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  1. Sharr_Dextera

    BEST ship to train a 6-point Captain (IJN)

    My preferences are : For Battleship captain, I put him on Fusou. For cruiser, Myokou. For DD, Akatsuki. For IJN ship captains, I recruited lvl.6 captain to those ships I mentioned above, grind them to level 10 or 12. Then reassigned them to desirable ships. For retraining after they are reassigned, I put them onto Kii or mostly Mutsu for battleship, Atago for cruiser, and Asashio B for DD (on rare occasions).
  2. Sharr_Dextera

    Where is my KONG ????

    Predictable... WeeGee : No (free) soup for you!!!
  3. Sharr_Dextera

    Mogami Need Buff

    They will buff it... In form of Special event ship, or Premium ship, or Dockyard ship, or Research Bureau ship. Just like Izumo become Bajie. Or... When they had a discussion about buffing IJN ships, suddenly memories of Battle of Tsushima came to their mind, and they immediately put the ideas into a frozen caviar.
  4. Sharr_Dextera

    Where is my KONG ????

    It's said : A "Two Titans—One King" container drops one of the following: Primal permanent camouflage for VIII North Carolina Heat Ray permanent camouflage for VIII Amagi Commander Kong with 10 skill points and a unique voiceover Commander Godzilla with 10 skill points and a unique voiceover 100,000 Elite Commander XP 21x Ultimate Guardian or Ultimate Titan camouflages 21x special signals of the same type (Dragon, Red Dragon, Wyvern, Hydra, Ouroboros, Basilisk, Scylla, or Leviathan) So, good luck....
  5. Sharr_Dextera

    Where is my KONG ????

    If they are really on board the ship while on battle, It become something funny to think about. What happen if you ship got sunk. Are they gonna be : A. Abandon ship, jump from the ship, swim to nearest island and watch the rest of battle with disappointing face. Or do something else. or B. I'm gonna stay with the ship until the end.... And give some kind of sad face that the rest of battle participant can enjoy (for entertainment purpose only). Just like the orchestra that keep playing while the mighty Titanic sunk.
  6. Sharr_Dextera

    Where is my KONG ????

  7. Sharr_Dextera

    IJN CA

    The good thing about Mogami are, if you seen her on red team, prepare to farm citadel ribbon. Personally, I still enjoy IJN CA line, at least up to Myoko. Mogami are difficult due to her spec / limitation against current meta. I agreed that IJN cruiser line from t.8 to t.10 need buffs so badly to make them playable on current meta. Now I'm on progress with Ibuki to get the Zao. It's a little bit easier than Mogami's grind because it's got extra range and heal, but it still difficult. It seems WG are too busy to nerf/balans OP ships, so they forgot to buff underpowered ships.
  8. Agreed. Even as a frequent battleship player, I always hated it when there were dedicated BB campers on my team. Too many opportunities to win battles are slipped away simply because they refuse to adapt to the dynamics of the battle.
  9. What should you expect from them? Even they are messed up with some ships that built in real steel (Look at that so called "ARP Maya"). Maybe they are in this kind of situation : It is more easier to create something "ethereal" than the real one.... I just remember, telling a dream are more easier than telling the truth.
  10. Sharr_Dextera

    it's my birthday!

  11. Sharr_Dextera

    Code for Korean Children's day

    Thank you very much
  12. Sharr_Dextera

    Please, I need logical answer.

    Sooner or later, we will all become batteries.... . Until you can choose between the red pill or the blue pill.
  13. Sharr_Dextera


    Got all 20 days of prem today. Thx WG Got another 14 days from here : https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/14-days-of-premium-account/
  14. Sharr_Dextera

    Introducing WoWs Karma

    Eerrr.... Is this Good? Or Bad?
  15. Sharr_Dextera


    Thank you very much