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  1. Players are even MORE passive after the rework.... Had another game in my Hak and seeing a Yamato, an Amagi, a Hindenburg and a Shima all having a party behind an island.... You won't see that before the rework even with CVs present. 😅
  2. Had a game in my Atago with a 0 point new commander, expected to be a hard game, but it turned out harder on my back. People nowadays react to CVs as if they are end of the world, going super passive, grouping behind islands but not pushing and end up being picked one by one by advancing enemy. I was lucky enough to not get picked up my CV and swung my side from one end to the other or otherwise this is a losing game. All in all I think people, when facing CVs, other than grouping together for AA, should also remember to push...... And yes there are no DDs in game = = and my back is painful.
  3. D_for_Detonation

    CV is still OP to lone ships after, pls nerf

    This indeed is sarcasm as I am imitating some players. My point is solo ships deserved to be harassed by CVs. A light force sailing alone with no strong AA ship also deserved to be blapped by CVs. But with the current AA updates, ships with slightly stronger AA make planes nearly impenetrable. The balance should not make strong AA ship "immune" to planes but act as a platform to deter planes and make CV think twice before attacking, while causing heavy loss if the CV is committed to the attack. Ya I agree, completely unacceptable. CVs are still relevant at current state. They can still make important contribution. In the game I quoted I successfully transform the game from a lose to win by dropping the last lone Yamato in the last minute, reverting the score. All in all, CVs are still the only ship type that can extend in the field rapidly and cause game changing move. For this I agree. Also they nerfed Hak's 8KM long range torps into an unusable state. I see no one actually using it in battle. Currently, it is impossible to get any planes left if you F key directly after a strike, be it a strong AA or weak AA ship. To have planes coming back you need to do the strike, fly for a while getting out of AA range, then press F. I think they nerfed the F spam too hard. Sadly this is the only thing they can do at the moment. Also I find myself perma spotting DD even more after Because I can't attack any ship with OK-ish AA without losing all my planes. In the end I end up circling above DDs, without doing any attack run, and get my team to end their miserable life. The detection buff to surface ships make it impossible to do a tight aim to actively moving DDs, instead I do the above..... All in all the update makes DD perma spotting even worse.
  4. Amagi going alone, damage con single fire from rocket, perma flood from aerial torpedos...... CV OP pls nerf Yamato going alone, sailing in straight line, eating 4 citadels from dive bombs.......... CV OP pls nerf Izumo beached on island, eating 4 torps.......... CV OP pls nerf Shima going alone, got perma spotted by CV having planes circling above without attacking, focused to death......... CV OP pls nerf WUT? CV doing more than 100k damage?....... CV OP pls nerf P.S. Not a troll post
  5. D_for_Detonation

    Cannot play Carriers any more

    Ya true. But in T10, even with a permanent camo, which cost 5000 dubs, you can still lose credits. This just feels like buying a piece of stone just for the purpose of stoning your own foot, and the "solution" just lead to more spending, which is not sustainable at all.
  6. D_for_Detonation

    Cannot play Carriers any more

    The thing is high tier CV economy depends very much on damage done. With such a low average damage high tier CVs tend to lose credits even in a win. Unless they increase the bonus for spotting I guess CV players will continue to play for damage farming...
  7. D_for_Detonation

    an inquiry into the wealth of nations by Oscar Wilde

    Definitely. My main goal is to is to remove all surface DD and replace them all with flying Shimas 🤣 Oh shid, I am below that 250k damage I must be a bad player LOL.
  8. Well just played the hotfix in both a DD and a CV. It appears that DD can finally fend herself off of planes and not being food. And CVs are kind of nerfed hard, very hard.
  9. D_for_Detonation Hakuryu still not Nerf

    Well things might get even worse for DD after this hotfix I guess as CVs now may tend to focus more on DD because it is the only class with AA that might not be able to knock out squads and allow multiple runs.
  10. Not all things have counterplay. What is the counterplay for Yamato's overmatch? What is the counterplay for Khabarovsk's speed? Sometimes the counterplay is just to avoid and play smart. You can move away from planes and stay with your teammates for AA, just as someone mentioned before in the thread. And what is the point of covering player names when you say player stat is important. Cheers.
  11. What is the point of even looking up and being so obsessed with player stats. I don't want to do it myself but you are also having below average PR in DD type. The main point is, with the CV rework, it aims to attract more players into the CV type so CVs are not so dominated by only players who are good at it. It is pointless to only look at the really good players and how they perform. A unicum player can delete you no matter what you do. I am just suggesting a general strategy to help mitigate the effect of current CV meta.
  12. How often do you meet unicum players to be very honest. With the current meta and everyone playing CVs it is better to talk about an average CV player as it is more reflective of the real situation. Played with a Z23 and got a solocap and killed off a contesting DD while slipping plane detection all the time with smoke and moving away from planes. I even managed to kill more planes than my previous Kidd game, so go figure.
  13. I I am hardly a CV main first and foremost and I know someone will gonna pull up my stats. I am more of a all type players and I don't even play much CV previously. As a matter of fact posting KIDD results is no different from posting other DD result. AA as of now, before the hotfix, is totally RNG. You may shoot down a lot of planes in a weak AA DD but literally no planes in a strong AA DD. The point I want to make is instead of complaining, try figuring a way to counter CV, either working as a group and cap late or use AA sectors and turn of your AA. I am just trying to raise my opinion, if opinion leads to such attacks and degrades, I really feel worried about this community. No wonder Sub_Octavian left WOWs subreddit recently.
  14. I turned off my AA the whole time so I can slip through even though planes get into my AA range. And I actively maneuver away from planes. And I was providing smoke for the DM and Salem so I don't get much plane kills.