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  1. Sharr_Dextera

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I'm so excited about Regia Marina cruisers. I already trained 2 captains for the line with the Aosta.
  2. Sharr_Dextera


    They are in Co-Op too. I know it's co-op (bots and "bots" are everywhere), but I think it's innapropriate to just ignore "them" since it is rule violation. I report them, with replays to anaylize. Here's my ticket. It's all up to WG now. Oh, I need to ask you something for confirmation. Does the name of the player / user on the blacklist always appear as offline? I always put botter suspects into the blacklist, but they always appear to be offline. Strangely, even though it appears as an offline player on the list, they are active in battle / online.
  3. Sharr_Dextera

    I like karma system, Thanks WG

    It's Gud... yeah It is GUD!
  4. Sharr_Dextera

    Why We Play World of Warships

    - Warships, and lots of 'em. - Naval engangement theme, plus multiplayer. - Graphics detail of the ships. I upgraded my rigs just for this (and it cost me about twice n half of my old one). This aspect also help me as references to build my model kits. I really appreciate the works of ships graphic designer team's works. I also wait about 2+ years for decent internet connection arrived in my town, so I can play the game properly at enjoyable pace. Don't ruin this game with something stupid, WG. Also, please listen more to your players community, especially for good ideas that are useful for the development of this game in the future.
  5. Sharr_Dextera

    Random thoughts on encouraging lower-mid tier play

    Totally agreed, maybe adding some small amount reward of resources such coal or maybe even steel can guarantee this program runs well for a longer period of time.
  6. Sharr_Dextera

    NTC rework was a trap

    I think the NTC concept still a crash, they just avoided head-on crash with "no permanent buffs". They just not thinking clear enough (maybe?) to solve some critical problems that plague the game. Dedicated players usually understand current situation, condition, and problems on the game, we also came with some good solution that easily solve the problems. Why don't they talk to the players and ask for good solution for everyone instead of coming with weird solution that rant the players? But if they just want to hide the smoking gun by creating rant on players, and suddenly come with "peaceful" solution, thats different matter.
  7. Sharr_Dextera

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    Becareful WG, be very very careful.....
  8. Sharr_Dextera

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    I absolutely agreed with both of you... See... finally someone has said it.
  9. Sharr_Dextera

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    We were civilized enough, compare to... let's say, NA forums, maybe? At least we were not (yet) talking about boycotting the game, or insulting WG teams harshly. We also came with some peaceful win-win solution here. All you need is listen to our voice and opinion. And then consider it deeply before you make final decision about this (NTC concept as per now).
  10. Sharr_Dextera

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    Well... I've endured (so far) CV reworks, bad MM, scripted players (as @dejiko_nyo said), and any others bad things that WG throwed so far. Just because : 1). I'm PVE based player. 2). Love the main theme of this game (Naval combat). 3). Lots of good players who dedicated to this game. I just simply say Que sera sera... But for this "NTC concept with Performance Buffs reward", and its potential to bring unfairness to casual player. I've drawn my line, so I just say NO. Find another solutions to low-mid tiers problems WG, listen to your players community. Even if you persistently forcing the NTC concept, there are a lots of potential ideas as rewards on this concept that not feels unfair to casual players. And once again, the solution is simple, just listen to your players community.
  11. Sharr_Dextera

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

  12. Sharr_Dextera

    Has the premium shop officially hit rock bottom?

    Even in co-op plus without premium, I've found no difficulties grinding on New Orleans. I enjoyed the process, the New Orleans are still in my port for some battle, even when I got the Baltimore. But if new players found it was too much, also they are on a rush to get the Des Moines, then they should go for this booster thing. And for WG, as usual... Que sera sera...
  13. Sharr_Dextera

    Top Sekret WG Plan and Balans re-explained

    Hmmm... Instead of introducing concept like NTC (it is remind me to Rebirth system on Ragnarok Online, but it's work because the story on the game are progressing. Stronger enemy, difficult dungeon, complex quest, etc are following as the game progressing), why don't you create low tier or mid tier scenario based battle with PVP system? I think it will be interesting (IMHO). And could be usefull to attract veteran players to take their low and mid tier ships out of the port once again.