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  1. So I recently had an idea for a new scenario. I'm not sure who recently watched "Greyhound" as seen on Apple TV. This new operation will be inspired by that. It will also be a convoy escort mission but this time, you have a single American DD (bot) leading the pack, and the 7 players make up the rest of the armed escort. The convoy will be originating from the US side of the Atlantic. There will be no carriers or battleships allowed in this mission, because historically, aircraft carriers and battleships did not make up a supply route/soldier transport convoy. The reason why I'm endorsing Tier VIII is because the bulk of our premium ships happen to be Tier VIII. The mission starts when air cover radios in that they'll be returning to base because they're out of fuel, and they'll have air cover again once they reach Iceland, just as the sun sets and the time is now night. When the mission ends, the sun comes up and your group has successfully made it to Iceland for air cover. To keep things simple, just use a modified version of Ocean as the map. Or just use Ocean. So the convoy route will be always in diagonal, but will spawn at random: From Grid A1 to J10, or vice versa, or from J1 to A10 or vice versa. The convoy will be moving in a straight line because they need to provide troop reinforcements as soon as possible. Whilst escorting the convoy, any random number of submarines between 10 and 20 may spawn from any quadrant of the map. This will start maybe a minute or two from the moment the mission starts. And they won't all necessarily spawn from the same location. This is to prevent the players from being able to predict and memorize where the enemy will come from, increasing replayability. The enemy submarines (All U-190s) will then proceed to attack the convoy. The two main objectives of the players is to keep the convoy lead (the American DD, lets make it the USS Kidd renamed and reskinned as the USS Greyhound) and at least one of convoy transports alive at all costs. More stars are awarded for more convoy ships reaching the end of the night (which is in 20 minutes). I'll leave that for the developers to determine. The convoy transports will fire flares into the air if they detect submarines or as they surface to attack the transports. Waves upon waves of submarines will attack the convoy in the dead of night, when the sailors are at their most tired. After any of the waves, a German submarine captain will call Greyhound to taunt the group if they successfully sink any ship. "Greyhound. Greyhound, Greyhound. This is Gray Wolf. We hunt you and your friends We watch your ships sinking into the deep. We hear the screams of your comrades as they die. How many of them will there be before you join them? The Gray Wolf is so very hungry." (For this part, if we don't have a voiceover talent with a German accent, then we can get permission to use audio from the movie with the music filtered out.) We can change our existing music to borrow from the soundtrack of Greyhound, which is available on Spotify. And is quite honestly, incredibly badass. Granted, this idea may require a licensing agreement with Apple TV and Sony Pictures Entertainment, but we can also use this as a means to sell the Greyhound for doubloons, and offer a 10% discount coupon if the operation is completed with five stars on the first attempt (and not succeeding attempts). The USS Greyhound would be a reskinned USS Kidd that has Tom Hanks voicing the commander and as the captain model. We could also modify it to have both hydroacoustic search and radar to make it more appealing for purchase and help justify its price tag to offset the cost for this. I'm sure that would sweeten the deal for licensing. Or we can do completely without Greyhound and its elements, and just make up our own names. But I feel this would be more effective with the Greyhound elements.
  2. Shadow_Six

    Submarine test started 21072021

    Thanks for starting the thread. I found that the mechanic where the submarines can recharge dive capacity when surfaced was returned. I loved having that back, because it means that submarines didn't immediately become useless for the rest of the match once dive capacity was depleted. Considering the sheer number of nerfs that have been implemented in submarine gameplay over the years, I think that retaining the 2x ping citadel mechanic is accurate. They are pop-up torpedoes by nature so they really do pop up and hit below the target's hull, so historically speaking that works. I look forward to seeing the IJN submarines. And yes, I want Iona's submarine back. I'm biased lol. But yes, Japan did have one of the largest submarine fleets at the time, and Russia did have 218 submarines in the Second World War. I look forward to this being built out as a line.