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  1. IndominusWrath

    Change the torpedo effect pls

    thats why im screaming so they can queue up something good before coming up with another Removed tech tree line Post Modified, Inappropriate use of the word Cancer, User Sanctioned ~tc1259
  2. IndominusWrath

    Change the torpedo effect pls

    Scaling is fairly okay. long af torpedo foam is disusting af. why you comparing some colors with a whole yamato now seriously?
  3. IndominusWrath

    Change the torpedo effect pls

    this one and quite a small foam/tracer. the one we currently have is longer than 2 and a half Iowas.
  4. IndominusWrath

    Change the torpedo effect pls

    but i still want the smoke trace removal. current tracer sucks. tracer before sea foam update was better.
  5. IndominusWrath

    Free Freedom Container

    Monaghan... hull B only 2x1 main guns lmao but [content removed] AA and 9.2km torp. good for division competative. or Hull A 4x1 guns and 6.4km torps.. only good for solo random but concealment vs torp range is yuck lel. anyway, enjoy 🙂
  6. IndominusWrath

    Change the torpedo effect pls

    I really hate when torpedoes really make Looooooooonnnngggggggg foam on its step, where torpedo should be totally stealth. and idk its a bug or not, but when you take eyes off it and look at it again, you see a gap on that torpedo trace. Wouldnt it be better if theres no trace for torpedo, and torpedo icon change from that triangle top of torp, into little circle around the torp? . Also, i saw in movies when a ship gets hit by torp, a huge boom happens ON the ship (in game it only little boom side of the ship) and a black smoke for a long time. I wish to see it in game too
  7. IndominusWrath

    new equip must viable with credit or gold

    just because you cant find any good ca player to div, and you keep losing because enemy only comes up with divisions of good player doesnt mean theres a fix for this. or what you want? Complete removal of community? go play coop
  8. IndominusWrath

    Worcester module model leak?

    it is called "light cruiser" for a reason :/
  9. IndominusWrath

    WoWS Update 0.7.6

    yeah good job on update. i would really also love if you guys add a button to undo the cv researches i did so far *cries in essex* 9 losses streak right after update, in essex. only because everytime enemy had 4-5 worcester full AA spec. Right when i get notification from a squadron "ouch we are under attack" half of the squad already dead while the worcester was 9km away sitting behind island. So all the ships added, are very nice. >shoots through island. >shoots full accurately at Max range where its impossible to even see. >one AA bullet shoots down 4 planes without DFAA. (if he had dfaa active i would see intense amount of bullet coming out). 0.7.6 is the best update. Everythings would have got auto balanced if island blocked AA fire, just like it does with secondaries, and less AA efficiency depending on longer range. anyway, my final feedback is, All these cruisers are so good, I wont even talk about it. Developers priority are surely flambass and flamuu's feedback, they having fun means these cruisers are balanced. but i still dropped my feedback.. As long as everyones having fun i wont complain. Peace. 10/10
  10. IndominusWrath

    What's wrong with MM these days?

    WG tried to balance it like, your team has hipper, enemy team is going to have hipper or prince eugen or equalvent too. but WG totally forgot that one player might be new and one player might be pro, which makes it worse than previous matchmaking. Tier balance is good but ship mirror is too ugly imo
  11. IndominusWrath

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    Well its the team said it :v
  12. IndominusWrath

    Why play CV when you are bad at it?

    Flying planes in ship games are fun Now seriously, WG did a great job limiting US cv playstyle. they did even more great job that Enterprise has infinite planes. What more, DD dfaa can wreck cvs. So much balance I see. even I sometimes see fishing divs in enemy team I just suicide. because if theres no way to counter, no need to waste time. but if someone wants a Midway or Hakuryu or so on, then they have to keep playing and suiciding. because all the thanks to WG for such a great balanced ship. #move enterprise and graf zep to tier 9 pls
  13. IndominusWrath

    Am I the only one who thinks Hermes is the worst operation?

    This is why I dislike Hermes. Probably not going to like the upcoming Operation because of this as well. No. if those people doesnt like, let them dislike as they please. Otherwise "historical accuracy" will get worse. In example, Lets imagine theres a "Battle of Tsushima" Operation. where enemy is Japanese or Russian and youre stricted to take the opposite nation ships of whatever the enemy is. Now removing this striction means *Le TAKE MURICAN SHIPS*
  14. IndominusWrath

    Well done WG

    ALL THEY NEEDS TO DO is to fix the island mechanics. Radar shouldnt work through island, sonar neither. if they changes these mechanics, dds will atleast get a counter and strategy by using islands. but its been already 3 years people are saying this. what can you do now? wg wont listen. Cvs would also get auto balanced if bullsh*t ships didnt shoot planes "through" islands. I wish WG atleast think about this.