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  1. MavroCyp

    Have you got your T-61?

    mine arrived yesterday
  2. MavroCyp

    minimap ship icon become really small

    personally I like mine small . I'm sure others that play with lower resolutions and prefer bigger mini-map, may disagree but we should have the option to personalize the mini-map to suit our style and preferences.
  3. MavroCyp

    minimap ship icon become really small

    2560 x 1600 - Prior to 7.2.1 my mini-map icons were huge and not easy at all to view or determine location/positioning on the map. Now since 721, I'm pleased to say the mini-map & icons display perfectly. Cheers WG for fixing this
  4. MavroCyp

    Is Conqueror really a foolproof warship?

    You have all made some valid points including shedding some light to my lack of experience and stats . There is obviously differences of opinion (which is perfectly fine) but it seems that some of you have taken this personal (which is obvious by some of the replies and comments against me). Thank you but I'm done with this thread. I'll let more qualified people continue to voice their opinion... Cheers
  5. MavroCyp

    Is Conqueror really a foolproof warship?

    @icy_phoenix Oh really, Is it the last of the line? I recommend you read my post again and maybe again. I never mention anything regarding "basic skills" but rather say that you need to invest time in any ship to fully understand her. I also mention that I'm usually in the medium to close range when I play the Con, so you suspected wrong....
  6. MavroCyp

    Is Conqueror really a foolproof warship?

    I would definitely say that the Conqueror in not a Noob friendly ship, and from my limited experience -the same can be said for most of the ships currently available. You need to invest time in your ship to fully understand her strengths and weaknesses and of-course regardless of the ship you're in, match results are primarily governed by not only your contribution but the chemistry/mechanics of your team and RNG. My primary focus on researching the Con was the good experience/game-play I had in the King George and I wanted my first T10 to be British as I spent so much time grinding that line. My first few games I noticed a somewhat negative sentiment towards the Con, not only from my own team but also the opposing side. Most matches pretty much my whole team would sail away or made sure they where no where near me. Once I got spotted, every enemy ship within striking range, would focus all their attention to me. After doing some research and watching a number of videos, it became clear that the Con was just one of those ships that a number of people considered OP, Lazy, Nooby and The Fire Starter. Yes the Con is a powerful BB and has high fire chance, but you still need to know how to play her. She's definitely not OP and or immune to proper attack and strategy - she will sink just as fast as any other ship especially under the wrong command. I don't play her like I've seen many others do (sail on the edges and spam HE whenever the opportunity is there). I pick a spot of strategic importance and camp/sail in and around the vicinity to support the team and take advantage of unsuspecting prey. I'm usually in the medium range to start and will get nice and personal when the need is there...
  7. MavroCyp

    Performance issue after 0.7.2

    I'll post this here as well and hopefully WG takes note and release a fix ASAP. For me I've made no changes to software or hardware on my machine, however since 7.2, I experience mild to severe lag and FPS drops at random intervals during game-time. It is mostly active during battles (OP,COOP,Random it really doesn't matter) and at times in port. My averages before 7.2 were 45-55 FPS and bellow 45 ping. Now since 7.2, the FPS can drop as low as 5-8 FPS however the PING stays the same - which at those rates not only makes the game unplayable but also has a huge negative affect on your team and overall game. WG needs to fix this ASAP. I don't feel enough testing/bugging was done prior to release and needless to say - its simply not good enough! I play daily on premium account so I expect the game to work as it should. Please fix WG Thank you
  8. Exactly Online communities as well as online gaming has enough negativity and people that love to spread hate and anger. I don't need more of this in my life as I'm sure many others would agree. It really saddens me when I see so many people spread such foul language, negativity and a complete disrespect for others. I play WOWS because I really enjoy it and its a form of entertainment and release from the day to day. Imagine for a moment that you have an individual player that for some reason has had a bad game (it happens to all of us), or is inexperienced to understand the mechanics/style, not only will he/she be subjected to toxic chat but also a heap of lost Karma. How would that individual feel, what effect would it have to his/hers self esteem? The same could also be said for the opposite when the player is having a cracking game... Before I came to WOWS, I played daily on another game (that shall remain anonymous). I loved this game but I after a few weeks, I left only because of the few players that continued to spread anger, hate and negativity towards others. Yes we all need to "vent" and release our stress/frustration/anger/disappointment - But not at the expense of others.
  9. so why have it? I think that having a system that somehow detects, logs and actions bad behavior is a good thing, however the existing Karma system is not such a thing. I feel a better way to police bad behavior, AFK's, rude/toxic chat would be to have some sort of mechanics implemented into the game that can either recognize such abuse or flag instances to WG for action. As others have mentioned, the existing system is widely abused. You play well, you loose karma - you play bad or are just having a bad day, you loose karma. Personally I will always offer my gratitude or appreciation to another player in chat, and will never engage in toxic/rude chat regardless of the situation or game outcome. If someone is being rude, I simply banchat them. Having a system in place which encourages positive interaction, learning and sharing is a Great Thing, however the Karma System is not such a thing... Thanks for listening
  10. MavroCyp

    Australian potatoes

    well done! and here's to hoping that AUS & NZ clans get better time-zones in the future.
  11. MavroCyp

    Calling All Hindenburg Captains

    This has served me well, however you can forgo the extra fighter and go with BOS
  12. MavroCyp

    Graphic/ Rendering issue

    Same rendering issue here.
  13. CB's have always been an issue for AUS/NZ. Majority of our members have jobs, families, school, life etc... We would struggle to have enough crew on those times to participate. We may have a crack tonight if we have enough on at that time but I'd be lucky to participate in one battle as I'm working tomorrow and need to be up at 6am...
  14. MavroCyp

    Update, How do you like it so far?

    Ships Look better in port however no changes in the actual game. Game feels a little laggy and graphical refresh seems slow. What is the "Mic" and "Green Circle" icon in the bottom right?