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  1. Ziptie55

    Discord Bots

    This is from larger neptune from 1an-e pulled from the king of the tasman discord
  2. Ziptie55

    Discord Bots

    thankyou 🙂
  3. Ziptie55

    Discord Bots

    Im trying to setup our discord channel and having trouble finding bots to pull in wows news, player/clan stats etc. Just wondering what bots you guys are using and where I could find them? Cheers in advance
  4. Ziptie55

    Best use of dubloons?

    Cant go wrong with T10 camos and prem time
  5. Ziptie55

    Comments & Complaints! Nov 2018

    Premium Pumpkins are a SCAM!!! Buy them if you want lots of Halloween camos (which are poo)
  6. Ziptie55

    clans 7.10 fail

    Its bad enough you keep us poor East Coast Aussies up til 11:30pm to start, but then it doesnt work 2 nights running? If Missouri isnt available then maybe a date with Dasha?
  7. Ziptie55

    clans 7.10 fail

    2x Missouris?
  8. Ziptie55

    [Clan Battle] IN-BATTLE but still at port

    knts FKD! Time for bed
  9. Ziptie55

    clans 7.10 fail

    you owe me a Missouri for this inconvenience wargaming!