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  1. Wrango


    Well I've read most of the replies and it's as I thought, I did stir the possum. As I stated in my first post, I do like the Siegfried otherwise I wouldn't have gone through the research bull sheeet, to get her, but as a lot of you said, we must all conform and learn to play with the strengths of the ship. Not all ships are perfect and WG make it that way just to piss us off, but the challenge is not in learning how to play the ship, the challenge is trying to co ordinate the attributes of the ship and apply them to a predetermined position, which in the Siegfried is not easy. I suppose when it's boiled down it's not really a buff that's needed, it's an adjustment of stats. torp specs, ie; angles, turret traverse, etc. As i previously said, on paper the ship looks like a beast however, as with all cruisers in practise the beast's Growl can be shoved right back down it's throat with a well place salvo to the broadside or down through the deck . It seems that when making this beast, the creators made this ship vulnerable to those plunging AP shells that citadel the stuffing out of her. But in closing, I have got used to it a little more and I found that it does have it's moments, but for those of you who like me thought I was going to get a beast, just remember WG have a way of frustrating the hell out of you by offsetting the ship's strengths with inherent weaknesses. So yes, like most ships WG offer up, if it's not Russian your a punter - "Pay your money and take your chances". PS. Thanks to those who replied honestly with valid contents and thanks to those with valid criticism
  2. Wrango


    I worked really hard to get the Siegfried and on paper it looked a really good ship, but playing it is a different thing, There are quite a few things that should be buffed on this ship because at tier 9 the only thing it has going for it is the size of it's guns. I'd just like to tell you the pit falls of this ship because they far out way the good points. 1. Main Guns - OK 380mm shells are awesome and powerful, but the disbursement is sometimes very bad. All depend from which angle you are shooting from. Although they are good size, their penetration value is OK but, too many shells get recorded as ricochets and over pens very frustrating especially when you have a braodside cruiser at 6-8kms and instead of citadels, all your shots are over pens. They should also have a bit more speed instead of 820 m/s it should be similar to kronstad around 950 m/s Back turret is useless, ship has to display too much broadside for the back turret to be engaged Rate of fire is totally useless I got mind down to 22.9 secs but this is way to long. There are BB with quicker rates of fire this definitely needs to be buffed to heavy cruiser rates of fire somewhere around 15 - 18.6secs 2. Torpedoes - Totally useless The ship may as well not have torpedoes - 6km is too too short, should be at least 8km with a 10km upgrade Torpedoe speed is too slow - 68km lowest with 72km upgrade Torpedoe Traverse is OK, but the angle is no good. When battling one on one, due to the short range enemy shells you are not able to let torps go without making yourself vulnerable to broadside penetrations from enemy shells you have to turn your ship at an angle where the torps are not capable of being used appropriately. there is no room for adjustment. if the range and angle is not going to be changed, then it should be given a single torp ability from the front of ship like two torps either side of the bow so you can almost shoot torps straight at head on enemy with minimum angle movement of ship Torp damage should be buffed also, i plugged 4 torps into tirpitz with only 42,000 damage, (spit) useless needs to be 17,000 - 21,000 we are talking a cruiser here so you need your torps to finish off your opponent 3. Secondary Guns - OK could be a little more accurate percentage of hits is way to low 4. AA - Defence - OK could be a little better because of the amount of attention the Siegfried attracts from CV fire 5. Armour - Totally useless won't go into too much detail, but this is supposed to be a super cruiser, the Desmoine, Alaska, Petro, and even the Yoshino have more tanking ability than the Siegfried and don't talk to me about the Deck, I get citadel through the deck ALL THE TIME!!! 6. Manoeuvrability - totally useless Speed is too slow for tier 9 Super Cruiser Steering -rudder shift is BB sluggish Very sluggish and totally useless in tight spots an up against islands Needs to be buffed or have speed boost When I finally got the Siegfried I was over the moon but my joy was soon turned sour. How about giving the Siegfried a fighting chance. Sure it appears to have good stats, but when it's put into practice the ship fails to perform. Like all ships even the OP ships, you have to be a skilled player to make use of them. Just because they are a strong ship doesn't mean the player has an advantage. Please give the Siegfried a good overhaul and buff it please. It could be a good ship if it received a buff
  3. Wrango

