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  1. Sir_this_way

    Dasha letter arg 2

    sorry to inform you that it's the code for last year's puzzle.
  2. Sir_this_way

    Dasha letter arg 2

    It might not be the last 6. But it doesn't matter what the order is, as there are at most 6 combinations with 3 parts of codes.☺️😀
  3. Sir_this_way

    Dasha letter arg 2

    h3d33p is translated by ASCII code from the six numbers.
  4. Sir_this_way

    Dasha letter arg 2

    This might be good news,guys. A WG staff has argued that h3d33p is the key for Dasha'puzzle. But we still need to wait for the keys from the other two servers, since the final code is consist of three parts
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  6. Sir_this_way

    Dasha letter arg 2

  7. Sir_this_way

    Dasha letter arg 2

    we have already used this clue, which leads to the symbol in column 2, row 5.
  8. 不是输入法的问题,而是沟通不足的问题,如果你能用英文和你队友顺利交流,我想体验会好很多……当然,海猴子论外
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  10. Sir_this_way

    Mysterious letter from Dasha

    Perhaps we can find something hiding in the deep water during the scenario task, the terror of deep.