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  1. InfiniteVoid

    ranked is suffering

    Should revert back to the previous ranked season. We working class people don't have ample time within that week or even days to stay online for couple of hours straight to sprint up to R1, only to get reset the following week. Please regard this as a feedback to WG about the new test ranked system.
  2. InfiniteVoid

    screw thunderers

    WG on High Explosive Shells: Historically Accurate.
  3. InfiniteVoid

    So this is the WG's idea of balance and having a good mood

    "once in a lifetime" kind of thing. probably my greatest achievement in my wows career.
  4. InfiniteVoid

    Error Connecting to Server

    Good to know it isn't me alone. Singapore. Alright time for bed.
  5. InfiniteVoid

    Unsportsmanlike Conduct Penalty

    Well I can relate to this very well and it happened last night when I was in the game My game crashed for like 3 times in the match and it doesn't help much when there's this guy/girl was moaning and bitching about me being afk, thought I was doing it intentionally? Apparently this player here who was testing the Daring doesn't realize that once you're afk or got disconnected, the game AI will take control of your ship direction and main battery guns will be pointed randomly. Of course crashes in game is an unpleasant experience to everyone and there's nothing much you can do about it while in game but doesn't help if there's one damn salty kid throwing salt at you identifying yourself as a supertester, more like Content Removed, apparently he had sand in Content Removed. Was more amazed on his/her childish behaviour in the chatbox than trying to adjust the settings in game. Haha no surprise weekend extra salty and spicy. Lay off the curry bro, makes you extra heaty. Endgame, didn't get pink and was reported once and I obviously knew who, well I recognize this fellow forummer for who he is now after he shown his embarrassing behaviour in-game. Unsportsmanlike behaviour not for crashing but for a toxic player indeed. Content Removed, General Insult and Inappropriate Language, User Sanctioned ~tc1259
  6. InfiniteVoid

    Scharnhorst Artic Camo

    My thoughts exactly. I would appreciate if they make it clear and announce it's release as well as date of sale closure. Buts WG being WG. Probably be removed by the next patch or something since it's kinda rare and exclusive. Well nobody knows. They sure do know how to tempt people to throw money by baiting with good/historical cosmetic stuff.
  7. InfiniteVoid

    Scharnhorst Artic Camo

    Still remember I was just 1 mission away to receive it for free before the DoY campaign ended. and the remorse still lingers till now. And it's back for 4k dubs. I see what you did there WG! Oh I got my question wrong, i know it's gonna be permanent after purchase. Let me rephrase again, any idea if the artic camo will be permanently for sale OR for a limited time only before it gets pulled out from being able to purchase?
  8. InfiniteVoid

    The common random game quote

    praise the cyclone! rip.
  9. InfiniteVoid

    Scharnhorst Artic Camo

    Noticed that Scharn's Artic Camo was available for purchase at 4000 doubloons under its camo tab. What a pleasant surprise, on the amount too. Have neglected scharny for quite some time. My poor German Death Machine needs some love again. Now I'm wondering was it already available prior to the anniversary event or it was introduced together with the sharkbek, and Z32 camo? Any idea whether it's gonna be permanent or be pull out till the next update. Can't seem to find the info related on WG's news.
  10. Played ranked early this morning and here are my findings. BBs spamming HE on T8 is a phenomenon, surprise surprise. Started at Rank 16, took me around about 10 bloody matches just to earn a single star into Rank 15. Those who are playing cruisers, please note than you have the most important role in area control/denial, controlling the flanks especially, and escort your friendly DD whenever he goes. These are the area that's lacking in player's skills. BB players, remember than you got tons of HP and 4-5 Heals so tank the damage like a man, act as a distraction for your team to advance. Rank 15 onwards, nothing much other than throwing salts at everyone, and yes listen to your team inputs cause they may possess a better map awareness than yours. Enjoy and good luck everyone
  11. InfiniteVoid

    Late tier premiums problems.

    But SUPER ALSACE coming as T10 Premium ! Mmmmm SUPER tempting.... *But still gonna boycott WG till they got their in-game balancing right, plus removal of those damn botting* You heard me WG, no $$$ support till then.
  12. InfiniteVoid

    How useful is vigilance?

    Pick Priority Target (PT) over Vigilance. PT is the better Vigilance than you'll ever need. Dodging torp in a BB is real.
  13. InfiniteVoid

    BUG ... radio contact lost with WG.

    Saipain in your team = total win. Well you are paying WG alot of money and be those entitled few who earned the rights to farm other player's misery. Love it or hate it, all you can do is bend your knees and pray that it doesn't hurt.
  14. InfiniteVoid

    How to get better in randoms

    Hmm you have to figure the distance on your own, or learn by experience. Cause it's really tough to teach from one player to another. Try aiming DD around approx 10km or lesser for a start, if their farther focus on other ships. I can suggest something like every time you log in, spend one or two games in scenario battles before jumping to random matches, aiming is all about trial and error. Mistakes made there can be adjusted correctly. Once practice phase is done, apply it in random. That's how I learned. Currently narai operation is a good chance. Fuso is a shotgun ship, but it does wonders in that scenario in the right hands. Dev striking broadsiding bots left and right. Eventually you will get a feel of aiming fast japanese cruisers and DDs. Don't give up, you'll eventually get there.
  15. InfiniteVoid

    How to get better in randoms

    From my experience. 1) Situational and map awareness is key priority. One wrong move will get you sent back to port. 2) There are no such things as teammates, you sail alone from start to end. If a friendly assisted you with utility, praise his action. Team players who support are hard to come by. 3) Polish your aiming to the point that you can hit everything (angled to non) at any range, master this till you can either dev strike a DD close range or land shots on DD +-15km away, I'm not kidding here. (Don't ever think you are safe driving a Khaba in this server) 4) Destroy all enemy DDs FIRST at any cost or opportunity given, never ignore them. They are the team's eyes. Take them out, 70% of the game is yours for the taking. 5) Learn the flow of the battle. Remember High-tier gameplay is slow, miracles can happen. Believe that all hope rest on your shoulders to carry your way to victory. Being a trihard within your means will dictate whether you win or lose. (had a game -3min half of our team overextended by pushing enemy forces, they got wiped out on the left flank. Been called camper while I was advancing on the right (very smart FDG, blaming your mistake for overextending on others, very normal), got reported, didn't bother me, rest of our forces managed to turn the tide fighting against a disadvantage, being outnumbered, like 2 red DDs vs 1 friendly shima, he was a smarter player than those 2 red DD brains combined) 6) Making the right decision one step at a time, be 3 steps ahead of your enemy. This is tough, all depends on your battle hardened experience, RNG and your luck. Sometimes you can foresee the inevitable like losing, and you lost. Learn why you lost, look yourself in the mirror and ask "am I a poitato?", then comes self reflection. Suck up those tears and move on to a fresh new match. 7) RNGesus isn't your god. Be your own God and take control of your destiny. Ok I'm kidding.