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  1. BBPenisMightier

    Buffing IJN DDs

    With all the Aircraft and prevalence of 12km radars, the IJN DDs have often become quite situational. I'm hoping WG would considering performing some slight buffs (only for torp DDs) to make them a bit more useable. Below are some ideas. 1. increase base turret traverse by 20% for Shimakaze, and by 15% for Yuugumo (Or at least make them better able to catch up to the DD's turning). Reasoning: "historical accuracy" went out the window with Russian BB 30 Second turret traverse. IJN DDs remain the only DDs with such terrible and often unusable traverse speed at high tiers. 2. Give it a new Japan-only gimmick, such as being able to switch torpedo type. For example you can choose to equip 2 of the 3 shima torpedo types, and switch between them like we switch between HE and AP. 3. Slight reduction in air spotting range. Like it or not the CVs are still broken, I had one game in Shima where I actively maneuvered and tried to dodge midway dive bombers, and it took me out with one squadron 3 strikes, each hitting for 6K damage+; If CVs aren't going to be touched, at least give IJN DDs which have very poor AA some form of counterplay against CVs, maneuvering is not enough when they can kill you whenever and get no penalty for losing planes.
  2. BBPenisMightier

    Japanese battleship KANEDA (1912)

    kitakami gonna love this.
  3. BBPenisMightier

    Suggestion: IJN Premium Maya

    Personally I'd like to see final refit Maya with DFAA and Radar in place of Hydro and Plane.
  4. BBPenisMightier

    dumb ass bots

    Speaking of Torping friendlies... I had a game in a BB where a troll DD on my team torped me at the beginning of the game as soon as his torps loaded. So I obliged him and instead of dodging I stopped to take all the torps so he blew up lol.
  5. BBPenisMightier

    Suggestion: IJN Premium Maya

    As we all know, IJN cruiser flavor in WoWS is basically accurate hard hitting HE that has very slow reload, good torpedo and concealment, very bad AA and bad range. However historically the Takao class were known for their Very good AA compared to other Japanese ships. Which is why I’d like to suggest introducing the IJN Maya in game with 8 main batteries, historically accurate AA suite; 12 × Type 89 12.7 cm (5 in)dual purpose guns, (6x2) 66 × Type 96 25 mm (1.0 in)AA guns (13x3, 27x1) 36 × Type 93 13.2 mm (0.5 in) AA machine guns and a tweak in consumables for more varied gameplay, such as not being able to equip hydro but have enhanced DFAA (even though current DFAA is pretty useless for majority of ships), or no catapult aircraft but include a Japanese version of a radar consumable. The Takao Class is my favorite ww2 cruiser design irl and in game, and I’d love to see more of them in action.
  6. BBPenisMightier

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.11

    Good concept, horrible implementation. The directives are ridiculous, it is as if someone added a couple of zeros to the end of each directive. This seems like a blatant cash grab and I've already given up on participating in any part of this event 😕 It really is a shame that they screwed up such a good idea of dockyard with a paywall due to near imbecilic levels of grinding involved to complete the ship. For example, two missions requiring 47,000,000 damage tanked using cruisers? Seriously?
  7. BBPenisMightier

    Carrier Suggestions (Constructive Please)

    I propose adding one or two point to friendly team for every plane they shoot down. Sinking ships gives points to team, I see no reason why shooting down planes shouldn't. It will also make CV more careful about choosing targets or deciding when to attack, as well as makes shooting down planes feel less futile as you are actually rewarded and contribute to team.
  8. BBPenisMightier

    Too many carriers!

