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  1. Double_Helix_DNA

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    What am I supposed to do when my team starts losing the match and the enemy DD's are still alive and spotting my torps? T22 guns can't shove other DD's away, and the rotation is fairly low on the boat.
  2. Currently using the T-22 and trying to hit targets with torpedoes. This is not going well since I always get spotted and die fairly quickly. So my questions for the T-22 are; What am I supposed to do in the first 5-10minutes of the match? Scout? Attack? Look for holes in the enemy fleet? I get found by screening DD's quite a lot while trying to get to a BB. How do I get around the screening DD's the enemy fleet has? Cruisers are quite plentiful, but they're incredibly manoueverable. Should I attempt to torpedo one if I can, or do I just run away from them? If I should, how would I land the torpedo hits onto the CL/CA? In the event that I survive for longer than 10 minutes, the enemy fleet is either destroying my team or is almost destroyed by my team. What should I do once there are very few targets left? Do I go to the flank of the enemy fleet or do I go behind them if I want to torpedo their high-value targets?