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  1. I no longer plan to keep any camouflage that I can't sell so it would be great to have an auto-sell feature available. Thanks Devs.
  2. BlackLancer2014

    Replace Submarines with Frigates

    Take a hint WG. Subs will never be as popular as CV's because they aren't as OP and if you make them so, players will hate them more because by then it would be too unbalanced. Make new ship lines from frigates instead. Smaller, slower and less armed than destroyers, but they fit in World of Warships a lot better than subs ever could. Besides being stealthier than destroyers, you could make their gimmick as being immune to all except aerial torpedoes because their keels are too shallow in the water to be reached by heavier ship-launched torpedoes. Another gimmick would be that they are detectable on the mini-map by radar but won't be rendered on screen to be targeted because their small profile makes it difficult for them to be pinpointed IF they are moving faster than half their maximum speed. If that's too much for you then you could just make them nimbler than destroyers so they can employ evasive maneuvers much more effectively to dodge incoming fire. These will help compensate their consequently smaller health pool. Their main role in battle would be to capture objectives, scout and spot enemy ships.
  3. BlackLancer2014

    Dirigible Derby - Dirigible Spotting

    WG, you forgot to make friendly airships spot enemy ships for friendlies that are making them slow down.
  4. BlackLancer2014

    New NON-HP based damage types

    Hey WG, How about introducing new kinds of non-lethal (no HP reduction) but tactical damage types? For example, radio masts can be temporarily and permanently damaged which causes hostiles spotted by this ship to only appear on the mini map for his team but will not render for targeting by them. Here are other examples: Withering AA fire - causes affected squadrons to be temporarily unable to call out enemy positions to the team but causes no additional damage to the squadron Bridge damaged/destroyed - Spotting enemy targets is delayed (like radar spotting for the team). Time to capturing objectives is also increased by 20%. Fire control damaged/destroyed - Artillery reloading gets a 10% delay Ship's bow damaged/destroyed - Maximum ship speed is reduced by 10% going forward Smoke generators, Radar, Hydro acoustics damaged - Unable to use these consumables until repaired.
  5. BlackLancer2014

    If this isnt a bug I dont know what is.

    I submit this replay to report a bug that has been in the game since the beginning. You can skip ahead near to the end because that's when it all happens. 20220207_223546_PGSB107-Gneisenau_53_Shoreside.wowsreplay
  6. BlackLancer2014

    World of Modern Warships

    Here's an idea for a whole new expansion of WoWs without destroying the original game. * New Tier 11 to 20 for post-war up to post-cold war naval warships/submarines but have their own matchmaking (does not interact with Tier 10 and lower) * Players who have unlocked the Tier 10 tech tree ship of the original game also unlock the Tier 11 tech tree of that same class/nationality * The possible classes of Modern Warships are Destroyers, Cruisers, Guided Missile Cruisers (formerly Battleships) , Carriers and Submarines * Start with a few nations (USA & USSR most likely, maybe even have UK and France) and new maps * Effectiveness of modern weapon systems such as ship-to-ship missiles can be tempered with slow reload times, limited ammunition, ship based CIWS as well as RNG devices * Homing torpedoes (either surface ship or submarine launched) can lock on to friendlies just like in real life if launched haphazardly and left on their own. They can also be manually guided by the player (wire-guided) but requires changing views (like between carriers and their squadrons) * New ASW Helo can be launched (like current airstrikes) to drop sono bouys
  7. BlackLancer2014

    Mercenary Life Improvements

    Would be nice if Looking to Join a Division had... 1) option to be invited only to Clan Battles 2) option to be invited only if division already has at least 4 clan members
  8. BlackLancer2014

    Reserving Ships for Purchase

    Its for those ship collectors who need some assurance. Besides, this could be easily rectified by requiring a minimum amount of resources on hand to be able to reserve. Lets say, you have to have at least 50% or more of the required steel or coal in your pool to reserve the ship. This gives the player the assurance that he will get the ship eventually without having to worry about being to purchase it before it is removed. Furthermore, it could also be made into an extension of the deadline instead of an indefinite period. For example, if you reserve the ship, you'll get an extra 60 days after it is removed from the Armory to be able to purchase it. If you don't purchase it after 60 days, you'll get your deposit back and your chance to get the ship is gone.
  9. BlackLancer2014

    Reserving Ships for Purchase

    True. But for some strange reason, they did not put removed steel ships like Black & Somers in the list obtainable via Santa Containers but includes other removed ships there.
  10. BlackLancer2014

