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  1. ThunderStr1ke

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    How about we get the MILLIONS of players lodging Tickets at the Customer Service end , to also voice our opposition to these greedy/unuseful ideas !!??? :D That would be awesome to see motivated players caring about it & doing something big like that....
  2. ThunderStr1ke

    Update - Ranked Sprint Fix & More

    Yes EXACTLY!! WG - you must extend our Premium Time so we are not losing what we PAID FOR...
  3. ThunderStr1ke

    Operation Cherry Blossom bug

    Hi Is anyone experiencing Operation "Defeat" when meeting most / all the criteria for success in the new T8 Operation Cherry Blossom ?? Just had a clan division [ANZAF] in the op and we had 5/7 of us survive , we beat up all the ships & air bases, yet it 'failed' us... We didn't have our own carriers appear, we didn't have any enemy aircraft to shoot down... some of the US troop division survived - 1 out of 2 .... I can only think the Liberty ships which didn't fully leave our map may have something to do with the bug we experienced.... ??
  4. ThunderStr1ke

    Can't connect to server

    eeewww , don't like the new CLEVELAND Horn.... :((
  5. ThunderStr1ke

    Can't connect to server

    glad to report I'm into the game now 12.06pm SYD... :)
  6. ThunderStr1ke

    Can't connect to server

    I think from checking on web UTC +8 equals China timezone area???
  7. ThunderStr1ke

    Can't connect to server

    not yet up for me, 11.52AM SYD time
  8. ThunderStr1ke

    Can't connect to server

    - and extend by same lost time- all the current discounts & Combat Mission times to match....
  9. ThunderStr1ke

    Can't connect to server

    Do we get compensation for premium hours ,lost game time??? We should... I want to know the split went well.
  10. ThunderStr1ke


    ahhh , i have seen that option before Ionshield... thanks, i'll go back to it... teh fps lagg kill on me is excruiating...
  11. ThunderStr1ke

    Richelieu's lifeboats missing with Maid of Orleans camo

    but you don't have time to use the lifeboats when you're blown up.... ;)
  12. ThunderStr1ke


  13. ThunderStr1ke


    what repair utility did you use to diagnose the game issue???
  14. ThunderStr1ke


    Hey there Ionshield, I got the most problem of FPS drop/ freeze in SPACE BATTLES and i've raised report to WG so they know it's NOTTTTT fixed !!! The space battles have always lagged/ frozen for me since they launched it, but it's now like 70% of my Space Battle attempts that freeze up & steal your Elite Commander XP potential down the drain!!! You're not the only one having issues.... I'm in Sydney also, on an older PC but it runs fine for most other game modes, though i've noticed some FPS freezing now in random games the last 2 days