    Free XP Ships

    What's the deal with 2 million free XP for a ship? Common WG fair dinkum it's fukin outrageous. I thought 1 million XP for the Friesland & Azuma was bad, but 2mil? I'm not sure what WG is trying to do here. In my experience, if you've done the grind to tier 5 and planed for it, you may just have enough free XP to splurge 1 million, but 2 million free XP is not easy to come by. You are looking at a player that has to be constantly playing premium ships every day for at least a year and then if you're not planning to create as much free XP as possible, 2 million is a huge ask. So wtf is WG asking 2 million free XP for any ship. The new Tier 10 DD Hayete is not a strong ship. WG has created another reasonably balanced DD for it's tier, so why the massive price tag? WHY?
  4. Wrango

    0.8.0 wtf

    A few months down the track from 0.8.0 and WG have not done anything significant to rectify the CV situation, in fact it's got worse. Sure they have given us lip service and have even promised time delay tactics with a few minor "NERFS" and "BUFFS", but still the CV invasion keeps moving forward and much to the disappointment of player majority. When I first started this game back in 2016, I was so amazed at WG priorities with regard to player satisfaction and enjoyment, especially in todays extremely competitive gaming industry. In the beginning I think they truly believed that those player concepts were paramount to the success of their Company however, success may have blinded the CEO and/or the board of Directors, because they have really lost their way on this one. Looking at it from their point of view, I'm sure the decision was made for the betterment of the Company and most likely influenced by financial reasons/circumstances. I'm assuming that deals for licensing contracts, future earnings and greater market share were among those reasons, but the players reasons mus'nt have stack up. Looking at it from a player's point of view, their decision for update 0.8.0 changed my life. I don't assume to speak for all players, but I believe the majority of players feel the way I do and those feelings started out as confusion, bewilderment and disbelief. Over the next few months they morphed into bitterness, resentment and finally anger. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not a CV hater, but I do hate what the CV rework has done to the game. I used to enjoy playing and engaging a CV prior to 0.8.0 and I believe that a CV in battle, provides more depth to the game, but the CV as it stands today is without equal. There's not one surface ship in the Wargaming arsenal that has an answer to CV attack and even if players were given more advance AA to defend against CV attack, unlimited planes phase out all hope of a balanced battle. I won't be drawn into the argument of CV or no CV, but I do believe that the CV situation has to be addressed over the next few months. Since 0.8.0 I've noticed that a lot of loyal players have not logged on for some time and these new CV players are immature. You no longer have to acquire a certain skill set to play CV, just determination and hand eye co-ordination. It's on record that I've previously stated that a 6yr old kid could play this arcade style of play for CV and probably are lol. Common WG, get your finger out...
  5. Wrango

    0.8.0 wtf

    yes I believe that is correct. If you were a skilled CV player before, you must be absolutely horrified at this crap. It's arcade style of play allows a 6yrs old kid play CV, how demoralising for skilled CV players every where.
  6. Wrango

    0.8.0 wtf

    I haven't been on forum for a while, but I don't think our sentiment has changed. After all the hot-fixes, nerfs and buffs, the game is still left wanting. Since the rework, I'm a little more knowledgeable about the reason behind this. After reading a few gaming magazines, it seems the Wargaming wanted to grab a greater market share of the gaming industry. they have branched into Play station and Xbox machines and somehow the CV as it was, wouldn't have been very operable with the Play Station and Xbox console. The arcade style of CV fits perfectly with these machines and lets not forget about the young Chinese boys that want to feel powerful. Their doting parents sprinkle money on them like confetti. YES it's all about the money. All ways will be, but I've got a feeling it back fired this time. As I've stated in previous posts, I'm not going to renew my premium account and since the patch, I haven't purchased any ships. I've even reduced the amount of flags I purchase and that took a bit of control. I still get very frustrated and terribly angry about the CV influence on the game. No matter what they do or how theyd put it, the only thing that will give this game back it's allure, is to bring the original CV style of play back and buff the CV. I realise that it was to make more money, but over the next financial year, wargaming is going to realise also, that they have made a terrible mistake, both game wise and financially. The CV style of play is boring. I wasn't a great CV player, but U thought the rework was dreadful. I can't imagine what the highly skilled players thought of this patch/CV rework. It would have been demoralising for them. They were a breed on their own. Highly skill CV players would be ashamed to play this arcade style of play. If your hand control and eye co-ordination is OK, then you are a skilled CV player in this format, hell a 6 year old kid can play CV in this format, wtf.
  7. Wrango


