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  1. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    Returning to World of Warships!

    Thank you so much, comrade!
  2. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    Returning to World of Warships!

    Any moderator, a senior member can please help me here... I'm waiting to log in to the game and I don't want to miss any rewards that Wargaming is providing. Please help here. Thank you!
  3. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    Returning to World of Warships!

    Hi Guys, Good day to you! I play World of Tanks regularly, and somewhere in the distant past, I had tried to play World of Warships too. Today again I'm re-installing this game to play casually. When I was roaming on the game website, I found Recruiting Station tab (screenshot attached below). Can anyone help me with this? Appreciate any help provided. Thank you! 😀
  4. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    American Cruisers : Update 0.7.5!

    So the Captain that they will provide won't be much skilled for tier8 ships. Then, i'm planning to move my current 13pt captain of Pensacola to Cleavland after update and that low skill captain that they will provide after update, i'll transfer that to tier6 pensacola to grind further. Is this good idea ?
  5. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    American Cruisers : Update 0.7.5!

    https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/common/us-cruisers-changes/ With upcoming update 0.7.5 , USN cruisers are getting new branches. Right now i'm at Pensacola with 13 point captain, So if i buy Cleavland before update goes live, will the previous ones, i.e, Dellas and Helena will automatically get researched ? Also, my main concern is Captain. Since Cleavland is going to be tier8, so i'm supposed to play a tier8 ship without skilled captain ? Will they give extra captain too or will i've to just grind one from scratch ?
  6. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    Co-op expansion plans?

    Try scenario mode, the upgraded version of co-op mode. co-op is basically designed for new players or to test/understand the gameplay/characteristics of the newly researched/bought ship for couple of battle before going into randoms.
  7. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    what commander skills to choose on Russian cruisers?

    So in next clan war season, I can reset all commanders for free, I mean for each and every ships ?
  8. hello everyone! i've got a 10-skill commander from missions, and i want to know what commander skill shall i train on him ? any tips will be much appreciated, thanks:) also, below i'm attaching a pic which is showing that i've mistakenly chosen so many wrong skills on my existing russian cruiser commander, so is there any way to reset it without using doubloons ?
  9. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    How to play Graf Spee ?

    hello everyone! I just bought Graf Spee and finding it difficult to play. Any tips and tricks would be much appreciated from her users, thanks!
  10. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    high school fleet collection : anime girls crew.

    oh ok! thanks for the info.
  11. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    high school fleet collection : anime girls crew.

    oh ok, understood. Thanks! what deadline ? i didn't understand what deadline you mentioned here ?
  12. Hello everyone! I've a question which i wanna ask to you all. The containers which i'm opening is giving me some anime girls which are the part of high school fleet collection. So, what are the use of them ? On what ship can we put them as commander ? Or are they only for collective purpose and are of no use ? Please help me, any lead will be much appreciated.
  13. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    what's this karma ?

    does this 'karma' has any impact on game ? where can i see how many karma points i have ? thankU in advance :)
  14. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    what's this karma ?

    hey guys... i've a question. what's this karma ? (look at the bottom right corner in the attached screnshot) ThankU
  15. don_WarDaddy_AVI

    Update 0.6.14 Feedback

    apart from final frontier scenario, is there another scenario ? i couldn't find this empire strikes back scenario anywhere in game.