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  1. Skarhabek_Wizard

    Pan Asia Flag poll

    imagine if this dispute really trigger WW3...... because the hate sentiment grow larger,..... ....... every country in SEA will park their warship on southern china sea .......... since Indonesia rename a bit part of south china sea into northern natuna sea (link news) ............. some country also follow it by rename a bit part of the sea .................. ..... ..... too bad there will be no naval combat, since they are just park there...... the news spread and WG copy the ship look like by photo and.......and..... and here come some premium T11~T12 each SEA country DD....... LOL special consummable : Radar Jammer, bye Des Meme and Moskva!
  2. Skarhabek_Wizard

    Pan Asia Flag poll

    Howling Sheet! in Indonesia there is already anti-china sentiment..... the moment this news spread.... the new calamity will happen.... the click bait news be like : "penghinaan terhadap NKRI, China ingin bendera merah-putih di KRI Gadjah Mada diganti bendera China" translate : big insult to Indonesia, China want to remove Indonesia National flag from KRI Gadjah Mada well, those people dont care about the real info or what the heck happened...... just something qualify as click bait, triggered..... __________________________ lets see what happened next after the click bait news spread
  3. Skarhabek_Wizard

    I've been thinking of it

    well, did you know? if the map is borderless and there is no time limit.... 1x memetaur with radar can destroy 12x T10 BB and win the game
  4. Skarhabek_Wizard

    [2nd update,added 2 5-star replay]Guides on the new T7 scenario

  5. Skarhabek_Wizard

    New CV player needs halp

    you get reported by enemy team if you plwaying TOO WELL... my karma is always 0 but i dont give sheet, but today cv is more and more becoming sea plane tender... they become average ship without any OP feature...
  6. Skarhabek_Wizard

    My project

    dont forget to add the submarine for decorate the port! now... WG will add moar Russian Sub there is too many BB in the game, WoWs is in danger and need to add submarine!
  7. Skarhabek_Wizard

    Premium CV poll results

    whaaat? Enterprise is actually broken and no one realize it.... oh nice...
  8. Skarhabek_Wizard

    New CV player needs halp

    here is my tips from noob cv player : use 2 DB for constanly set fire on enemy CV and kill it, if enemy fighter chasing, release the bomb and keep kiting the fighter..... the fighter cannt catch your empty DB.... LOL empty dive bomber are the best!!! ++++++++++ note : not work on saipan
  9. Skarhabek_Wizard

    extreme matchmaking and its side effect

    this is how MM work now, noob player got unicum team..... unicum player go noob team.... also premium ship got premium team.... it wasnt random.....
  10. Skarhabek_Wizard

    Best T10 cruiser for anti BB?

    Zao and Hindenburg got a tie vote, and its look like Russian CL is more favorable to destroy BB..... owalright! lets get the RUSSIAN DD!
  11. Skarhabek_Wizard

    New CV player needs halp

    this is my advice as a former CV player : QUIT CV BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!! CV is used to be Susanoo of the warship, super EZ to play, EZ damage, EZ KS, and no one can stop you.... then WG started to see a lot of complain, especially from DD (i got spotted 24/7) and BB (i got nuked)..... first they buff AA of the ship.... HAHHAHAA NO EFFECT GOD DAMN IT second, they make manual AA easier to get by revamp the commander skill (you need 10 point instead of 15)..... this bring trouble..... but not many use it. still, CV is the strongest class in the game, it can spot, nuke, and decide victory of your team! then stupid thing happened.... they give AADF to hood..... not so big trouble... THE REAL TROUBLE START HERE..... they buff AADF from 1.75x multipier to 3x multiplier.... oh gad dam it, even Zao wth weak AA can rekt half of my squadron..... ....that is fine.... as long as CV can spot, its enough!... but here is THE REAL REASON WHY IS CV UNPLAYABLE RECENTLY WG BUFF DD AADF into 4x multiplier.... THIS IS BULLSHEET! CV cannt spot! DD have high concealment, it can INVIS-AA the squdron and PREVENT SPOTTING also, they introduce MOAR and MOAR premium AA ship, especially DD.... even premium BB now got better AA than their teh tree.... (look at Kii) CV cannt spot anymore? man i quit!!!
  12. Skarhabek_Wizard

    Best T10 cruiser for anti BB?

    well, SINCE THE ONLY BB MAIN COUNTER CV IS GOT NERFED.... better adapt to new environment. so its look like i am quit CV, USN split is make me worried. Des Meme AA is scary, but not everybody bring AADF and got manual AA. so its not big problem compared to memetaur (since most of memetaur got manual AA build, if dont i got it killed). the DD AA buff and moar and moar AA DD introduced to the game is just silly. it can invisAA even without smoke.... deleting my own squadron and i dont know what is that..... so here is the main problem, since there is no real counter for BB... BB is just TOO STRONK (it can tank and delete ship fast). the torpedo boat cannt do a sheet because there is so much gun boat. gun boat just more favourable than torpedo boat because it can delete another DD and cap. and the most sheet, they nerfed khabarovsk torp range..... man, what the heck..... so here is the question : what is best T10 Cruiser for delete BB fast without torpedo?
  13. Skarhabek_Wizard

    Mogami:155 or 203?

    do you have IFHE? pick 155mm dont have? 203mm
  14. Skarhabek_Wizard

    Premium CV poll

    having number #1 Science dont guarantee you will win the war. British lost 2 of its General after WW2 because understimate the YOLO nature of people in Surabaya..... though its still mistery who killed Mallaby.... in the end with massive strike from air, sea, and land. it cannt do a sheet and gone to retreat.... Adolf stupidity is to understimate our Russian comrade, and the result... lost WW2 _______________________ aaaand why cannt we have GG GZ with swap able ammo and repair party? its just game LEL
  15. Skarhabek_Wizard

    Premium CV poll

    its Skarhabek, and this is just alt....i got banned because using navigator mod but say it as aim assist. without that mod, farming USN line is so crap because pesky high shell arc+behind island the problem is not only that, AA should not work inside smoke and cannt shot plane behind tall island. btw, you said " WHOLE broken AA system + change the mechanic". then, the engine itself should be changed in order to "completely redone" the CV. there is a suggestion by retia to change AA mechanic...... but its look like engine cant do that.... so if the engine change and CV mechanic change.... can we have GZ with swap able bomb? OF COURSE WG CAN make it real!!! or if it didnt happen, it will prove German Science is really number #1 since they can do it and WG cannt.