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  1. UntitledWorld

    [ALL] Night Battle Mod Project

    [v2.1 (For 0.10.4 ~)] Volume optimization for compact working performance. Now it works with all maps/ports.
  2. UntitledWorld

    [ALL] Arknights Amiya Voice Mod

    Minor update 2021.06.02 Some of Voicelines has been corrected
  3. UntitledWorld

    [ALL] Arknights Amiya Voice Mod

    Arknights Amiya Voice Mod For quick error report, please use the discord server link below or send me a message via Twitter@naitogurou0217. Link to 'Nightglow Studio' Discord Server : (Click this text) Link to download 'Arknights Amiya' Voice Mod : (Click this text) What is Arknights? Arknights is a tower defense mobile game developed by Chinese developers Studio Montagne and Hypergryph. The game is set in the dystopian, post-apocalyptic future setting of the planet Terra, where people exhibit kemonomimi features – characteristics of animals or mythological races. Natural disasters leave behind a valuable mineral, Originium, which enables the use of "Arts" (magic), and often infects people with a progressive disease, Oripathy. Due to the disease's 100% mortality rate, and its high infectivity at the time of death, hostility towards the Infected became widespread, leading to their mass quarantine and expulsion by governments worldwide, and sparking tensions between the Infected and non-Infected. The player takes the role of the masked and amnesiac "Doctor", who commands a team of "operators" of Rhodes Island, a pharmaceutical, medical, and self-defense organization. As Oripathy spreads, the team must search for a cure while defending themselves against threats such as the Reunion Movement, an Infected anarchist military force bent on overthrowing the governments of Terra in revenge for persecuting Oripathy victims. - from Wikipedia Who is she? Amiya is one of main character of Arknights. The public face of Rhodes Island and its top executive. Although Amiya appears to be a young and inexperienced girl, she is universally trusted and highly qualified for her position. Amiya now leads Rhodes Island in fighting for the future of the Infected and striving to exorcise the dark shadow of Originium from the land. Q. How can I apply this Mod? Video of this mod (SOON)
  4. UntitledWorld

    Nerfed signal income

    Yea, adding/leaving both option could be better. Since it is first update of signal income method, I will keep my eyes on it.
  5. UntitledWorld

    Nerfed signal income

    There are players who can't earn achivement easily such as newbies. And of course(I know what you're gonna say about this), testships, also can't get a single achivements. Maybe WG changed the system for these players.
  6. [v3.9 (For] New Arc Event Theme 'Battle of the Beasts ver. Arashi Mod' New 'Loading Circle' when loading (ver. Akashi) Added Background Images for 'Update 0.10.4'
  7. UntitledWorld

    Clan Special Test FAQ

    So, is it closed now?
  8. [v3.8 (For] Milestone Event Theme 'Dockyard: ZF-6' New Background Image for 'Ranked Battle' New Background Image for 'German Destroyer Part.1'
  9. [v3.7 (For] Milestone Event Theme 'Italian Battleships Part.2' New Background Image for 'Big Hunt' New Loading Image for 'Big Hunt'
  10. UntitledWorld

    [ALL] Old Commander Skill Themed Icons

    v0.2 Update Added Unmodified icons.
  11. [v3.6 (For] Milestone Event Theme 'Italian Battleships Part.1' New Arc. Image Theme 'Italian Battleships Part.1' New Login Video Theme '3rd Collaboration w/ BGM' New Login Image Theme 'Sardegna Empire' New Interface Colour Theme 'Deep Blue' New Background Image for 'Old Ranked Battles' New Background Image for 'Brawls' Fixed the icon of Skip-Bombers were not displays correctly.
  12. [v3.5 (For] Milestone Event Theme '2021: Lunar New Year' New Login image Theme 'The Northern Parliament' New 'Daily Shipments' image (ver. Belfast w/ Lunar New Year)
  13. Old Commander Skill Icons For quick error report, please use the discord server link below. This mod is still work-in-progress. New contents could be added/deleted! Link to 'Nightglow Studio' Discord Server : (Click this text) Link to download 'Old Commander Skill Themed Icons' Mod : (Click this text) Q. How can I apply this Mod? Screenshot of Current Version
  14. UntitledWorld

    Supertest - FAQ

    Is there an approximate standard point for how much regularly play this game? For example, 'all applicant should play at least 50 battles in recent 3 weeks.'
  15. [v3.4 (For] Milestone Event Theme 'Shipyard 2021: Hizen' New Campaign image for 'In pursuit of Strasbourg' & 'Ships and Fates'