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About 30cmtruedamage

  1. Getting too much overpens

    Much obliged . I personally appreciate for the efforts you put up to help me out. Thank you :D
  2. Getting too much overpens

    THanks a lot fam . Btw can you tell me about that calibre 14.5 rule or what was that ? ANd if it works this way . If your guns are 410 mm and deck Armour protecting citadel is 305mm you will get citadel or overpen ? Many thanks again
  3. Getting too much overpens

    I tried actually . And still no citadel but Overpens got minimal and Damage Infliction significantly Increased significantly . I went to training room but I dont know how to get dummy ships to fire upon for the test kek . Can you tell me how do you do that .
  4. Getting too much overpens

    broadside down the turret is bad ?
  5. Getting too much overpens

    wtf I have 53% victory ratio damn
  6. Getting too much overpens

    plz gib formula to convert Overpens into citadels
  7. Getting too much overpens

    das rite fam
  8. Getting too much overpens

    I am at tier 8 Amagi and sometimes this starts to be ridiculous, 70% of all shots with AP is overpen, regardless of which angle, where or what ship we aim at.Damage mechanics are totally broken, and Battleships are starting to become unplayable some times. Typical shoot&pray style. Any inputs guys ?
  9. Halp with Amagi build- Resolved

    Thanks for all these inputs . They were quite informative and helpful . I guess better go with Main battery build . Ruled out AA totally .
  10. So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    They actually think sharks are their brothers in waters
  11. Halp with Amagi build- Resolved

    Hai folks , I have a couple of questions about Amagi build . I have AFT CE and that manual select for secondary guns at tier 4 commander skills . Now I just wanna know which build is best. AA build at slot 4 ? How effective it is gonna be ? Really worth it ? or I should just take Main battery mod 2 which reduces dispersion by 7% or I go for secondary built for dd rekting . How much difference does this 7% dispersion makes ? And having AFT tier 4 on japaense BB really worth it ? Much obliged :)
  12. das rite . bbs are rekt mostly in dual cv matches at lower tiers .
  13. You do realize there is an ***AUTO ATTACK CV fighting alongside you too .
  14. 0.7.7 lagging

    Dont use game center . Kill all process that use internet , torrents , browser windows etc . It works .
  15. A question on landing hits

    Colorado fan reaction after getting citadel hit by Nagato xDDDDDDDD