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  1. Miproyq

    Anniversary Supercontainer

    Got the Salem (with mixed containers) But I already have the DM...
  2. Miproyq

    Cruiser split question

    So I have a T6 Cleveland and a T8 New Orleans in port now. Should I buy the T7 Pensacola? I heard that any duplicate ships you might have will be compensated in the full silver cost. E.g If I buy the T7 Pensacola now, I will get 2 T7 New Orleans and 2 T6 Pensacola when the split happens. Will this be compensated in full silver cost(aka 5 million+ credits for T7 ships) ?
  3. Miproyq

    Halloween camos are amazing.

    Will the camouflage change the way the planes look as well?
  4. Miproyq

    How to play Cleveland?

    What about recommended upgrades and research priority?
  5. Miproyq

    How to play Cleveland?

    I got 50k free xp in a supercontainer(woohoo!) and ended up skipping the Omaha to get the Cleveland. After playing for a while I noticed 2 main problems w/ the guns: 1. Stupidly slow and high shell arc 2. Even when you do hit something, it under-pens(especially BBs) Its really frustrating, the under-penetrating shells. I can't get any damage in at all. Any tips for a newbie like me?