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  1. Server down

    I'm having the same problem. I was happily logging on every day and playing battles with no worries at all and then my game started lagging, then it was being disconnected and I was not connecting to game server in one go, it started taking several goes before it would connect. Then finally it wouldn't connect at all. I was unable to log into the game server at all. That was 4 days ago. I've gone through all the processes that the staff gave me last time this happened without any success. I got on the support site and at the lower left hand corner of the page, I noticed the there was 3 server indicators where WOWs 1 was red and the other 2 were green so I naturally thought that the server was down, but on asking a few members about WOWs-Asian server, they stated that there was no problem with the server. It was up and running and the problem must have been on my end. I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. The only thing that I can think of is might be IP which is TPG. or it could be my location (Sydney - Australia) but the IP's in Sydney are the best in the country and would be out of a job if they weren't able to provide a reliable service to the public. So I'm at my wits end... what the f#*k do I do and how long is it going to last?
  2. We acknowledge: AFK/Idling Cleaning

    After reading a few posts, I'm still uncertain as to whether or not my stats are affected if I lose connection to server. When I'm disconnected can my enemies destroy my ship and if they can, is that battle recorded? Do my percentages suffer as a consequence? If I get disconnected half way through the battle, how much of that battle is recorded? and does my ship and profile records indicate the ship was destroyed by whoever blasted me away? I have conducted quite a bit of research into the global communications network to find out why I'm having issues with my connection to game server in Asia. I've found out that if you are in Australia and you have TPG for your IP then you are most likely having connection issues. TPG have informed me that they currently have a cable ship in the Indian Ocean fixing up various sections of the deep sea cable that connects Australia with Asia. There will more and more linkage breakdowns over the Christmas period and those of us in Aus will find it very hard to connect with Asian servers because of the defective deep sea cable. I hope my stats are not affected because I've lost connection in quite a few battles and I had just bought myself the Japenese premium ship "ATAGO" and I haven't been able to take it for a decent outing. Everytime I set it up and go into battle, I've lost the connection. I've only been out once where I came into the battle around the 8min mark and I had only just got moving and started looking around when I was hammered by 8 ships and destroyed. I was the only ship left besides my team mate carrier. The battle was over before I could get a shot off and then I lost connection again. Back to the login screen again.
  3. We acknowledge: AFK/Idling Cleaning

    Yes after clicking the battle button and the internet connection is lost, my ship is sent into battle without it's Captain. It's totally defenceless because once the battle button has been clicked and you have passed the point of no return, there's no way of cancelling or withdrawing from the battle. I'm assuming that my ship just sits there like I'm AFK and my enemies are able to mercilessly and savagely destroy my ship to enhance their statistics and at the same time ruining my statics for that ship and in general causing the decline of my overall percentages. There should be something setup for situations like this, when a ship is stationary and not firing or engaging in the battle at all for any length of time. Should that be unacceptable, the ship should disappear and the battle cancelled when the system picks up that the connection to that user has been lost and the ship is for all intents and purposes abandoned. It's not right to have your statics decimated because there is a hiccup in network communications. Any thoughts
  4. Who would have thought that Australia be the laggiest place on earth hey? I just can't believe that public is so stupid and voting in that stupid liberal, but hey, they're all the same when yOU BOIil it all down. 

    I'm currently in conference with Admin and hopefully I'll be able to login again soon. Haven't played for 3 days and counting. The tickets are not too bad, I thought it would take longer. Hopefully they'll be able to come up with a solution soon. One can only hope.