    that's great just don't nurf our premium ships, infact tey should be put back to the way they were. I've got a lot of ships and I'm nearing the 200 mark, but I've had all my supposedly "OP" premium ships nurfed. wtf. I paid good money for these ships and wows are changing them. When you by a car because it's got a V8 in it, is the car dealer aloud to come to your place, rip the V8 engine out and put a 4 cyclinder in to replace it, giving the reason that the V8 engine is just too powerfull… I don't think so! it's called consumer law Put the ships back the way they were and nurf the CVs. this game is going nowhere real quick, my detection skills weren't much to begin with, but now there's no detection skill at all in the game. DD play and Cruiser play is no more, wtf. I won't be renewing my premium account next year if they haven't fixed this massive debacle, to something resembling the game I fell in love with.
  8. Wrango

    0.8 Roll Back Date

    I'm inclined to agree with you however, "these people" make up 95% of the players and "these people" have invested a lot of time & money to play in balanced battle environment. Trivial matters like matching and OP ships that have trouble management and players, pail in comparison to what's happening in this game with the introduction of 0.8.0 CV rework. I realize that the evolutionary aspect of the game is major consideration for its economic ability to maintain market share, but I also realize that die hard fans/players of any game don't like change; so a happy medium between management & players is paramount to the game's survival. The implementation of this last patch carries with it a blatant disregard for the battle scenario of every ship, CV included. The WOWs play style and ability of each individual ship to influence the outcome of the battle, is based on the modules and consumables of each ship. In order to accomplish good stats and win battles, players must hone their skills and play style according to the tools assigned to each ship. The game in it's current state makes a mockery of concealment and has altered the role of ships in general. As far as solution goes I don't think CV eradication is the answer either, but I do believe they have seriously fucked with the fundamentals that have made this game what it is today. I believe that every player that loves this game as I do, cannot just stop playing, but are most likely playing ranked and scenario battles to keep away from the OP/CV invasion. If wargaming wants to keep the money rolling in, I'm pretty sure that a solution to this debacle is in wings, because when it's all boiled down, its all about the money.
  9. Wrango

    0.8.0 wtf

    this is not a crazy idea. In this current 0.8.0 patch, the game has been irreparably changed. When wargaming stated that they would rework the CVs they didn't really give it too much thought as to what this would do to other players in the battle/game. This rework has not only given CVs the ability to win battles, it's given them the power to inhibit all other ships on the board. The tools and skills that make a player significant to the battle outcome, have been rendered useless and to rub salt in the wound, they have dubbed down our ship's ability to defend against both CV & other ship attacks. I could go on for a long time about the points that need to be addressed, but the game in its current state is doomed. The game is World of Warships not World of Aircraft Carriers. Take them out of the game completely and put them in a game of their own. I paid allot of good money for product that has now been taken away from me; all players should be given the option of selling out and being reimbursed for all the money they have spent on a product that has now been totally changed. Their is a legal clause in all purchases that you buy a product that can be used in a certain way and if that item does not do what it's intended purpose, compensation or even law suits are plausible. Imagine if all players joined in a class action law suit against the owner, I'm sure that it wouldn't be hard to find a group of lawyers to do battle against wargaming with the billions of dollars that would be up for grabs. Food for thought guys... GET RID OF THESE REDICULOUS CVs AND BANISH THEM TO A GAME OF THEIR OWN. IT'S THE ONLY WAY TO MOVE FORWARD.
  10. Wrango

