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  1. seacondor

    Newbie questions

    Thanks guys. Now I know where I'm going with most things. I'm off to the training area to solve some of my issues. However, with the black swan I don't seem to have any problems. Always a good way to boost my morale. Used the Belfast for the first time today. Ended running into a carrier in one battle and a carrier in the next. Both I was trying to position myself to give them extra AA support. Won't be doing that again until I have a better feel for the ship.
  2. seacondor

    Newbie questions

    Thanks Icy. Can you see yourself being pink? I haven't so far. This team hit issue is why I would have liked to have seen a training area ware you can practise gunnery and torpedos against bots only and not get kick off the game if you stuff up a lot at the beginning. Also would give you a chance to become aware of things like damage from accidental ramming of a friendly. So far I think this training area is the only thing missing from the game. I now the early games are a bit like a training area but, I think it would be better starting in a bot only battle, so you don't upset follow players and have a chance to learn how easy it is to damage a friendly while you are learning your situation awareness. That may come to some players quickly, but other players like myself it takes time to learn it. In the older games they always had a single player part that allowed you to get better with the game before you went into multiplayer. Hopefully I have missed something here and there is a training area. I have noticed it being mentioned in the video but can't see it anywhere. By the way, how do you use chat? I hope this question an answer chat we are having will help other new players.
  3. seacondor

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    I would like to see. WWI Sydney Ajax (New Zealand ship battled Graf Spee) Prince of Wales Lutzow Suffolk and Norfolk.
  4. seacondor

    Newbie questions

    Thanks for your help Icy. I have been trying to learn to use the V-25 the last week. I find torpedos hard to get used to. I'm trying to be extra careful not to hit my team. How many hits on the team are you allowed before you turn pink? I have had a few accidents along the way. One case I was aiming at an enemy coming out from behind an island when one of my team members got between him and the island, so I waited for him to move out of sight before I fired. The moment I fired he backed out and I hit him. Another time I destroyed a enemy ship which was close to one of my team and got marked for causing damage to him. I'm sure I didn't hit him. Can that happen? Can you get marked for causing damage if you run into a team member? That seemed to happen once.
  5. seacondor

    Newbie questions

    Thanks Icy, I thought something was up with that level thing I was seeing. It makes sense now. I miss the written manuals of the old games which help you understand how things worked before you start. I must be missing some sort of online manual for this one. Still I did learn something the last battle. Finally worked out what the numbers on the sight means. ( I must be a real dummy not to have worked out that one by now....) Now I can think about larger ships. I unlocked a German torpedo boat to practise torpedoes. Every time I watched the videos on it they always said watch out where you fire them for friendlies. Of cause I said to myself I will always do that. Stupid me sent some torpedoes into a channel full of enemy ships just as one of my ships moved into it. I hit one of the enemy and the friendly shortly later. By the way I'm on level 8 now thanks to my trusty Black Swan. :-) I went back over the old posts and corrected the terminology.
  6. seacondor

    Newbie questions

    I got my Captain today and have moved to level seven. I really feel I'm moving up the levels far to quickly. I'm still mainly using my Black Swan most of the time. I had my best battle yet this afternoon. Basically l saved the day for our team. I got two kills in the first half of the battle on one side of the map while the rest of the team was getting wiped out on the other. By the time I got there I was the last one on my team standing. To my surprise I was able to take the last three enemy ships out and won the day for the guys that put the hard work in. I sunk five ships of which three had good health when I engaged them. I have to say I really like using the Black Swan. Well now I'm off to train my new Captain.
  7. seacondor

    Newbie questions

    I have been watching those videos. Been very entertaining. One thing I haven't been able to pickup is how one gets a captain on board. I even bought Warspite just to see if I could get a captain. As soon as he showed he disappeared never to be seen again. I don't intend using Warspite for a while until I can iron out some of my problems with gunnery. I also got Perth just because it was an Aussie ship. Had a go with that and survived against the bots. However, I will probably keep it is port for a while until I feel I deserve it. I tried to load Weymouth the other day and researched it and paid credits for it, but it hasn't shown up. It is only a tier II ship. What would have happened to that? By they way, thanks for the help I really appreciate the time taken.
  8. seacondor

    Newbie questions

    I will post Emden once it is done. I have had a few good and bad Battles in her. At the moment I'm trying to stay out of the main close quarter's part of the battle so I can practise my long range gunnery. I have found that isn't as easy as it sounds. The last battle I had two ships come after me, so ended up close quarter's again. Still they ended up on my kill score that time and I managed to capture a base area just before victory.
  9. seacondor

    Newbie questions

    Thanks for the advice. I did feel it was all too easy. Is there an area where you can practise gunnery etc or is the co-op game the place. I really don't like the way I'm being moved up the levels before I'm ready. Mine you I did lash out and Buy the Emden last night. I did this mainly because I'm going to build her in 1/350 soon. They have made an excellent job of the model. I had one good battle in it. All close quarter's again. One question. How do you pop smoke? I can't seem to find that anywhere. I can see myself being around along time with this game.
  10. seacondor

    Newbie questions

    I have only done 8 Battles so far in the HMS Black Swam which I have found excellent in the first three levels. I'm close to level four now. The only thing I have found is I can't seem to do a few things shown in the videos. I can't zoom by using shift as they mentioned in the video. Also the Black Swan seems to only have AP shells. Is there a way of getting He shells as well? I must be in a very easy part of the game as I think I'm doing far better than I should be. However, that Black Swans guns fire real fast which has allowed me to get in close and hammer the enemy ship. I had fun in one mission where I put myself between two small islands (the ship just fitted) and took out a Cruiser that was battling my guys.