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  1. [BMH]Black Mist Horizon
    Server: (SEA)ASIA.

    Clan Information:
    A'hoy, mate's! We are constantly looking for friendly active members for our clan. Everyone is treated equally, and helped through playing in division. Players of tier 8+ are strongly encouraged to apply and join with us in glorious upcoming clan battles!

    -Your mic must work during CB.

    -We do not require any “unicum” level winrates, since this is afteral a growing clan. As we all know winrate can drop and rise due to teamplay in random, so this is clearly not a compulsory factor. A winrate above 46% is enough to apply in our clan, but we strongly suggest to improve one’s gameplay if they wishes to enter in a clan battle with such winrate.

    -This is a Asian clan, so expect different types of languages coming from players, but we strongly focus on speaking in English as this is the primary language of our clan. The rest…. You can figure out yourself once entering and communicating with our fellow members.

    -We don't require any specific age limits. For a rough idea about the members in our clan, all are above the age of 20. Although, please act maturely while communicating with others, as well as outsider when in game. We need to maintain a good impression about our clan.

    -There are no gender restrictions, since we have both male and female participating from our clan.

    -Lastly, we expect you to be active least four days a week unless it’s something emergency that’s throwing an impact in your real life. If you wish to do clan battle then please be present 10 minutes prior to clan battle.

    - We offer a very friendly environment, where we do weekly training in training room by picking members who are in need of help with understanding the gameplay, since this is a PVP based competitive game.

    Clan Discord:
    Discord: Emperor_Taisuko#4372