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  1. Nightglow

    [] Asayake's Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI" (v1.0) Features Renewed Graphical Interface Applied AzurLane ongoing Event 'Scherzo of Iron and Blood'
  2. Nightglow

    Hi, I'm having a problem with WG

    Sorry for bordering you guys and my English skill isn't perfect 😞 I'm the WoWs player who plays in Asia region. Due to some problem, I can't buy single container because my account's country of residence set to 'Korea. Republic of'. But I don't live in Korea(I made that account when I gone to Korea for short time.) so I believe it is wrong to follow the terms and conditions against a country that does not reside in that country. So they changed my country of residence to 'United Kingdom' but after this, l can't buy anything in the premium shop. That makes me nervous so I send a ticket once more. Then the WG Korea says 'You can't pay with other method because your account was made in Korea.' but soon WG Asia give a right answer to that My account can use United Kingdom's payment method. But all of a sudden, they said they had reversed all the changes and returned them to their original state, and the reward they had given them for understanding was only 'PAPA PAPA - 10 , Zulu - 10 , Zulu Hotel - 10 , India Bravo Terrathree - 10' . Not only do I not understand this situation, but I also don't understand that I'm trying to get things done by giving them these rewards. What I want is the right to buy as much as I want, not this little reward. I hope that the agenda will be resolved as soon as possible. If I need proof that WG Asia has changed my account information to the UK, I will also submit it.
  3. Nightglow

    [] Asayake's Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI" (Arashi v0.2) Features New Login Screens for 'Azur lane' 2nd Official Collaboration Add customized WoWs logo at Login Screen Add Nation Flag (WIP) (Custom Commander image doesn't support at this version.) If you want to try beta version of my mod, please join my discord server!
  4. Nightglow

    [] Asayake's Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI"

    No problem. Thank you for feedback. Mod for patch 0.8.3 will be released very soon with special features.
  5. Nightglow

    [] Asayake's Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI"

    Thanks for using my mod. The corresponding problem happened in the early version of this mode. Currently Zuikaku's image is the most frequently displayed, and Takao Class's image is the least. This issue is under constant correction and verification and will be corrected within a short period of time.
  6. Nightglow

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    I want to change details about fluent Language. I checked 'English, Japanese and Korean' but can I change from that to 'English and Japanese'?
  7. Nightglow

    [] Asayake's Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI" (v0.1.1 Beta) Features Add Option tap's background Add Battle-result screen's background (This will be changed regularly for fresh feelings) This feature also changes Free-point camera mode at port.
  8. [] Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI" This content is still in constructing. Some of Interface still displays normal version of WoWs. For quick error reporting, please use the discord server link at the bottom. Hello, everyone who likes Azur Lane and WoWs! It 's happy to say new Azur Lane Mod (aka ARASHI) reached final level of development. So I 'd liked to introduce my mod, ARASHI. This Idea was started from patch (2018). At that time, I just wanted to make Azur Lane Mod that looks like Official Collaboration Mod. So I tried to unpack WoWs & searching Azur Lane 's in-game interface things to make this mod. Well, this is my first full-package mod so there 's lots of things to now but I 'll keep working for ARASHI mod. I hope you guys enjoys this mods and grab a victory in the battle! Special Theme for 0.8.4 Scherzo of Iron and Blood (EN) 黒鉄の楽章、誓いの海 (JP) 메탈블러드, 음표&맹세 (KR) Join my Discord Server! https://discord.gg/tt9A76D Download ARASHI Mod JP based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) EN based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) KR based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) All-in-one "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) How can I apply this mod into my game? Screenshot of ARASHI Mod : Video of ARASHI Mod : https://youtu.be/OFjTYRK_dO0 In this Mods .... Various types of Login Screens Modified Loading icon Modified "Battle!"Interface (which mean top part at the port that you can check your credits, free exp, etc.) Modified Premium account screen Modified 'TECH TREE'screen Modified 'CAMPAIGNS'screen & task screens (WIP) Modified Battle queue screens Modified profile screens Modified browser screen Etc ...
  9. Nightglow

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    Can I change the details about the ST application at this moment?
  10. Nightglow

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    Also, I want to know about Supertester. When I become a Supertester, Then I can't apply the CC later?
  11. Nightglow

    ST Recruitment 2019 Questions Thread

    according to this, It says Here are some things that you must have as a Supertester: Discord A decent internet connection (client updates are frequent) So I thought there would be an section that write 'Discord ID' on the questionnaire. But I couldn't find it. Then , where can I get the message that I've been be accepted?
  12. Nightglow

    [Clan Battle] IN-BATTLE but still at port

    we can't play clan battle too
  13. 이번 연휴 탈없이 지내시길 바랍니다
  14. https://twitter.com/cjseka1234/status/1043153287640506369