    0.8.0 wtf

    Is WOWS kidding here, wtf is this game, it certainly isn't world of warships is it? I busy today and never got onto the game until 3.00pm and what I witnessed was not the game I've grown to love and be addicted to. I have religiously been on WOWS everyday since my registration and I have endured a number silly buffs and merfs that well were not to my liking but it didn't turn me off the game. I was still able to use the skills that I had acquired along the way to better my play style and enjoy the challenges that the changes brought to the game however, this last and most recent patch, has me a distinct disadvantage. I have gone out into the CV flooded battle zones and literally been demoralized. I haven't even gone to my altered CV list and tried to play these ridiculous CVs/OP ships. I'm so disappointed with WOWS administration that I don't know where to start... They have taken my regular CVs tier 5s and tier 7s and they think we wouldn't get upset because they compensated us with credits HA! it's 5.am in the morning now and I haven't been able to stay undetected in a single battle, DD or no DD. wtf is concealment? it hasn't even been considered and for every skilled player in the game, this is paramount to play style and being able to battle successfully. this game is not World of Warships, this is World of stuff ups and that's putting it politely. I will persist for a few days to see if I can do anything with this style of play, but for the first time since commencing this game, I'm seriously thinking of looking somewhere else. I don't know what they were hoping for, but I'm 1000% certain that when I say that this game isn't for me that every Captain worth his salt will be saying the same thing. I'm sorry Wargaming.net you have broken my spirit and my heart, this is not the game I became addicted to and I have invested so much time and money. I really don't understand how you can do this to our game and call it a change for the better. Who needs to be skilled at CV anymore, I'm not a skilled CV Captain, but I can assure you that those players out there a seething with rage at this change to their game. The skills that everyone one of us has honed are worth diddly squat. If the game stays this course, I don't think I'll be plotting along with it. I'm shattered and saddened at the sham that this game has become and this is coming from a die hard addict of the game. I maybe able to endure a week of this crap, but if I can't enjoy the game anymore...
  11. I'm a little disappointed with the Scenario Battles because of the reward system. When these battles are commenced early in the year, the first time they are played you are issued with a reward for each star achieved. The gaol is to achieve 5 stars for the battle and in so doing, be issued with the relative awards for each star. This is quite satisfying when you first complete this battle, but as the weeks roll on, you play a new scenario battle every week and receive more rewards for each star achieved for the battle. After completing all the scenario battles that are available, you return to the original scenario battle and begin the cycle again. There are numerous benefits to doing these battles over and over again however, the rewards that are granted for achieving the stars, are only issued ONCE. The first time you obtain a star for the battle, the reward is issued on that date and never issued again. Herein lies the disappointment! Would it break the WOWS bank to issue the rewards when the cycle brings it around again. Each time that particular battle is designated for that week (op of week battle) you should be issued with rewards for achieving the stars for that battle. Whether they are same or different rewards it doesn't matter, as long as the rewards are available again. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the rewards should be issued everytime the battle is played... NO. I'm only suggesting that each time that battle comes around, I feel robbed when I don't receive any rewards for achieving the stars again. You apply yourself to achieve the stars, but there is no reward for the same efforts applied this time around. Instead there is disappointing "Issued" stamped on each star that you worked for and it feels very disappointing indeed. Should WOWS change this aspect of Scenario Battles, I'm certain that there would be more players interested in playing these battles. I suppose we can only hope?
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  13. Wrango


    I'm fully aware of the frustration you feel and like yourself my enthusiasm has also waned, but I've invested too much in the game to this point and my suggestion is to push on through the tier 7 and tier 8 miss matches and hope to God that WOWs powers that be are able to right a better algorithm for the matching program. Keep your chin up Captain, we can't loose hope...
  14. Wrango


    A man after my own heart. here! here!
  15. Wrango


    I agree whole heartedly however, I was beginning to think that I was loosing my edge for cruiser battle play and I was even considering giving the game away, but even with the matching in a mess, I'll push through the tier 8 by generally battling co-op, it seems to deliever more xp/hr than random battles. I would just like to mention that you are right about it not being skill... you can have all the skill in the world, but when you get detected in a tier 8 cruiser, it's like blood in the water and all hell breaks loose and there is 6 x tier 9&10 BBs + 4 x teir 9&10 Cruisers lobbing shells on you from vast distances, it's only a matter of statistics, out of an average of 48-92 x 203-460mm shells only 2- 4 need make contact and your battle is over... where's the skill in that?