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    never mind, i just found out the solution yay. read my threat here:
  2. IMPORTANT: This section is for people who's have good ping like me (35ms but drop to -35ms then suddenly back to login screen, this happen around 3-5 times in a battle). For people who's have ping above 60ms i'm not guaranteed this will work because maybe it's just your ping too noob for wargaming's server. OK so this is the solution: If u using router modem of any ISP, please do "turn off your router modem's firewall" (not the window's firewall). Because there's so many kind of ISP around this world, you need to find out how to turn off your router modem's firewall by yourself from youtubes or sites. Note: GM don't have the solution for this issue, it's useless to send them your issue tickets. None of their suggestion works. But i'm guaranteed my suggestion in here 100% works unless your ping is too high from the begining.
  3. Admiral_Wija

    Always Disconnected

    i'm experienced this issue since they update to, before that update my ping stable at 35ms. but after they update to suddenly after 1 or 2 minutes battle my ping drop from 35ms to -35ms then back to login screen. (back to login screen 3-5 times in a battle) this is no hope, sometimes my ship exploded because this issue. i have send GM my tickets, but none of GM's suggestion works. i think i'll quit from this game soon, too bad.
  4. OK, so i'm sick of this already. The issue is: back to login screen 2 or 3 times per battle. And sometimes can't relogin to battle and stuck at battle loading that show both team ship status. But space battleship mode running fine without the issue happening. My internet connection is not at fault, my internet is an expensive fiber optic that capable to play other game in NA/SEA server just fine.