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    PT 0.11.2 Feedback Thread

    Hi Are submarines coming back to the live server in this update?
  2. I've played submarines a lot on the live and test servers There are a lot of players looking forward to their introduction There is also a group of players who are against the introduction of subs A lot of the gripe relates to the non-historical acoustic torpedoes Here is a suggestion: REMOVE ACOUSTIC TORPEDOES (I use them exclusively, but they seem to be a strong contention point) Make them the same as destroyers and torpedo bombers (in regards to dumb torpedoes) Subs will then only be able to engage at Surface and Periscope depth (Historical) Diving will then be for evasion (as it was historically) Subs could still detect enemy submerged subs with sonar etc and assist surface depth charging GIVE SUBS THE FULL 20MINS BATTERY TIME Keep the detection penalties I am looking forward to the intro of subs I really hope they aren't removed They are a great addition to the game
  3. Waskly_Wabbit

    PT 0.11.2 Feedback Thread

    SUBMARINES - ROUND 3 Please increase the start battery times - especially since you have slowed the recharge rate again VI - Subs 6 mins VIII Subs - 8 mins X Subs - 10 mins (That's still only half the full game time ) At the moment if you are active in the game you will be forced to the surface and destroyed by secondarys (they wont even need to use main guns)
  4. Waskly_Wabbit

    PT 0.11.2 Feedback Thread

    ROUND 3 SUBMARINES I am 100% in favor of introducing submarines BUT Reducing the default battery time even further to 4mins (from over 6mins)... down to 20% of the total game time is ridiculous As well as slowing down the recharge rate again from what it was in round 1 and 2 Make the subs unworkable and guarantees that in most games unless you just hide you wont be able to play the game to the end You will be forced to the surface an destroyed You cant engage in play for the compleet game I was (am) looking forward to the introduction of subs but these changes are really frustrating / disappointing
  5. Waskly_Wabbit

    PT 0.11.2 Feedback Thread

    SUBMARINES The improved battery replenishment time, is a very welcome improvement I still think they should have more default time at start There isn't any other ship in the game where if you are locked in a battle eventually you will be forced to a position where you are easily destroyed And for subs I mean the surface ... However I think: Subs are a great inclusion, and add a further dynamic to the game I don't think the majority of players hate subs But I think they should be like CV's, a niche type of ship that only select players choose to focus on A lot of players threatened to leave over CV's and their changes, maybe some did, maybe some returned The player base doesn't seem to have suffered much The changes made CV's a lot more fun, and they are still a pain in the A** to fight against Even worse when there is two against a lone BB CV's and Subs make it a lot harder for certain types of non-team players just to sit off on their own and lob shells The changes in game dynamics make it even more important to play as a team .. or fleet. Bring the subs back into PROD please, and make them permanent re-searchable ship types 🙂
  6. Waskly_Wabbit

    Subs are hard

    I think the situation with subs is a little like CV's With the changes to CV's players ranted and screamed that it would ruin the game, and threatened to leave. But the CV changes brought and extra level balance to the game There's too many BB players that just want to sit up the back and lob shells and tank, but not be bothered by any other annoying classes. There's too many players that want to sail of on their own and score, and not stick together and work as a team. Now with subs and CV's, if you just go of on your own you end up being easily picked off. I think a lot of the whining comes from the LEET players who are upset with their current tanking techniques being changed. The best sub IMO was the VI German sub Subs are like CV's. Many players cant play CV's But some players do very well on CV's And like CV's you don't want every player trying to use them, only the few ...... Earlier versions of subs were better than the current version, but any sub in the game is better than no sub The best way to play is fire off your torps, and then turn to 90' parallel to the target They will fire off their ASW planes in the direction of the torps and miss you Always fire and ping as a rule, rarely ping and fire Pings can be used to "shepherd the enemy", just by pinging a ship you can get them to turn around / break off. So there should be scores for pings They are a good ship to use for spotting like DD's The biggest issue is the battery drainage, and makes the US subs pretty useless. They are the only class that doesn't have the power to complete the game. With the present version, you basically accept that you score as much as you can for three quarters of the game,..... and then you die. Either: * - Provide a full 20 minutes of battery and keep the detection penalties * - Bring back recharging at snorkel depth. * - Remove the battery detection penalties * - Give US subs the same battery drain perk as the German subs
  7. Waskly_Wabbit

    Submarine test started 21072021

    I agree the submarines are a good addition to WoW There are haters out there but many dont like CV's either ... if you don't like them .. don't play them ... As a destroyer player I hate CV's .. but there's a reason for that I think the recharge time needs to be better, but I am looking forward to the release of submarines Next release please WoW
  8. Waskly_Wabbit


    I think the subs are balanced well, and shouldn't be changed. Too many players want to play as lone wolfs and dominate the game. More and more, the game play is being balanced in a way that forces players to cooperate and play as a team. If subs go off on their own, they are vulnerable to destroyers If destroyers go off on their own, they are vulnerable to being spotted by aircraft and rocket planes. Battleships and cruisers need the spotting capabilities of their destroyers Carriers should never be easy pickings, there's a reason they are at the back of their team
  9. I've seen a few comments regarding the submarine play, and I'm dissapointed that they have been so negative. I've really enjoyed and played the sub battles exclusively while they were available. I'm dissapointed now they are gone. 1 - "Once you are spotted the depth charges are too strong... I disagree .. the depth charges keep the subs in check (its not entirely true either, emergency surface close, rear torpedo, dive) Subs have to work as a team with the rest of the fleet for protection. If they do, team destroyers protect them. If they don't then they are fodder for detroyers.. 2 - 'Subs need to dive deeper so they can escape" Once again I disagree, it keeps sub players in check. They cant just stealth dive and dominate the game. 3 - Subs need to start early so they can go after the carriers Another selfish idea, subs shouldn't be able to dominate the game. 4 - Subs need a key for periscope depth I Agree, I like this idea and it would be very helpfull However detection rules shouldn't change I think the reason with the negative comments, is that many players still want to play World of Warships like they do Call of Duty, as lone players ... You still can do this, but its a risky type of game play Now with the changes to Aircraft carriers, its much harder for Destroyer players to go off on their own and disregard their team, if they do they are vulnerable to rocket planes. They need to stick ahead, but close to the rest of the team to have the anti air protection from the larger ships If submarines go off on their own, they risk being depth-charged by destroyers Battleships more than ever need the spotting capabilities of the destroyers.... DEV TEAM, I think you have done a great job in balancing the game play here 🙂