    WG should make it so CV can play a 12CV vs 12CV game. CV queuing problem solved. Non-CV player angst solved.
  9. BBPenisMightier

    Carrier Suggestions (Constructive Please)

    I personally think they need to revamp the fighter consumable for carriers. They aren't effective enough and provides no counter-play for CV. One thing they could do is make rocket aircraft have machine guns that can engage aircraft. Since aircraft are fast make the machine guns fire with computer help but with players able to aim as well for more precise hits. Give the current fighter consumables to ships like the IJN aviation cruisers and aviation battleships if WG wants to introduce them. They can provide point aerial defense and becomes a "unique" consumable for those kinds of ships. Also they need to do something about plane regen. I really do not find it fair and the argument that "if they run out of planes they have nothing to do".... tell that to the destroyed torpedo tube on my akizuki or destroyed main batteries on BBs. Plane regen time is currently NOT a drawback, as it doesn't hinder the CV enough. The ships they damage don't get all their health back, especially destroyers that have no heal. On the other hand CV have unlimited planes that makes it almost meaningless for DDs to shoot down planes as they will be back in less than a minute... That, or reduce DD air spotting more.
  10. BBPenisMightier

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    I've played against CV enough to know they still sustain damage, but in the end it doesn't affect CV players the same way getting damaged affects ship players. Also, getting deplaned entirely only happens when a CV player is unskilled. Playing high tiered games enough, you can really see that CVs almost always has a great effect on the game and will more often take top spot in team. Ones that don't are often times on the losing team. Not always, but more often. Planes cannot technically attack from any angle but they can move into range from any angle, not only to attack but to help spot. The one thing the old system had that made sense was to have limited planes, which required CV players to plan ahead before an attack or they lose all their planes in the end, kind of like how if surface ships don't plan an exit strat and charge in they get sunk. Right now though, not so much, just remember to avoid ship blobs.
  11. BBPenisMightier

    Unlimited planes needs to change

    Regardless of slow regen, CV will still have planes available they can use to attack anywhere regardless of cover and positioning. The argument of "well if too many gets shot down they have less planes" isn't really a good argument in my opinion because when surface ships take too many shots.... they blow up and guess what, they won't be able to contribute to the team AT ALL because they can no longer do damage. In my opinion, the current balancing still favors CV too much, as the pros of being able to constantly attack and spot the majority of the map at an exceedingly fast speed and be able to attack almost regardless of ship positioning far outweighs the cons of having to wait to regenerate planes.
  12. BBPenisMightier

    Improving CV fighter mechanics for more effective fleet defense?

    The current fighter system is lackluster and a lot of improvements can be made to make them so much better and more effective. This makes it so carriers cannot just go unimpeded anywhere on the map while other ships need to utilize cover and positioning not to mention accurate aiming in order to get a good shot and do damage. Being a CV negates most of the cover and positioning. Adding effective "no fly zones" in the form of fighters will make it so CVs need to utilize some more strategic play.
  13. Before 8.0, a team can always count on a good CV player and its fighters to help deter enemy air attacks. It is only after the friendly fighters are all shot down before the enemy CV has free reign to wreck havoc. I hope WG would consider changing the current fighter mechanics of the CV so they play a larger role in fleet air defense. As the game is right now, CV are close to useless in defending allied ships or deterring enemy aircraft, which should be one of its main purposes. Surface ships shouldn't be left to fend for themselves and random matches shouldn't be a bunch of surface ships bunching up near their starting position and not pushing for the first 5 minutes because they are scared of attack aircraft. Relying solely on friendly ships for AA makes it unbalanced for ships with weak AA capabilities and makes games much more frustrating and un-enjoyable to play for certain ship lines e.g. IJN DDs and to a certain extent IJN CAs.
  14. BBPenisMightier

    Am I the only one having problems with Mogami after 8.0?

    Before CV rework, Mogami did fine IMO as the planes moved slower and were harder to control for many people, not to mention that the planes only does one attack run then returns to ship. Mogami could therefore more often use its stealth to do hit and run tactics. But since old ships aren't worth the time because they don't bring in moneh.... I doubt WG will be rebalancing the IJN line anytime soon.
  15. BBPenisMightier

    Am I the only one having problems with Mogami after 8.0?

    I'd like them to buff Mogami as well... Not something absurd, but make it so she has a bit of an easier time facing CVs. They can even do nothing with the Mogami but instead make it so CVs can effectively defend friendly ships like how CVs used to use fighters for area denial and defense. I find it stupid that CVs with aircraft cannot do much to counter enemy aircraft which was supposed to be one of their major roles.