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  1. 30cmtruedamage

    how do you citadel french bb ?

    Hai I was in this game and my friend was able to triple-cit the French tx with the charles martel from 13km, and I can honestly say I was surprised about that . I rarely could get any citadel with my gk or yama . Yeah british bb I manage to get 25-30k penetration dmg. Your inputs are greatly appreciated . Thank you !
  2. 30cmtruedamage

    Transitioning from IJN BB to German BB

    between 90k-95k I just want to get away with this tier ix and get gk . Whats your advice for gk and what difference could I expect once I transition from grobe to gk ? Thanks 😄
  3. 30cmtruedamage

    Transitioning from IJN BB to German BB

    lmfao I ma toxic axis supporter wew Exactly I want to play gk Thanks for inputs guys I guess I will use flags to just grind gk asafp 😄
  4. Hai folks , I love playing yamato . But for a while thought I try other lines too . So grind-ed tier ix grobe used free xp kinda . But wew its painful idk what I am doing wrong . I used to rekt with 460mm but 406 I am getting ricochet a lot .Also whats with these 420mm ?I cant do enough damage to angled cruisers forget bb lmfao !!! Is it any better but I guess those 4 second gap could be critical in close range brawls? Also dispersion is terrible I cant sniper shot anymoar .Whats the range to play tier ix - x german bb ? Your inputs are greatly appreciated. Much obliged !
  5. 30cmtruedamage

    Superstructure or Waterline ?

    Much obliged folks ty .
  6. 30cmtruedamage

    Superstructure or Waterline ?

    alright thanks but could you explain why I get like 5-6k avg damage if I aim for the waterline for targets that are 20+km away ? I manage to get 11-15k most of times if I aim deck armour Idk Doesnt that should give better shell angle i.e. penetrating deck armour and hitting citadels ?
  7. 30cmtruedamage

    Superstructure or Waterline ?

    kek At any range or I read somewhere if you are 18+km aim for superstructure Poi Poi Poi
  8. 30cmtruedamage

    Superstructure or Waterline ?

    Hello guys , Do you always aim waterline or superstructure deck for citadel ? I got many citadels by aiming superstructure instead of waterline . Even if I am not gettin citadels I still managed to get 11-15k per salvo ? Any inputs will be greatly appreciated , I play yamato btw Thanks
  9. 30cmtruedamage

    How to Bismarck

    Thank you guys for your helpful inputs. Had login issues into this forum lately .
  10. 30cmtruedamage

    How to Bismarck

    I am doing just that . btw whats good range to engage with bismarck guns ? 12-14km ?
  11. 30cmtruedamage

    How to Bismarck

    Hello folks , I am struggling with bismarck . Just terrible dispersion . Is that because I am using secondary built or what ? Should I spam He on higher tier ships ? 380mm guns are potatoes I cant even citadel at par tier BBs effectively . What I am doing wrong ? Please help Thank you
  12. Hello folks , I have been unable to access my Account Management section . Whenever I click it I am getting this weird message . Content-Security-Policy: default-src 'self'; script-src blob: 'self' 'unsafe-inline' 'unsafe-eval' ad.adriver.ru bam.nr-data.net bat.bing.com cdn-cm.gcdn.co connect.facebook.net js-agent.newrelic.com pixel-geo.prfct.co platform.twitter.com static.criteo.net tag.marinsm.com u360.d-bi.fr *.google.com *.visualwebsiteoptimizer.com *.cloudfront.net *.google-analytics.com *.googleadservices.com *.googleapis.com *.googletagmanager.com *.wargaming.net *.worldoftanks.com *.yandex.by *.yandex.com.tr * .yandex.kz *.yandex.net *.yandex.ru *.yandex.ua ; style-src cdn-cm.gcdn.co *.wargaming.net *.worldofwarships.ru *.googleapis.com *. google.com 'unsafe-inline' ; img-src data: 'self' * ; font-src data: cdn-cm.gcdn.co fonts.gstatic.com *.wargaming.net ; frame-src api.advpartners.org *.googletagmanager.com *.google.com *.googleadservices.com *.wargaming.net *.yandex.ru * .yandex.net *.yandex.ua *.yandex.by *.yandex.kz *.yandex.com.tr ; connect-src api.advpartners.org *.visualwebsiteoptimizer.com *.googleapis.com *.google-analytics.com *.wargaming.net *.yandex.ru *.yandex.net *.yandex.ua *.yandex.by *.yandex.kz *.yandex.com.tr; report-uri https://cspreport.wargaming.net/cspreport Any ideas ? Yeah I tried opening it with other browsers and another pc too . Thanks
  13. 30cmtruedamage

    On citadels located below waterline ?

    I will try that Tbh you are right . I have been doing that and I am getting like 14-29k per salvo .Am I doing correctly ?
  14. 30cmtruedamage

    Name change?

    thanks a lot guys
  15. Hello guys , I need your inputs on this . Where do you aim for hitting citadels that are located below waterlines ? Whats the best to do aim below waterline or aim at superstructure to make shell penetrate from above I however doubt this one . Thank you in advance