we get KOTS container this weekend?
  3. Alenichev

    King of the Sea XI: Regional Results

    only if I can use the code in Asia server🤣
  4. maybe they just regret to give us a tier VII ship😎
  5. Alenichev


  6. Alenichev

    Ashishio games

    Is it Asashio??
  7. Alenichev

    Free XP Ships

    Well. They want us to play the game all the time or buy the FXP. Either way they earn somthing.
  8. Alenichev

    China bans online gaming

    Fake news
  9. They just want us to keep grinding and buying
  10. Alenichev

    Is 2100 base XP really so hard?

    last day I lose but get 2300 base XP....with my North Carolina, dont think i can get that any more
  11. Alenichev

    Is 2100 base XP really so hard?

    need luck
  12. WG said there is something in tier X random battle?
  13. Alenichev

    Destroy the BOTS and SAVE THE GAME

    WG need these bots to keep the amount of players from dropping
  14. Alenichev

    Smalland for 2,000,0000 Free Exp WHY!!!!!

    Stay at home, says WG. Virus outside.
  15. I can‘t grind anymore ..... cant ...... can ....ca ... c....