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  1. LemonEagle

    Kills, who should get the kill?

    So, there are two issues at play, here; one could be more important to you than the other. --- Resources gained from getting the final blow on a kill are marginal, compared to dealing a percentage of damage. What this means is that, say, you fired 97 shells that each did 1% damage to an enemy, thus dealing 97% and leaving them on 3% remaining. Suddenly, an allied teammate fires a volley of 3 that hit for the remaining 3%. While the teammate would indeed get the "destroyed" ribbon, and would get the kill registered on their statistics, the player who dealt 97% of the damage would have earned far more resources than the so-called "kill stealer". This is because base XP, and all of the other material rewards gained post-battle for dealing damage, are all calculated off of percentage of health dealt as damage. The "kill stealer" is actually worse off if they save their shots for the last hit, than if they were continuously firing and dealing damage. --- Achievements, and "Feeling Empowered" Achievements are another story. A Kraken achievement requires the player to deal the last damage point to 5 separate enemies, for example. There's no getting around this fact, and thus "kill stealing" is indeed frustrating. However, ever since WG have separated bonus flags from achievements, these achievements have become relatively pointless, except to marvel at once every now and then, when you look at your Profile screen. Indeed, it's frustrating when someone nicks your kill, and denies you from getting the Kraken you absolutely deserved. There's no denying this, and on that point, you're correct that "kill stealing" is a bit of a downer. --- On the balance, however? The more you play the game, the more you will come to realise that kills themselves are meaningless, and the fun comes from the grander strategy of the battle as a whole. You'll always have another chance to get a Kraken. In the meantime, keep shooting at the enemy, and racking up that percentage damage, and you'll be swimming in more XP and credits than the so-called "kill stealers".
  2. LemonEagle

    Selling Camos Post Economy Rework Query

    From what it appears on PTS, the camos can be sold for half of their credit value (i.e., up to 45,000 credits each, for the most expensive, those in the "Thematic" group). Whether that is transferred exactly over to the live sever with 0.11.6, remains to be seen.
  3. LemonEagle

    Female captains for each nation

    I'm still holding out for the Commonwealth Dasha, of course... Maybe when we get a tech-tree line? 😭
  4. LemonEagle

    Commander Skills Update

    "To help you get familiar with the new Commander skill system"; will this remain as such after Update 0.10.0, or only for the duration?