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    UK audacious [T10} CV aim bug

    i try to find other thread/article regarding this but can't find any.. so i strart new one here. Bug : planes from CV doesn't fly in a formation, they fly like flies on top of food. Where and when the "BUG" happens : its happen in random occasion, non predictable when it will happens. I experienced most in T10 UK CV Audacious and sometimes in other CV. Bug description : when flying the planes and try to aim at something, plane formation disrupted and fail to move to designated cursor. they fly like the 1st sortie pattern when the animated formation form at the beginning from sortie(this fly pattern always looping). This bug cause planes strike crosshair change overtime and create a circular flying pattern(you can't strike something when this happens) . Alternate fix in game : - just fire and press F to sortie another squadron then hope it will not happen again.(sometimes it work!!) - go to task manager, kill the game process (so you don't quit the game) and reconnect. (it works but take times) any replays doesn't work, because after i play the game it is 100% normal animation. but not in game... thx..
  2. headles_chicken

    I love playing CV now

    after haku stealth torp nerf, a CV can never win the game alone. but it is asia, most people doesn't know english. and somehow they were too slow to learn. most CV game i have BB and cruisers to afraid to move forward, event the CV player keep spotting enemy DD.. THEY don't even care shooting DD with a BB, they keep asking CV to kill the DD,even if the DD in the smoke.this way of thinking amaze me... a played various ships, but i like DD and cruiser gameplay most. as a DD, most of the time the one who became trouble is the radar ship. we can juke those planes with turning off the AA and WASD dance. BUT, if you are in obvious location.. those CV players will surely able to locate.. it's not a big deal... with 8.5.1 update.. 2 CV game with a kremlin, 94 planes shot down!! AA is stronk now.. just need a little variable damage tweak.
  3. headles_chicken

    CV is still OP to lone ships after, pls nerf

    i see this as sarcasm.. and i feel sorry about CV nerf, the challenge level dropped a lot. when DD can rekt most of planes in a squadron he same as non AA build cruiser i feel bored... PS: already sold all CV for millions free exp 1 week after 0.8.0 and happy to play the underdog DD. CV was fun.. WAS...