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  1. VALKS

    Was called out as a hacker =(

    ^Agreed Dan Id personally play 50/50 coop and Random.. it just so happened this happened in a coop match. Lol @ some here laughing at coop, yet I 101% here play them every now and then. Theres some pretty high rankers in coop more so when you start on your Lvl5's and above.
  2. So I happen to be in the right stream at the right time (see attached image) and after the game some douche (dont want to place chat or his/hers user name up) calls me out as a hacker. Wtf? Then after I explain just being in the right ship in the right map he goes on to say I must have ultra fibre speed and its not fair .. srsly what dude? I told him, in fact Im only on ADSL+2 copper feed with a max 20MBPS D/L and 900KBPS up... he suddenly released the chat. Pfftt I wonder why. Sort of over this. A bit funny that others get so bent, but sort of sad and annoying as well
  3. VALKS


    Hope no one gets upset easy here... Just a sea joke I thought was funny AF So God is making mankind.. hes up to the seventh day and sees Adam standing at the beach looking sweaty from the heat and bored. God goes to Adam ~ "Adam I need you to hold this, its very important! Can you hold this for me while I rest for a while, DO NOT GET IT WET, DO NOT GO INTO THE SURF WITH IT! " Adam says "Yes of course God, but what is it??" .. God replies .. "Its a female vagina Adam, I trying to make Eve, please be careful" .. so Adam sits there holding this thing, after a while the heat and sun intensifies and Adam thinks maybe just a little paddle will be ok and he heads for the water still holding the vagina God gave him to look after. In a short while a wave washed over Adam and his "item" .. Adam freaks out a bit and quickly heads back to the shore and sits down to wait for God. After a while God re-appears and asks Adam for the vagina he had entrusted him to look after, Adam hands it over.. God looks at it and suddenly says in a loud voice... "Oh great Adam!! Now how am I meant to get the smell of fish out of the sea now!!?" ??????
  4. VALKS


    Nah sorry, thats what Im saying, wasnt my fault at all, but oh well. Im non pink now, all G Yeah totally agree, they have to have it I guess. Just want other guys to have a bit of thought before lobbing shells at their team mates in pink if that player is playing friendly.
  5. VALKS


    I agree to a point but need to sort better. The system is automated and has many faults. Its not as simple as not firing or watching where you fire. I guess I get annoyed at the bots not random battles etc. If WG want to keep this system as is then I can only wish theyd make the bots more "intelligent"... sometimes its like they deliberately steer into torps not giving one simple f**k. Its annoying tbh. Oh well.
  6. VALKS


    Ok I see your point but why get penalized for a stupid brainless bot suddenly steering right in front of you or turning for no reason into your torps you fired with plenty of area between you and your team (bot) mate? Hey Ralph.. I didnt know Austria also had a city called Sydney heehee [Location: Sydney, Austria]
  7. VALKS


    HAHAHA some of these answer have me rofl Thanks. Cleared now, after about 8 games Im now non-pink yay. But why pink of all colors? Why not yellow or blue or even a nice pastel mauve or something ~_~
  8. VALKS


    Rantboi??? wtf hahahaha Ive never heard of that 'name' .. would make a good user name in Titian's tbh ???❤ And yes I always triple check where I launch my torps. .. everytime. I think the guy I hit was actually a bot fill-in player. It was in a co-op match. Systems r**ted lol
  9. VALKS


    Hey guys and thanks for responding. Im not bitching at the actual players about all this, Im beefing at the whole thing of whacking someone in a certain color because of. Its sorta lame tbh. Ive seen guys on the same team personally shoot many shells at players in pink. Its very sad. I wish WG would change this.
  10. You're always gonna get d**kheads in game dude. Screenshoot and report to admin I say. But yeah I feel where youre coming from, so annoying. Sorry it happened to you bro >_<
  11. VALKS

    noob friendly Destroyer line ?

    Most the DD's are ok. You just got to know how to handle each ships characteristics. I personally love the V25 when many hate it. The US Wicks and Sampson and the Japaneses DD's are very good too. But when I was owning with the German DD's one week the next Id be sunk fast. Its all about just knowing their quirks.. but more so THE MAPS!! ;)
  12. VALKS


    Guys plse dont be eggs and shoot at these guys! Its not always their fault. I personally think this part of the game is messed up.. I was marked PINK for the first time simply because some noob ignored the torp warning and sailed at a 45 degree angle straight into them I launched to help his lame ass from getting blown up. Its crazy. Then another boat side swipes me ..all in one game. Next game Im pink, wtf!? Ive sailed into massive firefights to drop smoke for my guys to help protect and would never ever TK! Yet this game decides to hump the pink on anyone unjustified. They need to address this system cause its very wrong and inaccurate~!