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  1. Sharr_Dextera

    Destroy the BOTS and SAVE THE GAME

    This would be interesting...
  2. Sharr_Dextera

    Destroy the BOTS and SAVE THE GAME

    Maybe, just maybe...: More bots, more players. Good statistics to report. More and more bot-players on the battles lately, and they are making the battle worse, especially when they are on my team side. On my positive side, since bots scourging this game, I stop buying any premium ships from this game. I am sure WG will not worry about what I have done. They got a lots of bot-player accounts to buy their premium ships
  3. Sharr_Dextera


    Thank you very much.
  4. Thx WG, also stay safe and healthy everyone.
  5. Not to mention of every single premium ships (free premium ships not included) they put into those accounts.
  6. Sharr_Dextera

    A proof on how serious the BOT problem is

    At least, we can put something "positive" on WeeGee spreadsheets, which may show a lots of new players.
  7. Sharr_Dextera

    No teamwork

    Sad but true.
  8. Sharr_Dextera

    Unity in diversity......

    Of all goddess, Why you praising Aqua?? There are a lots of more beautiful and more useful goddess to praise out there.
  9. Sharr_Dextera

    I need to find some weird ships

    Ise and Maya, I hope someday they will introduce into WoWs (because I'm not a fan of mobile games).
  10. Sharr_Dextera

    What happens to Puerto Rico if you don’t complete it?

    It will be use as materials (or fund, maybe) for repairing the Adm. Kuznetsov And then they will make a video about that, so we can predict that russian CV will come...
  11. Sharr_Dextera

    Adding more FUEL to the fire eh?

    Well done WG, well done... Again, you failed to take a lesson from you customer.
  12. Sharr_Dextera

    Puerto Rico, time to abandon ship

    Got zero chance of getting this ship, so I just abandon the ship
  13. Sharr_Dextera

    At long last, I finally did it!

    Well done, congratulations
  14. Sharr_Dextera

    Georgia or Yoshino?

    Smol...., No, for me it's the Yoshino.