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  1. Still new to the recent updates regarding the ship modules. Now, I have the legendary/unique upgrade for shimakaze, which gives -25% torpedo reload time, but -80% traverse and +50. % incapacitation chance. I noticed that the third slot has two more potentially viable upgrades (MBM2 and TTM1, which give +15% turret traverse and +5% torp speed/+20% traverse/-40% incapacitation respectively). Is it worth changing any of my modules? (i currently use the generic reload speed upgrade in my last slot and ASM1 in my 3rd slot)
  2. Rurikon

    What coal ship to get.

    Right now I have 190k coal and the -25% voucher, which means I can get any of the coal ships right now. I currently am looking at Yoshino, since I main Japanese ships, but should I pick another one? Or pick the third option, wait for more coal ships to choose from.
  3. Rurikon

    Stock CV tips for under tiered?

    IJN CVs are pretty bad rn, especially T8 ones, but here's my guide. (my highest is T8 Shokaku, but I can do decently in T10 games, at least 50k) Torpedo bombers: 2 planes per strike, 6 squadron total, 7233 torp dmg (stock) At 7k damage per torp, they have decent enough alpha. Generally, you would want to start aiming the moment you are in detection range of the target (7.5km stock), then fly straight for a while and manuever if necessary. You normally wouldn't want to use this against cruisers. Battleships are the best target to hit with these. Don't attack AA blobs, they will annihilate your puny stock planes. Against battleships: Aim the cone so that the edge is directly on its bow Cruisers: The lead should be at least equal to half the target's length Destroyers: If the DD is stupid, then it's possible, as long as you can see him and you create enough lead. Dive bombers: 2 planes per strike, 6 squadron total, 6100 citadel dmg (stock) Stock, they are mediocre at best. However, it's still possible to use them. Again, the best targets to attack are lone targets. With AP bombers, you need to take into consideration a lot of factors, such as bomb angle, deck armor and lead. When you start a strike, you don't necessarily have to be aiming over the ship. You can start it to the side of it, or the front of it. You can aim the reticle as the planes are engaging. Take note that bombs need time to reach the target, so you have to lead for movement. BB: Aim the reticle in front of the BB. Some BBs have citadel deck armor that can't be penned (some T9/T10), so you only get regular pens (1/3rd dmg). CA: Same principle, but the bombs may overpenetrate, so you might want to wait a bit on the run so the bombs get angled. DD: Don't, but if you're really good at aiming and are content with overpens (1/10th dmg), go for it. Rockets: 2 planes per strike, 8 squadron total, 2200dmg, 4 rockets/plane, max. of ~5808 per strike (1/3rd unsaturated HE dmg, all pens) Lost a lot of usefulness since 8.0.3, but it's very hard to make them work with just 8 rockets. Do not manuever while the reticle is orange to make them accurate. They have less manueverability when the reticle is green, too, so, rip. You have to be moving in a straight direction just to get good salvos. BB/CA: Aim straight at em, let them rockets rip. DD: If already spotted, do the same as usual. If not spotted: When you get in detection range (~2.8km), drop fighters over them, and get some distance while you aim and the fighters spot. Only good for lone dds. If no fighters, just pass them and turn and aim before you detect them. Class priority: BBs > DDs > CAs > CVs Nation priority: KMS//French?/Russian?> IJN > RN > USN You may be wondering why IJN is stronger, it's because they somehow got strong AA at higher tiers, (T8>) :/ Note that CVs are actually decent targets if you're uptiered, if you can survive fighters. Sorry for the huge block of text.
  4. Steering gears mod. 3 vs concealment mod. 1? I feel like being able to dodge faster is better than concealment, since IJN cruiser concealment is already decent. The only thing I would regret is the +5% to enemy dispersion, but I think it's worth losing.
  5. Rurikon

    B-65s: Yoshino and Azuma

    Probably would get them both, since out of the 3 (Azuma/Yoshino/Neustrashimy), the two are better. Would take me a long time to farm enough coal and FXP though, since I don't have a lot of options for farming. Azuma and Yoshino function on the trading of punishment. They're both capable of dealing large amounts of damage to cruisers when they show broadside, which is characteristic of battleships, while they'll probably be easily punished as well if they show broadside, like a cruiser. The cruiser dispersion just makes them equally if not better than most battleships at deleting cruisers. I'd probably set up mine for manueverability, since it would basically become a kiting battleship at that point.
  6. Hi, I currently have an VI Ryuujou and an 11-pt commander on her, I'm not sure about which skills to use. I'm currently running Air Supremacy (1), Improved Engines (2), Survivability Expert (3), and Aircraft Armour (3) with 3 points to spare. Something about this, I've noted, is that SE is probably less valuable than Aircraft Armour, since + ~100hp is insignificant anyway, and if you get hit by flak you basically lose a huge chunk of health. Upgrades are focused on torpedo bombers, (+2s attack time, + 7.5 health). What's the best upgrade to take? Right now, I feel that all of the 4-pt skills aren't worth using. They're all pretty much mediocre. 3pts - I think a combination of the ff. skills would be the best thing to do right now. -> TA (2), AR(2), Improved Engine Boost(1), Last Gasp(1)
  7. Rurikon

    AA Shimakaze?

    So, uh, RIP dds, mostly. Thinking of changing my Shima build. Current: standard torp dd build: PT, LS, SE, TAE, CE, RDL +1pt upgrades: MBM1, PM1, ASM1, PM2, CSM1, TTM1 M idea for my aa shima: PT, LS, EM, SE, BFT, CE, upgrades: MBM1, PM1, AGM1, PM2, CSM1, TTM1 I guess it basically becomes a hybrid gun/torp shima. Not sure if this is the right build to go for. It might even be a good idea to just not change it at all.
  8. Rurikon

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Generally, not showing broadside allows you to not get killed in a single salvo in Furutaka. (like most other low tier cruisers). You should try actively dodging in Furutaka. She has a rudder shift of 5.7s, which is really good for a tier V cruiser (when you look at it, all other tier V cruisers are light cruisers, and they have worse rudder shift than her.) The only time you'd absolutely die in Furutaka is when you get permaspotted by a DD without any targets in range. Furutaka is powerful for her tier, the shift from Kuma to her is just pretty sudden, and the slow reload makes you frustrated when you don't have decent aim. For reference, I main the IJN line, all classes at least tier 7.
  9. Rurikon

    RN Cruisers

    After getting nearly deleted in my Shima by a Minotaur, I decided to start the RN cruiser line. Any tips? I'll probably get a 10 point commander to start off. What would be the best skills, upgrades and strategies to use? For reference, I've played IJN cruisers and KM cruisers.
  10. Rurikon

    203 Mogami

    What is the best way to play Mogami with 203s? For reference, my 12-pt commander has PM, EM, AR, DE and CE and her upgrades are MBM1, SGM1, ASM1, SGM2, CSM1.
  11. Rurikon

    How 2 Russian DD?

    What's the playstyle of the Russian destroyer line? I'm thinking of going through it since I got a permanent camouflage for Kiev from a container. Thanks. Edit: What commander skills should be used? Again, thanks,
  12. Expert marksman or adrenaline rush? I currently have Yugumo.
  13. Rurikon

    Aircraft Carriers

    Is it worth it to keep playing carriers right now? I think it'll just be wasted effort on my part to learn the current CV if it's just going to be changed by the rework.
  14. Rurikon

    IJN gunboats

    What's the best way to play the IJN gunboat line? Right now, I'm running Hatsuharu with PM, LS, BFT and CE. I try to play it like a torpedo boat most of the time since I know the guns aren't that good yet, but I'm not really sure.