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  1. I_am_stupid_so

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    I've played against CV enough to know they still sustain damage, but in the end it doesn't affect CV players the same way getting damaged affects ship players. Also, getting deplaned entirely only happens when a CV player is unskilled. Playing high tiered games enough, you can really see that CVs almost always has a great effect on the game and will more often take top spot in team. Ones that don't are often times on the losing team. Not always, but more often. Planes cannot technically attack from any angle but they can move into range from any angle, not only to attack but to help spot. The one thing the old system had that made sense was to have limited planes, which required CV players to plan ahead before an attack or they lose all their planes in the end, kind of like how if surface ships don't plan an exit strat and charge in they get sunk. Right now though, not so much, just remember to avoid ship blobs.
  2. I_am_stupid_so

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    Regardless of slow regen, CV will still have planes available they can use to attack anywhere regardless of cover and positioning. The argument of "well if too many gets shot down they have less planes" isn't really a good argument in my opinion because when surface ships take too many shots.... they blow up and guess what, they won't be able to contribute to the team AT ALL because they can no longer do damage. In my opinion, the current balancing still favors CV too much, as the pros of being able to constantly attack and spot the majority of the map at an exceedingly fast speed and be able to attack almost regardless of ship positioning far outweighs the cons of having to wait to regenerate planes.
  3. I_am_stupid_so

    Improving CV fighter mechanics for more effective fleet defense?

    The current fighter system is lackluster and a lot of improvements can be made to make them so much better and more effective. This makes it so carriers cannot just go unimpeded anywhere on the map while other ships need to utilize cover and positioning not to mention accurate aiming in order to get a good shot and do damage. Being a CV negates most of the cover and positioning. Adding effective "no fly zones" in the form of fighters will make it so CVs need to utilize some more strategic play.
  4. Before 8.0, a team can always count on a good CV player and its fighters to help deter enemy air attacks. It is only after the friendly fighters are all shot down before the enemy CV has free reign to wreck havoc. I hope WG would consider changing the current fighter mechanics of the CV so they play a larger role in fleet air defense. As the game is right now, CV are close to useless in defending allied ships or deterring enemy aircraft, which should be one of its main purposes. Surface ships shouldn't be left to fend for themselves and random matches shouldn't be a bunch of surface ships bunching up near their starting position and not pushing for the first 5 minutes because they are scared of attack aircraft. Relying solely on friendly ships for AA makes it unbalanced for ships with weak AA capabilities and makes games much more frustrating and un-enjoyable to play for certain ship lines e.g. IJN DDs and to a certain extent IJN CAs.
  5. I_am_stupid_so

    Am I the only one having problems with Mogami after 8.0?

    Before CV rework, Mogami did fine IMO as the planes moved slower and were harder to control for many people, not to mention that the planes only does one attack run then returns to ship. Mogami could therefore more often use its stealth to do hit and run tactics. But since old ships aren't worth the time because they don't bring in moneh.... I doubt WG will be rebalancing the IJN line anytime soon.
  6. I_am_stupid_so

    Am I the only one having problems with Mogami after 8.0?

    I'd like them to buff Mogami as well... Not something absurd, but make it so she has a bit of an easier time facing CVs. They can even do nothing with the Mogami but instead make it so CVs can effectively defend friendly ships like how CVs used to use fighters for area denial and defense. I find it stupid that CVs with aircraft cannot do much to counter enemy aircraft which was supposed to be one of their major roles.
  7. I_am_stupid_so

    Am I the only one having problems with Mogami after 8.0?

    I've been playing Atago as well and just started playing the Mogami again after the 8.0 update (2 games) before I posted. I find Atago fares much better against CVs just because she can heal. All the other T8 cruisers have some sort of gimmick that helps them against CV spotting and doing damage... Mogami... not so much. Both games were at T10 with 2 CVs on each side and I really could NOT do anything at the start of the game as if I push forward I get spotted, if I hide behind island in a forward position I'd still get spotted by CV and if I stay back a bit more the entire enemy team is out of range. I ended up just sailing around trying to reposition constantly for the first 5+ minutes without doing a single damage which kind of sucked. I only got my first damage mid to late game when enemy kitakaze tried to cap and smoke and I torped it. Being up-tiered is fine in my opinion as long as you play it smart, but with Mogami after CV rework, in CV games you can only play it safe, meaning you get a lot less chances to do damage if the enemy or your team doesn't push.
  8. As mentioned in the title, I'm having trouble playing Mogami effectively after the implementation of new CV mechanics. Mogami has awful AA and bad range, so in many T10 games with CVs where the entire enemy team stays back, I am stuck sailing around with nothing to do as if I go forward I get spotted and fired upon by almost everything which out range me. If I stay back my main batteries cannot reach. Of course there are some ships like the US CA/CL which have similar main battery range, but they boast effective AA and defensive fire which can much more effectively repel CV attacks, or heal and smoke like the Edinburgh, Mogami does not have those, and even with Defensive AA equipped the performance is lackluster. Cruisers in other nations with weaker AA (though still MUCH better than IJN Cruiser AA) often times have 17KM+ batteries at T8, so I really feel like after CV rework, in games with CVs Mogami is quite adversely affected. Atago doesn't suffer to such a degree because she has heal and can afford to make some mistakes... not so with Mogami.
  9. I_am_stupid_so

    Soviet BBs (and Gangut + Kremlin)

    They seriously need to slow down the turret traverse. 30 second turret traverse for all high tier Russian BB is BBullshiet.
  10. I_am_stupid_so

    Regarding Battle of the North Cape missions

    Thank you very much for the info! I never actually thought to redo the task since enough different tasks were always given so that we didn't need to repeat any. Thanks again!!~
  11. I_am_stupid_so

    Regarding Battle of the North Cape missions

    Really? I never knew that. I thought once you finished a task you won't get anything for redoing it.
  12. For mission 5 of Battle of the North Cape, 6 stars are required to unlock the final mission. , for players without Duke of York a total of 4 missions worth a total of 6 stars are offered, yet one of those requires a Brit T5+ ship. Does that mean that players who focus on other nations' tech trees will be unable to obtain the Duke of York as it effectively prevents players without British T5 ships from finishing the mission.