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  1. Yureitsu

    Help with getting the Vampire

    Some combat missions requires you to play randoms only...
  2. Yureitsu

    Unbalanced skill MM

    I'm impressed with you mate despite with those losses. I usually quit playing after 2-3 losses because of braindead scrubs... When defeated, I'm mostly in the top 1-4 because of the damage I dealt to them, but hue.. I cannot face 5 ships alone in my BB ;-;.. I'll play again maybe and won't mind the lossing streaks I gain..
  3. Yureitsu

    French T10 Turd

    2.0 sigma, same range as yamato with a max dispersion of 322 [content removed] meters, worse turning circle radius (2nd to GK) Hell, even the alsace has better dispersion and same sigma but with 380mm riffles... Profanity. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  4. Happened to me but except that I'm using Yamato at that time, we were winning and I was forced to brawl a nearby Amagi with over 10k hp because of the fkin cyclone. When I was about to angle, poof detonation.. I did even thanked him for the flags lol
  5. Yureitsu

    Kongo shooting

    wait, didnt you just told everyone not to use that mod to be safe?
  6. Yureitsu

    Bonus Code for SEA [SEABATTLEAPAC]

    nah.. didnt got any
  7. Yureitsu

    Bonus Code for SEA [SEABATTLEAPAC]

    nah.. didnt got any
  8. Yureitsu

    How do you money

    Before getting prem camo on my Yamato, I use gangut to farm credits, usually gives 200k+ without prem time and 300k+ with prem time.. It depends on how well you perform tho.. Now with prem camo Yamato, I earn 200k-500k+ with prem time but due to the absurd repair cost (but thanks to the -50% repair cost of the prem camo and +20% credits earn per match) the actual amount I earn is somewhere between 90k-300k+ Best ship that prints credits like its nothing: Missouri (you need to sell your kidney for doubloons to convert your useless exps on your ships into 750k fxp to get this ship) Murmansk And any other prem ships below T8. In T8, it really depends on your performance and the repair cost on that tier will affect your actual income
  9. Yureitsu

    How do I buy Gangut

    Gangut butt best butt!
  10. Before I bought the starter pack I can still see the scharnhorst,atago,murmansk and etc. being on sale with -70% of its cost. And I thought that I should get Atago for fun after having the starter pack but I can't see them anymore in the premium shop under the specials tab. Are those -70% discount prem ships are lost if I picked 1 of them with -70% discount? aannndd..
  11. Yureitsu

    A bench?

    same with conq's main turret 1 as well :V
  12. Yureitsu

    Best T10 cruiser for anti BB?

    Bussian Rias!!!!!!!!
  13. Yureitsu

    Missouri Detonation

    At least you say thank you for the flags not like some [content removed] words... Inappropriate (Cancer). Post edited. User sanctioned. ~dead_man_walking