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  1. Sharr_Dextera

    One-off - Roma... Pain with patience...

    Maybe this is a necro post, but I post this as a progress report and a gratitude to @S4pp3R that encouraged me to bought the Roma. Result so far : And, the best battle result so far : IMHO, Roma was an absolute monster, when you know how to harmonized with her.
  2. Still struggling with Renown. I already owned Rooke, but, skipping the stepping stone are not my style The best result I had : And the worst... :
  3. Sharr_Dextera

    Is PREUSSEN worth grinding to or FXP to ?

    As for myself, almost all of Kriegsmarine BBs that I owned are converted to main gun and survivability build except for GK and Pommern which had secondaries built. For tech tree secondary gun built, I used Battlecruisers line. The only ships that left me uncertain or unsure are the Gneisenau, which was an enigma to my mind (but I loved her).
  4. Sharr_Dextera

    Get ready to evade some Summer Bait!

    IDK what kind of economic bonuses that camouflage gave us before, but for now :
  5. Sharr_Dextera

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.11.6

    IMHO The combat signal should be move back to exterior category tab/menu. Since equipment tab/page are literally related to mechanically upgrade stuffs. And then you can separate or organize them into different categories such as : - offensive signals, signal that adding the ship offensive capabilities, such as Mike Yankee Soxisix, India X-ray. - defensive signals, signal that adding the ship defensive capabilities, such as India Yankee, Juliet charlie. - enhancement signals, signals that enhance the ship performances, consumables, etc, such as Sierra Mike, India Delta.
  6. Sharr_Dextera

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    3 SCs : Result are : Unfortunately, I already got Dunkerque B, so... I don't know that I must happy or dissapointed.
  7. Sharr_Dextera


    Don't worry they gonna introduce some kind of new mechanics to counter this issues. We can expect, new absurd tech-tree lines, weird gimmicks, more soup-er ships, new Balans™ mechanics for submarine, and something else that beyond our wildest imagination.
  8. Sharr_Dextera

    Reaction Emoji Query

    IDK what to say, but IMHO, some ppl in asia are too "sensitive" when hearing or reading "honest" (both sincere or rude are include) comment and reaction. Sometime it still happen even when the reaction has a positive value. I appreciated a good post, and ignored a post with negative intention.
  9. Sharr_Dextera


    From my point of view, this economic rework are very much welcomed by veteran players who had already had a stockpile of economic signal and camouflages that can fill Uncle Scrooge money bin. Old players can sell useless/worthless camous for tons of credits (as for myself, I got 130m) and still got numerous stock of economic bonus benefit separated. Too bad for new players, now they had relied on hard works for small economic bonuses from the game, or reach their own or their parents wallet for "large-size" economic bonuses.
  10. Since I had not owned any high tier RN battlecruisers yet, my second battle on tier 5 HMS Tiger. My early impression was, Typical British BB style, AP on cruiser or BB superstructure, HE for the rest. IMO, it feels better than their other RN BB techtree in some aspects, especially on maneuverability.
  11. Sharr_Dextera

    Atlanta Rules the High Seas!

    We should ask WG to create their own techtree line
  12. Sharr_Dextera

    cant buy or sell

    IDK about selling a ship, but I just bought 3 ships in exchange for selling lots of camouflages.
  13. Sharr_Dextera

    Selling of Camos My Experience

    Just sold some camouflages that doesn't fit my taste. Got about 150 mills extra on credits tab.
  14. So..... this is what I got after those so called "rework" For now, IDK that is a good or bad. And I planned to sell lots of camouflages that doesn't match my taste. Also, I just got extra 12.21 mills to credits amount, which was I had no idea (for now) where it came from.