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  1. BlackLancer2014

    Modified Matchmaking

    Hi Devs, How about adding weight to a player's skill/accomplishment record when making a match instead of just the ship class and tier? For example, a Tier X Montana helmed by a relatively green player who likes to camp can be matched with a Tier 8 Bismarck helmed by a highly skilled veteran. Just a thought. Too many lopsided games happening nowadays.
  2. BlackLancer2014

    Detonation should be removed as it doesn't add any value

    Relying on getting a detonation to magically turn around a seemingly no-win situation is like rewarding inept players for getting themselves is such a situation in the first place and offering a mere 10 detonation flags in compensation to the more skilled player in case this happens. If you want to keep it realistic and fair then TAKE AWAY DETONATION FLAGS so everyone is exposed to this risk. Otherwise, remove it altogether.
  3. Hi All, I've been playing this game long enough to know that detonation doesn't add any value to the game and actually makes it worse. I mean, not only does it feel bad for the player who gets detonated, the player that inflicts it doesn't even feel good about it most of the time. That's because even if its completely random, there is absolutely no player skill involved in it. It is totally unlike the randomness of a volley's dispersion because that still requires good prediction skills to actually inflict damage. I find no enjoyment seeing an almost full health enemy possibly getting deleted by a single torpedo or shell hit since it can and does upset the tempo of a game in a lot of situations. Possibly the only situation I will ever be glad it is in the game is if it helps me rank out while facing a no-win situation because you know how stressful rank battles can be... but even then, that rank 1 badge will feel stained. If it will not be removed then there should be a counterbalance to it like dud shells and torpedoes. They are realistic too, why aren't they in the game as well?
  4. BlackLancer2014

    New Game Mode

    Hi Devs, I've thought of a new possible game mode. Instead of accumulating points, why not have teams accumulate damage points! Time limits still apply and capture points could be repurposed to become multipliers to the team that owns them. For example, each cap a team owns increases team damage contribution by 50 percent. Some achievements can also give additional bonuses. For example, a devastating strike can increase the damage points contributed into the pool by the kill by another 50 percent. Casualties could also be modified to affect the score. For example, losing a battleship will cost the team 8% of its current total accumulated damage. You get the pattern now right?
  5. BlackLancer2014

    Submarines And Capping And other ideas...

    Depth Charges - instead of dealing direct hp damage to subs, why not force them to surface instead to make things more interesting and dramatic. They could instead deal pseudo damage to a sub which would be instantly removed when she surfaces but forces her to remain surfaced for enough time to make her vulnerable to surface weapons. Call it flooding tolerance which could vary for each sub's tier and depth charges could also inflict varying degrees of flooding damage per tier. Once a sub goes beyond her flooding tolerance she will be automatically forced to surface after a small period of time (which can also vary from tier to tier and/or captain skill) to allow her captain some tactical flexibility.
  6. BlackLancer2014

    Submarines And Capping And other ideas...

    Only subs can also get a new type of incapacitation: damaged buoyancy controls. Like a damaged rudder, they can't change depth while in effect or as fast if the captain has last stand skill.
  7. BlackLancer2014

    Submarines And Capping And other ideas...

    There should also be a delay in updating the mini map when a sub rises to surface spotting depth like the delay in radar spotting for friendlies. A new commander skill could be created that reduces the delay
  8. BlackLancer2014

    Submarines And Capping And other ideas...

    There should be a maximum depth for subs to cap to ensure that they are vulnerable to getting spotted and reset. This occurred to me while watching a video of Flamu reviewing subs. Other ideas come to mind... Maximum depth subs can spot surface ships should be far enough from minimum depth they are immune to surface weapons to allow alert enemies a fair chance to damage the sub with their weapons Subs should still get spotted normally when pinging while in smoke Sub torps could deal a new kind of damage instead of just outright large direct damage such as prolonged flooding or engine/rudder incapacitation (determined by rng) Sub vs Sub duels made more realistic by creating a new torpedo type against subs. Like a different ammo type, only this anti-sub torp is capable of changing depth enroute to target (while anti-ship torps always head to the surface) but deals significantly less damage to surface ships In games where only subs remain, they are all forced to surface until the game ends Carrier planes should have two speed modes 1) Normal - but they cant spot subs at periscope level and 2) Sub watch - where they can spot subs at periscope level but reduces their speed by 25%
  9. BlackLancer2014

    Russian Dasha in Armory

    Ah! So I can have two Russian Dasha captains at the same time? They will have separate experience levels but I can have her as captain of my Vladivostok and Sov Soyuz at the same time?
  10. BlackLancer2014

    Russian Dasha in Armory

    Hi Devs, I already have Dasha on my Vladivostok in port. Why is Russian Dasha still available in the armory for gold? Can I have two Russian Dasha ship captains? Regards.
  11. BlackLancer2014

    Enhanced Random Matchmaking

    Correction on average damage... I meant the best emblem of the type of ship used. 64k damage is for destroyers. 108k is for battleships. etc.
  12. BlackLancer2014

    Enhanced Random Matchmaking

    Hi Devs, I have an idea for enhancing random games matchmaking. After getting the usual matchmaking result, you can assign weights to players on each team by the emblems they have earned. One point for every 100 battles won and among top 3 BXP earners on team for nationality of ship used. Another point for achieving 64k average damage for ship type used. After determining each player's total weight, find the most balanced combination between both teams if each horizontally aligned player pairs could be switched teams. This should help balance the overall skill gap (if any) between the teams. Since you cannot split up divisions, get the total weight of the division and consider the players on the other side as also a division even if they are not. If this can't be done because divisions between teams overlap and don't match then just stick to the current match made. Perhaps this should only apply to matches of tier VIII upwards so the distribution of potato players who have managed to obtain high tier ships can be even between teams... 🙂
  13. I didn't know it was possible to shoot down allied aircraft until now... and I was in a jutland and there were no carriers in the game...
  14. BlackLancer2014

    Two or Multiple Ship Filter Tabs

    Hi WG Devs! I am one of those players with over 100 ships in port. I find myself often wanting to certain ships that require changing the filter which would need multiple clicks. For example, I would be in British Destroyers mode then if my game has an unfortunate early end I would switch to French Battleships mode to play a game without waiting for my destroyer's last battle to end to be able to play with it again. So it occurred to me that it would be nice if there were at least two or more filter tabs that I could just switch between so it could be more convenient to play with the ship that I feel like playing with in that moment. Regards.
  15. BlackLancer2014

    Female Commander Voices

    Installed mod station... couldnt find this Mermaid's Wrath... sad...