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  1. Heavening

    When you play with a team like a bot

    It happens sometimes... just do your best(deal some dmg or something), that's eough already.
  2. Heavening


    homo特有の說話方式...... 但是CV和SS確實也挺有問題就是了
  3. Heavening


    PT服的賬號和正式服不是通用的,PT服的獎勵和資源都要豐厚不少,但PT服也不是一直開的。一個版本也就開那麼幾天。 現在倒是不用換賬號 但數據不算完全互通。
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    某些人真是帶了些好節奏 不錯不錯 (又或者,被別人帶節奏)
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  8. Heavening


    Let me guess. You post this on Sunday, which is Sep. 4th, right? But public test 0.11.2 round 2 is opened only during Aug. 26 - Aug. 30. You can only connect to the server during this period. Usually PT server is available for only few days each round of test. It's not opened every day like the main server you play on. Just read the news - you can get all the information you need about PT.
  9. Heavening

    Which Tier 10 Coal ships?

    They actually play very different roles. Marceau has better concealment and counterplay on DD. Also, personally I think Marceau does better in Random than Kleber. Salem's radar is not as powerful as DM, and, only DM has a UU. The differences actually made them quite different ships, DM is more like a ship to lead victory even more than Salem, but in that case Salem can be considered easier to play. So, just buy them all - there is enough time to get almost every coal ships anyway.
  10. Heavening


    This is a English-based Forum. To feedback in Japanese, you can go Japanese Section.
  11. 왜 버몬트 타는 거지??? 미국 전함이면 당연히 몬타나
  12. Heavening

    Which Tier 10 Coal ships?

    Surprised to see u played over 20k battles without having all of them...... how was it even possible I give priority to Napoli(for Ranked/CW usually), Marseau(strong ship with high difficulty), Khabarovsk and Shierman(both are comparatively easier to play on). Up to your style. By the way you're going to have all of them some day. No need to worry too much about which to buy first.
  13. Heavening

    ca上 傳奇插 是甚麼?

    傳奇插不至於說是人傻錢多的玩物 他存在意義,比起“讓你變強”,更重要的還是“改變船隻的玩法” 當然 如果改變玩法之後的玩法更適合你,那確實也算間接也讓你變強了XD 所以說傳奇插可以挑符合自己的,或者自己認為有用的就完全可以入 而且某些情況下,換傳奇插一點都不比用研發點去換船虧。
  14. Heavening


    不要去想那麼複雜 特種船(Special Ships)和金船(此處指的是價值戰艦Premium Ships)這是一個分類方法 金幣船(此處指通過金幣購買獲得)、煤炭船、鋼船、研發局船 這是另外一種分類方法,這是從獲取途徑上分類的,並且一艘船可以有不同獲取途徑,比如同時是煤炭船和金幣船 所以標題裡的“金船和資源船定義有點複雜”這個就沒必要了 其他的東西,比如你說的某些新船是什麼等等,沒事多看Development Blog,答案裡面都有。 https://blog.worldofwarships.com/