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  1. shaggywon

    posting in the forum?

    Why does it keep saying i need to complete at least 10 battles b4 i can post????? i have played 1000s of battles? please explain. frustrated.
  2. shaggywon

    terms and slangs v2

    also is Ensign pretty hi up the ladder?
  3. shaggywon

    terms and slangs v2

    wow i thought it was a battleship?? who knew
  4. also y does it say i must have completed 10 battles??? i have had 1000s of battles? still cant post.
  5. shaggywon

    We Were All Noobs Once

    i hide my stats
  6. shaggywon

    We Were All Noobs Once

    yes stormcloak i agree. i know all the dd players are complaining about this update , but it affects all ships really. i believe i spend most of my time now trying to dodge torpedoes dropped by cv planes. and u cannot dodge them all...u can be taken out very early in the game! i played a game yesterday in my bb and spent the whole game {12 mins} dodging torpedoes ...i hardly fired any shells ....too busy dodging. {i thnk both cv were targeting me} anyways not fun very frustrating...and im takin a break until fixed cheers
  7. shaggywon

    Random battles Very high skill level

    practise practise practise...😀
  8. i dont have any friends...😟
  9. y do i have to post ten times b4 i can post?
  10. shaggywon

    terms and slangs v2

    hey there hows everyone going? whats a bb?