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  1. SardineFish

    US BB 4> Ruling The Waves

    Missions 5/5 and completed the Directive 4
  2. SardineFish

    What ship did you get from KOTS Container?

    Mine is Poltava. Thanks WG
  3. SardineFish

    King of the Sea XI: Inter-Regional Results

    Stream starting now on Twitch
  4. SardineFish

    Not a bug. But it does look realistic.

    Storm occurred and affected visibility at Alpha cap only? Correct me if I am wrong.
  5. SardineFish

    How much it costs for new american BB camos!

    Personally I find the camo ugly.
  6. SardineFish

    Washington Navy Yard-- USN BBs are Almost Here!

    Play Tier VII Sims to win Tier VII Sims = $$$ Profit
  7. SardineFish

    Can we get KOTS container this weekend?

    You need to watch the Twitch stream for at least 90 minutes. Hope you get yours today.
  8. SardineFish

    Can we get KOTS container this weekend?

    KOTS container via Twitch drop? Yes 1 this Regional Finals weekend and another during the Inter-regional Finals weekend.
  9. SardineFish

    Armchair Admirals: the Battle of Moon Sound

    Bonus code JINGLEALLTHEWAY that will unlock a mission to get a Commander Jingles in-game doesn't work on SEA server, again
  10. SardineFish

    Ok now what?

    Grind to Saint Louis
  11. SardineFish

    Operation Source

    Good luck everyone!