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  1. what's this karma ?

    does this 'karma' has any impact on game ? where can i see how many karma points i have ? thankU in advance :)
  2. what's this karma ?

    hey guys... i've a question. what's this karma ? (look at the bottom right corner in the attached screnshot) ThankU
  3. Update 0.6.14 Feedback

    apart from final frontier scenario, is there another scenario ? i couldn't find this empire strikes back scenario anywhere in game.
  4. Choice of ships for T7 scenario?

    King George V is good to go for me
  5. Clan facilities : Research center

    hello everyone! i was exploring the clan section and came across these extra bonuses. What does they mean by "only for player with access" ? what kind of access does it need to avail those bonuses ?
  6. thanks guys for clearing my doubts
  7. hey guys... i've a doubt regarding one of this combat mission. it says 'play a random game in tier 8 ships' and reward will be a tier 10 ship. so i wanna ask that is it simple as it says ? do i need to play a game in tier 8 ships to get hands over one (or all three) of those tier 10 ships ? Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade
  8. noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    Thanks guys for the good advice and help. i'll move up in USN line.
  9. noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    pardon me but what's VMF and KM ?
  10. noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    Hey guys... i'm pretty new to wows and want u guys advice regarding a noob friendly Destroyer line ? (also, does german Destroyers are good to go ?)
  11. Nelson - how to get it ?

    Thanks guys for the info.
  12. Nelson - how to get it ?

    Many Thanks for the info Does Nelson good enough to spend doubloons to convert into free xp ?
  13. Nelson - how to get it ?

    hey guys... just exploring the tech tree and came across this UK tier 7 warship Nelson. Was wondering how to get it ? The amount of XP (375K) shown over it in order to get is Free XP ? Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade