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    My Art Corner

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    My Art Corner

    Long not updating sorry. Here's my latest shipworks.
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    My Art Corner

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    My Art Corner

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    Can't connect to server

    Oh please, still cant connect
  6. Central_Admiral

    Can't connect to server

    Just now I can login, But After I re-managing my setting and restarting the client its said its on the Maintenance again wtf?
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    My Art Corner

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    My Art Corner

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    Design A Patch submission

    Patch Name: Star Shells Artist/ Creator Name: Central_Admiral This is my own drawing, without editing except the simple coloring edit. A patch inspired by 'Star Shell' or Flare Projectile, Combined with a Cresent Moon ring with additional effect/detail that represent the WoWs Server Around the Globe. The Overall look itself is resembling an Anchor. Cresent Moon (Asia, Japan) Star and Stripes (USA) Tricolor and Blue Trace (France and Most of EU) Red Star (Soviet) The patch also make a symbol about how this type of projectile show it's critical role at the Battle of North Cape, Which resulting with the loss of Scharnhorst. The Trace behind the warhead also reflecting an image of Shooting Star. Also, when combined with the moon, they make a perfect pair in the night sky.
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    My Art Corner

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    My Art Corner

    Okay, I create this thread to post my personal work. Some people who play WoT may already know me, I just can stay put there and do nothing