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  1. Hey Devs. Maybe you could create a switch in the Looking to join Division section that makes me visible only to Clan Battle division invites? Would like to avoid getting hassled by non-Clan Battle invitations.
  2. BlackLancer2014

    CV Nerf That Isn't Really One

    Since the announcement of a massive graphics update, I've been wondering why planes seem to have been given the shaft. So why not make plane attack runs more realistic by increasing the amount of flak animation but without increasing the damage taken by planes so it takes more concentration to aim. Make the experience more memorable for CV players and at the same time give surface ships a better chance of dodging the attack. In the movies, even lone destroyers were shown to put up a better fireworks show than what battleships in the game put out. How about it WG? Just another brainstorm...why not put a detonation chance on planes if CV's don't. So even the ship with the weakest AA can get consolation plane kills from time to time and at the same time make CV's consume detonation flags too.
  3. BlackLancer2014

    Surely 2 AFK team mates is enough

    Rank battle. 2 AFK team mates. Surely that is enough grounds to grant the losing team with 2 afk players to keep their stars.
  4. BlackLancer2014

    Detonation Compensation in Rank Battle

    LOL! If only that were true for most players. Right now, I'm saving my coal for coal ships and my credits for re-grinding and earning research points. I've never had more than 100 juliet charlie flags at any one time and the only times those happen is when I get supercontainer which is ultra-rare. Right now the only way you could accumulate that many flags without spending money, coal or credits is that you're a CC or sponsored in some way by WG to promote this game.
  5. BlackLancer2014

    Detonation Compensation in Rank Battle

    Geez, you guys are such WG shills. There is never enough anti-detonation flags unless you buy the flag packs in the premium store. But if that's what it takes to get through to WG, i'll gladly pay for a premium subscription that makes me immune to detonations or even just a permanent camo that makes a ship immune to detonation.
  6. BlackLancer2014

    Detonation Compensation in Rank Battle

    Guys, you know how stressful Rank is. Would it be too much to ask that players that gets detonated in the losing team NOT lose a star? This is especially painful if you lose your BB to torpedo detonation in the early stages of the match and what was supposed to be a fair game is now an almost sure lost star through no fault of your own. If not this then how about NO DETONATIONS in Rank battle. WG, you're already raking in money hand over fist, how about giving us a break at least in Rank battle.
  7. BlackLancer2014

    Mercenary Queue For Clan Battles

    And as for using the "Looking to join a Division" feature, I tried that but I quickly stopped using it after getting invited into Scenario Battles and then have to re-do my custom message over and over again.
  8. BlackLancer2014

    Mercenary Queue For Clan Battles

    First of all, thanks to all that replied and gave their opinions on the matter. Even if we don't agree on a lot of things, it was a fun discussion. Now, I get all your concerns but this is something more of a last resort option for clans who still want to play despite all the disadvantages of going into CB with completely unknown mercenaries. If your clan is one of those ultra-competitive ones then you still have the option not to go into battle until you've filled up your roster with the ships and people that you want. But I'm pretty sure most clan players just want to get to play CB for the experience and loot. They don't want to spend most of the limited time that the CB window is open just waiting for enough players to fill their roster.
  9. BlackLancer2014

    Mercenary Queue For Clan Battles

    To clarify automatic matchmaking, I meant as a mercenary you pick a ship that you want to take into battle that is allowed by the current CB rule then you click Battle to jump into a queue then wait. The clans that are short a player or two can opt to jump into the queue and the matchmaker will fill in the open slots with mercs also waiting in the queue. As for the language barrier, its only a barrier in chat. Its not really a barrier when the battle begins because we are all familiar with the command cues. Anyone who's played enough Random battles can communicate with everyone else in the team using these cues even if they dont speak the same language. Language is a significant barrier now because the only way to play as a merc is to hope to get invited through chat. My suggestion is supposed to eliminate that. And as I said earlier, joining another clan is not a surefire way to get to play CB. I've been in another more active clan before. But more often than not, I'd also get days when I couldn't get into a CB because we didn't have enough clan members online left to form a second team while the first team would go on to play the entire length of the CB time window.
  10. BlackLancer2014

    Mercenary Queue For Clan Battles

    Are you assuming that all clan battle teams actually do strategic collaboration all the time? And why would strategic collaboration not be possible with unknown players? My point is still about lowering the boundaries a bit. So what if one or both teams don't engage in strategic collaboration? My previous clan was much more active in CB than my current clan. But more often than not, we could form an Alpha team but other members would be stuck waiting for a long time for more members to go online to form a Bravo team because they were short one or two players to start a game. We just wanted to play CB. Allow more players to play. Strategic collaboration can come later. Maybe if there were more game modes than the ones we have now, then I would be playing those instead of settling for random battles.
  11. BlackLancer2014

    Mercenary Queue For Clan Battles

    You're missing my point completely. I did not say anything about revising the way Clan Battle teams are formed right now. I was suggesting a more convenient and inclusive way for the mercenary system to work around language barriers in chat. Now if you're saying your against having mercenaries play Clan Battle, then point taken. Otherwise, CB mercenaries and teams that are constantly short one or two players will always feel denied getting the CB experience.
  12. My biggest frustration with re-grinding is that I have to retrain my commander through ships in the line again. Would it be so bad/unbalanced to simply allow free commander re-training if the ship line in question is a re-grind? It was not so costly at the beginning because retraining a relatively low-level commander was much cheaper than retraining a 19pt (or more now) commander through the same line again. So I want to save my dubloons for something else, is that so bad? Please WG, at least make re-grinding a line less costly commander-wise. Thanks.
  13. BlackLancer2014

    Mercenary Queue For Clan Battles

    Hi Devs, Frustrated clan member here. Clan's members still to few to regularly participate in clan battle so I rely on the "ENGLISH Search for Clan or Division" chat channel to get invited to participate. However, there are other channels that I cant advertise in because of the language barrier. It would be awesome if there was a way I could queue up like in Random/Ranked but for Clan Battle as a mercenary with a selected ship and clans needing a mercenary can also queue up leaving it to the matchmaker to fill in their remaining slots with the queued up mercenaries with the right ships. That way we can get past the language barrier and more people can enjoy clan battle. Sounds good, yes?
  14. BlackLancer2014

    Commander Re-Rework

    Hey WG how about this, just make players choose playstyle options for commanders instead of individual skills. Then each playstyle option has levels from 0 to 21 that add/change buffs/nerfs to the ship. For example, battleship commanders have three playstyle options: Long Range, Close Quarters & AA/Flanker Specialist. If I chose Long Range then at level 1 it would give preventive maintenance, at level 3 it would add something like reduced cooldown for consumables, level 6 adds quicker fire/flood repair time, level 10 adds deadeye, level 12 adds priority target, level 15 adds adrenaline rush, level 19 adds fire prevention and level 21 adds improved AA continuous damage. This way, players will just need to choose a playstyle (makes it simpler) and we will know what you devs mean by alternative playstyles.
  15. BlackLancer2014

    Toning down Deadeye

    WG, if Deadeye is going to be nerfed, I would suggest adding 10-second lock-on requirement kind of like WoT aiming time before applying the dispersion loss bonus on top of the current requirements. This way, spotting would have more value and targets that just got detected can't be snap-fired and deleted. It also makes the skill more realistic.