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  1. Rurikon

    203 Mogami

    What is the best way to play Mogami with 203s? For reference, my 12-pt commander has PM, EM, AR, DE and CE and her upgrades are MBM1, SGM1, ASM1, SGM2, CSM1.
  2. Rurikon

    How 2 Russian DD?

    What's the playstyle of the Russian destroyer line? I'm thinking of going through it since I got a permanent camouflage for Kiev from a container. Thanks. Edit: What commander skills should be used? Again, thanks,
  3. Expert marksman or adrenaline rush? I currently have Yugumo.
  4. Rurikon

    Aircraft Carriers

    Is it worth it to keep playing carriers right now? I think it'll just be wasted effort on my part to learn the current CV if it's just going to be changed by the rework.
  5. Rurikon

    IJN gunboats

    What's the best way to play the IJN gunboat line? Right now, I'm running Hatsuharu with PM, LS, BFT and CE. I try to play it like a torpedo boat most of the time since I know the guns aren't that good yet, but I'm not really sure.