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  1. WinnerChickenDinner

    Conning tower citadels?

    Honestly... what is the point of the conning tower? I know its a lookout for the guns irl, but is it actually a Citadel?
  2. WinnerChickenDinner

    Deep water vs Normal Torpedos

    What is the difference of the stats on these different types of torpedos? Yes i know the Deep water torpedos cant hit destroyers but what is the point of having them in the game?
  3. WinnerChickenDinner

    Destroyer magazines

    Could you maybe turn the detonation chance on the destroyers? Its like one shot from any ship and your just detonated. Yes i know the magazine upgrade is there for a reason but making destroyers have the highest chance of detonation is not really fun.
  4. WinnerChickenDinner

    Aircraft Carrier Operations?

    i recently also got the Zuiho as well, but i would rather grind for the american carriers.
  5. WinnerChickenDinner

    Aircraft Carrier Operations?

    So i basically just got my bogue aircraft carrier, but im wondering before i begin my grind for tier 6, can aircraft carriers be brought into operations? I feel like that if they dont i would have grinded for nothing.