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  1. WarshipGirlsR_OSS

    星落競賽 - 贏得更多超級貨櫃

  2. WarshipGirlsR_OSS

    「與朋友一起遊玩」推薦計劃:最新獎勵 [更新]

    在下說點狠話:航母機制一天沒有改善,就是一天找不到玩家回鍋... 你們既然選擇無視玩家的建議和實際發生的狀況,那麼我們也可以選擇無視你的任何優惠和活動...
  3. WarshipGirlsR_OSS

    航空母艦更新計劃 (0.8.4版更新前計劃)

    公平的海战 呵呵呵,来开个训练房 我开北卡你开八级航母 我从地图最边缘点rpf开始找你 看看你能投几波
  4. WarshipGirlsR_OSS

    CV Update Plans - up to 0.8.4

    Go to play a couple of games using CV please,if you do want to give meaningful suggestions.4 or 5 kills?Absurd.
  5. WarshipGirlsR_OSS

    CV Update Plans - up to 0.8.4

    I think if you let one of those cv player whose win rate is above 60% to balance the cv,it will be much better than now.Many of my friends raise the idea you have now and even better solution in the beginning of 0.8.0 and give you ticket.but god knows whats in your developers brain and you raise so many bad ideas to rain the game experience of dd players and cv players cause cv can not do any damage to ships stay together and dd cant cap with the cover of antiair forces.At the same time you miss the right solution of problem perfectly.You nerf the tier X CV and ignore the shoukaku has been useless cause the mechanism change caused by hakuryu,and the tier 4 and 6 and 8 are useless when they are in higher tier battle.You just cancel the rpf of cv but why you dont think that if they can do damage to bbs and cas why they are crazy for killing dds?You never play the game you make and just know watching the number of avr damage in server.Just like dough making,when the plane is too strong,you add aa power,ignoring the fact that the food (game)tastes like the canned herring!And even worse,most of the players in other forum thought you add shit to the water when its imbalance.i have not recharged since 0.8.0 updated.And if you do this again,i will sell my account and never play this game again. There Is Some Reason Why The USSR Disintegrated.
  6. WarshipGirlsR_OSS


    毛子脑回路清奇 “7到8级舰艇防空值断崖式上涨” 得出的结论竟然是 “我们大幅上调了6 7级舰艇的防空值” wdnmd 航母还能玩? 下版本英航出来我看你怎么卖
  7. WarshipGirlsR_OSS


    我们不是不会玩航母 而是你们把航母改的不能玩