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  1. Dont stress mate you are not alone. Im in the same boat. I got a reply to my ticket to provide them with an alternate email address which i did but no reply again since. Give it a day or 2 and see what happens. Playing COD in the mean time :)
  2. Ziptie55

    Yudachi purchase packages

    packages are a rip off. If you want the ship, buy the ship only in my opinion.
  3. Anyone having issues with critical errors and usually at most inconvenient times?
  4. Ziptie55

    Benham grind is beyond stupid

    The credits increase with the upgraded ships. With flags Im getting between 300-500k creds a game. I think its fun if you are playing in a div.
  5. whinge whinge. Wargaming thrive on the fact that people pay top dollar to possess these so called OP ships. If you are whining about balance you dont own the ships. You therefore are only worried about yourself and using balance as a cover. Get your wallet out at xmas time and get yourself a couple, it will make you feel better.
  6. Ziptie55

    World of Warplanes

    Wargaming are a bunch of vodka drunk idiots if they think that the CV rework is a success. They know its not balanced and the majority of the playing community hate the way the game is played atm yet they introduce them to ranked? Are we sure the russians arent infact Irish?
  7. Ziptie55

    A comeback guy need some advice, please help!!!

    The only advice you need. Dont come back until they fix/remove CVs. You will thank me later. Try war thunder.
  8. Ziptie55

    The Next Ranked Season

    How excited are you all to play the new ranked season?? Gimmicky play modes, CVs and Noobs in Rental Ships, sounds like my idea of hell.
  9. Ziptie55

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    press escape in port and look in the top left corner
  10. Ziptie55

    Carrier Suggestions (Constructive Please)

    I agree with the fighters. They dont do enough. You watch your fighter squad get killed by a torp squad and then proceed to be dropped by torps afterwards. Fighters need to be faster to react to incoming squads and deal enough damage that there is no chance they can drop you again.
  11. Ziptie55

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    Wargaming are a joke if they think their game is better for having CVs in it
  12. Ziptie55

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    I played some low tier today which i dont normally play (T4-T6) And we were getting constant 3 CVs a side. I played BBs mostly and the AA barely scratches the unlimited planes they were constantly hitting us with. After this session I dont want to play the game anymore either so I can imagine how new players feel when this is their initial gameplay. I would expect Wows to lose alot of players in the next 12 months and War thunder will be the only viable replacement. RIP WG
  13. Ziptie55

    not playing again till aircraft fixed

    I know of many players that have stopped playing the game now since this rework. It has changed the game into a boring lemming train garbage meta because people cant leave the group in fear of being constantly spotted and attacked by the CV. Ive started playing CVs just to try and relieve the frustrations of them
  14. Ziptie55

    Discord Bots

    This is from larger neptune from 1an-e pulled from the king of the tasman discord