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  1. CarbonatedWood

    Asking for advice...

    ah, thank you. so they pretty much are somewhere between glass cannons and normal tanky BBs ey? I was starting to worry that they are meta-definingly OP like Zao before concealment was reworked. glad to hear that they aren't invincible.
  2. CarbonatedWood

    Asking for advice...

    well, good to know that Russian bias is still a thing after nearly 4 years. this sure makes me feel at home jokes aside, I've heard alot about the Russian BBs and the upcoming new Russian cruisers. are they stupid good to the point that they break other BB/CL/CA players' experience? Is there any way to counter them?
  3. CarbonatedWood

    Asking for advice...

    Thank you. Guess I'll stay away from the UK heavy cruiser branch for a while then. Hopefully I will find a way to skip Emerald. and about the Russian BBs... are they broken in the sense that nobody of the same tier can counter them? What can I do if I'm playing against a Russian BB?
  4. CarbonatedWood

    Asking for advice...

    I've stopped playing WoWs since around mid-2017 and decided to come back, after seeing the CV rework. gotta say I'm kinda overwhelmed by what the game has to offer now. So I decided to come here and ask for some advice. Hopefully someone can help me find a direction. 1. Are cruisers any good and are there any specific cruisers that perform well? Are there any good videos to watch/strategies to learn from? 2. How are the French and Russo-Soviet battleships? Is Yamato still the best among tier X battleships? 3. Can anyone do a brief rundown of the Italian and French tech tree? I met Algérie/Amalfi in New York/New Mexico occasionally and got absolutely rekt. also lost a lot of knife fights to the French destroyers. They feel like powerhouses to me. 4. I've been in multiple matches with 3 carriers on each side. Is this intentional? Playing in a tier4/5 3CV match feels like a nightmare.