    Reserving Ships for Purchase

    I'm always wary about spending steel/coal because there is always a possibility that some other steel or coal ship will be leaving the Armory and I wont have enough time to accumulate the resources required to purchase that ship before she gets removed. To counter this wariness, I would suggest allowing players to reserve any desired premium/special ship when WG announces that they will be leaving the Armory. To prevent abuse of this mechanic, only one ship can be reserved at a time. While it is reserved, any resource currently owned and earned by the player required to purchase the ship will be put aside as a deposit to be used to acquire the ship instead of being put into the normal pool. This ensures that the ship will still be available to be purchased by the player even after it has been removed from the Armory. However, the player can opt to cancel his reservation any time to release the deposited resources back into the normal pool. If cancelled, the player loses his chance to purchase the ship if it has already been removed from the Armory.
  11. Nothing makes this game more unrealistic than when sinking ships are turned into temporary immovable islands. You can push them around while they're alive but they suddenly become immovable objects after they die??? Come on! Too many times have I seen a ship get chunked or even sunk just because a sinking allied ship in his path made him stop unexpectedly while showing broadside to the enemy. Its sad to see a well-playing cruiser captain's ship get raked by enemy fire through no fault of his own because his ship suddenly ground to a halt when he unintentionally collided with an allied destroyer in his path after it had been detonated giving the enemy team a well undeserved advantage after his teammate was already screwed by RNG.
  12. BlackLancer2014

    Submarine Map Missions

    Another variation of the VIP/supply pickup mission is that once a sub picks up the passenger/cargo, his team starts gaining points like they just captured an extra objective marker. But the catch is that this sub must survive until the end of the game in order for these points to remain on his team's points pool. If he is sunk before the game ends, his team immediately loses all the points gained from this method.
  13. BlackLancer2014

    Submarine Map Missions

    Hi WG, You're probably having a hard time selling subs to the players because you're giving them a modern hunter/killer warship dressed as a WW2 era vessel. You can please either the sub player or his opponent but never both. So instead of trying to find the right balance of sub-launched torpedo capabilities, why not just tone them down so subs feel more like the real WW2 era warship and instead give them specific missions to fulfill depending on the map that they spawn in. Fulfilling these missions successfully will give their team an edge such as an immediate points bonus to them and/or deduction to the enemy's points. An example of such a mission could be that they should pick up a VIP/supplies by going to an objective marker near a certain island and deliver this passenger/cargo to another objective marker near another island somewhere on the other side of the map. Another flavor could be something like while remaining undetected and spotting an enemy carrier, the enemy's points gain from captured objective markers is halved. Aside from these missions, subs can also pick up certain passive abilities by capturing randomly generated objectives (Arms Race). But instead of the usual buffs, they pick up offensive support skills that enables them to mark a single enemy ship within a certain minimum distance. Once marked and staying within the minimum required distance, all friendly ships firing at this marked enemy ship gain a small dispersion bonus or increased fire chance. Finally, submarines should have their own special spawning area that is slightly more forward than for surface ships so they can get into ideal positions faster. In case you haven't noticed, current submarine torpedoes move like the Mark 48 which became operational in 1972 instead of the Mark 14 which was the standard during and after WW2. This is what makes subs not fun to play and play against.
  14. BlackLancer2014

    More Submarine Nerfs

    Here are more nerfing suggestions in case the latest nerfs still prove to be inadequate to balance subs: 1. Limited torpedo ammunition. If subs in the game can shoot off 6 torps per minute (or less) that means in 15 minutes of action time, they carry at least 90 torpedoes in their holds which is waaay more than even modern subs carry. If you limit the amount of torpedoes subs can fire, then players will be less likely to just keep spamming them out. Just look at the side-by-side size comparison between a destroyer and a sub. Can a sub really carry the same amount of torpedoes? 2. When a sub does run out of torpedoes, give them a permanent 20% speed boost and 10% damage reduction from incoming fire while on the surface and spotted so they can still opt to ram the enemy. 3. Not really a nerf but more of an incentive to stay surfaced, how about giving them a repair party consumable that only works while they are surfaced and acts 20% slower than usual. It stops working and they lose the potential repair points if they submerge before the repairs are completed.
  15. BlackLancer2014

    New Game Mode: Breakout

    Just as the name says, both teams try to get as many ships through to the side of the map opposite their spawn area. A great way to for lots of brawling to happen. Game ends when all ships have either exited or been sunk or time runs out. The side that has the most ships exit the map wins. Early exiters can return to the game pressing a key and confirming their decision. They may want to do this if they still have lots of HP left and aid the ships that have yet to exit. When this happens, they reappear on the map at the point where they previously exited. However, this does reduce their current team score by one and they may not exit the map again for two minutes. Re-entering the map is no longer allowed if there is less than two minutes left in the game.