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  1. BlackLancer2014

    Two or Multiple Ship Filter Tabs

    Hi WG Devs! I am one of those players with over 100 ships in port. I find myself often wanting to certain ships that require changing the filter which would need multiple clicks. For example, I would be in British Destroyers mode then if my game has an unfortunate early end I would switch to French Battleships mode to play a game without waiting for my destroyer's last battle to end to be able to play with it again. So it occurred to me that it would be nice if there were at least two or more filter tabs that I could just switch between so it could be more convenient to play with the ship that I feel like playing with in that moment. Regards.
  2. BlackLancer2014

    Female Commander Voices

    Installed mod station... couldnt find this Mermaid's Wrath... sad...
  3. BlackLancer2014

    Female Commander Voices

    Hey WG, I would seriously grind for the chance to get female versions of commanders on my ships. Historical male commanders with the standard voices just don't appeal to me. I'd like to hear new voices that aren't from Japanese Anime characters for a change. Dascha was nice, but i'd like to hear female voices for other nationalities too. Hope you consider this.
  4. Hi There, Its time to replace Profile Win Rate with something more reflective of the player's actual skill and standing. Being a team-based game and more often than not you don't choose your team mates, win rate is a poor indicator of the player's individual ability. I also find it annoying when players diss one another when someone has a lower win rate than theirs. I propose to replace it with average team standing per game which is a more accurate representation of the skill and effort given by the player in playing the game. To address the possibility of abuse by playing against lower skilled players in the lower tiers, the weight of games played below tier VI should be only half of those games played at tier VI and above. Another proposal would be to separate the average standing into two categories instead which are games played below tier VI and those at tier VI and above.
  5. Hey Devs! Where did the legendary upgrade missions go? I was already in step 4 of 5 of the Zao mission when it disappeared. It was just there an hour ago!
  6. Hi WG Devs, I would like to suggest on behalf of all players with ships like the harugumo and friesland, that we would appreciate it a lot if there was a way we could just switch the guns on and off instead of constantly keeping pressure on the mouse button to keep our fingers from going numb and prolong the life of our left mouse button. Thanks a whole bunch!
  7. BlackLancer2014

    On Elite XP

    Hi Wargaming, In the almost two years of playing this game, I have accumulated over 17 million Elite XP which would cost me close to 700k of doubloons to convert to Free XP. Unsurprisingly, I still have that much of un-converted Elite XP. The greater majority of my purchases were for permanent camo instead and mostly for tier X ships. So I would like to make suggestions in the same spirit as the creation of the Research Bureau to entice veteran players to spend this often overlooked and much hoarded resource into income for you guys that would otherwise remain uncollected because most if not all veteran players would rather play for Free XP than pay for it. Suggestion #1: Create a coupon that gives a 50% discount on doubloons required for converting Elite XP to Free XP but is only applicable when converting 250,000 or more Elite XP. Also make this coupon renewable every six months. Spending 5k doubloons like this would be very enticing for veteran players like me and make re-grinding for research points less painful. Suggestion #2: Create a coupon that allows converting Elite XP into credits at a ratio of 1:2 but only applicable for converting blocks of 5 million Elite XP per coupon. Make this coupon renewable every six months but with an option to purchase additional coupons with doubloons. This will ease the pain of re-grinding by recovering credits lost from selling ships and modules at half-price. For your consideration. 😃
  8. BlackLancer2014

    Sweeping Dismount

    Hello Devs, I have over 70 ships in port, and I've lost track of which ships have what flag/premium consumable mounted. It would be nice to be able to perform a sweeping dismount of all mounted flags and premium consumables without having to go through each ship whenever i've run out of a specific flag or premium consumable that remains unused on another ship somewhere in my port. Perhaps consumable camouflage can be included as well but certainly not permanent ones. I felt the pain particularly this time as I wanted to claim all the first victory prizes quickly via coop games and I didn't want to waste spending consumables on coop. For your consideration, BlackLancer2014
  9. Devs, please bring back the option of manual helm controls for carrier even while there are planes enroute to their targets. The autopilot is so bad at the worst critical times. Before I could successfully navigate out of tight spots using manual controls while using planes to defend the carrier. But now I tend to lose my ship more than before because the autopilot would choose to reverse instead of turning around to the opposite direction to run away or often gets itself beached when navigating through tight areas because you cant control the ship speed. It doesn't make sense taking it away now since it takes more skill to control both the ship and active squadron at the same time.
  10. BlackLancer2014

    Better Looking Henry IV Premium Camoflage

    Henry IV has very mediocre-looking permanent camoflage compared to all other t10 tech-tree ships. Can't it be improved to at least look like the French BB's camo?
  11. BlackLancer2014

    New Detonation Requirements...

    Hi Devs, The 75% starting HP requirement for detonation rolls isn't really that effective in mitigating early game detonations. A single salvo can easily inflict damage to satisfy the damage requirement to get a detonation roll from the first shell/torp hits so the rest of the salvo's shots that hit have the same chance of causing a detonation like before the rule was put in place. Might I suggest changing the chance of detonation instead as the game progresses? For example, reduce the chance of getting detonated for everyone by 75% in the first 5 minutes of a game then slowly increase the chance by 5% every minute afterwards until it reaches the current level.
  12. BlackLancer2014

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    I got the G.Kurfurst as my first T10 BB and have so far accumulated nearly 2m shipXP in the last 8mos after unlocking it. She is fast and has the most HP in the game but suffers in exchanges beyond 17 km. She is good at ambushing from behind islands for quick broadside salvos and kiting away from the survivors with long ranged secondaries as well as quick-loading main guns. She is good at random battles but will struggle in ranked battles. For those fights, I use the Yamato.
  13. BlackLancer2014

    How do you make it through mid-tier match-making?

    I kept on playing. Now working on getting that tier VIII battleship...