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  1. How to Lexington? pls ;-;

    If WG thinks lexington is B A L A N C E D pls someone make a video how to lexington. i have 30% wr on it by 50+ battles and i cant win FT fight against shokaku, graf zep, enterprise etc. its just one useless fighter i got that is slower than even graf zep's fighters. bombers? 89% of time it cant hit dds. 11% it somehow hits. cant engage bbs/cruisers/cvs with bombers because every enemy has good AA now. and my horde of allies cant defend themselves. i tried a lot. Now i have in mind that if everyone thinks lexington is such balanced then im the only pathetic moron that needs to kill himself. please save me by putting up a successful against atleast a graf zeppelin (enemy carrier MUST belong to POI, ZA, KAXSA, SGC, VOR, SOLO, or ATLAS).
  2. high caliber is broken

    ^Heres your answer. Just for more clearification, >you kill 3 ships in full. if your damage is more than 30% of ENTIRE enemy team's initial HP (initial HP means excluding hp gained from repair party). >after that if you just touch/overpen one more ship, you complete the condition of "damage 4 enemy ships" >Damaging ships, And Dealing total damage is totally different quest. you wont get high cal even if you damage whole entire enemy team but dont get enough damage count.
  3. Post battle service sould be removed

    Buy a Musashi, put zulu flag and Wyvern on it. Remove Musashi's camo and put gamescom (+50% credits, +50% xp) camo. then go to coop. you wont lose credits.
  4. Botting

    So far i know that if your "travel distance" is 0.00 km then its auto considered as dumb bot and gets banned so they plays coop. illegal software youre talking about, what if they are using some software which controls Display and Keyboard, not the game directly. then the game cant detect anything about that Software. (in example you cant see a dd but he can still torp you outside of his concealment radius). Maybe World of Warships needs to take some extra security steps for it. like another software that will run along with WoWs, taking permission to see every background process pc is doing. This is just my opinion, i dont know much about what game is actually doing. Now I dont really know what about those bot who is acting like a total PC and controlling someones account. or a player intentionally dont saying or half sleeping, letting their ship go, farm some ribbons to "avoid auto ban" or anything is possible. or the Player's game crashed but Server didnt register the disconnection and let the ship keep rushing B. Anything can be happen. Heres a tip. No need to care about bots. Simply think that theres one less player in your team, and just play harder. (i know its frustating if your team's only dd is bot). so far I encountered bots I saw them shooting AP, moving STRAIGHT and only aiming at citadel, even the enemy was bow on. so just dont give any damn about them. let them do whatever they wants, let them get banned. Defeats wont take you to hell so just accept it. youre not alone.
  5. nah thats too easy. i would take Worcester and div with a Des moines and Yueyang. Yueyang will bring Jack of all trades. then just for seal clubbing we press W and K for wkwkwk
  6. Crashes? Try this fix

    To be honest, the Triple buffering is the only thing that fixes crashes in my crappy Laptop. simply enable triple buffer and enjoy the game. (it also fixes World of tanks crashes too)
  7. B..but Moskva exists
  8. I know some people might find this as a joke. but I think IFHE as a commander skill is bad. As it restricts us from only taking certain amount of commander skills instead of actually changing playstyle for myself. I dont know how others manage, but in Akizuki, Atlanta, who has some "JOKE" gun HE penetration cannot do anything on uptiered. And once I spend life on ifhe either i have to sacrifice something that I really shouldnt (i.e. Concealment or Radio location). I know developers will never read this but I still want to hear your opinions. Wouldnt it be better if IFHE was as part of a Module/Upgrade because it is a part of ship which has nothing to do with commander so I think IFHE in ship's upgrade slot is better. Like Shell Modification 1/ Ifhe = HE shells do more penetration. (and fire chance reduced by 40%) if youre wondering what to put as empty commander skill now, how about "advanced flooding resistant crew" or something like that, "-15% flooding damage per time"
  9. Change Ship collision mechanic pls :(

    HELL NO. it should increase their speed instead unless butt showing guy is reversing :v indeed and why only fire doesnt cause detonation? :( doesnt fire hurt the shells? They at least really need to change the picture of what happens on flooding death and colliding so the game makes more sense
  10. Assigning German Special Commander

    What can you expect from a game who names Steven's Replacement commander John DOEEE
  11. Does it actually matter? the clan who has like over 100k oil, their members already are too rich while earning that amount of oil. so its pointless. WG might bring more facilities I guess
  12. About République

  13. Brace yourself, shipfu is coming !

    do we have to pay for wife again?
  14. Tell me how to avoid Ap bombers

    im crying now. I had duke of york, teamed up with monarch and myoko, im sure myoko had dfaa on while enemy graf zeppelin attacking us. First dive bombers wave i got devastated, then second wave monarch got devastated. it is too much for bbs tbh. does historical german planes had that heavy bombs?!
  15. Tell me how to avoid Ap bombers

    im hopeless but does such a ship exists? look down here : Devastated in a des moines. while here i was grinding a des moines along with playing bismark...