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  1. I love the game,and I wish to buy some premium ships. But, I think there should be a option to test drive a prem ship,before you buy it. Like example,I like the Ashitaka,but don't know if it is worth spending money for,if I have not ever played it. All i am suggesting to you guys, create a option,so that one player can play a prem ship,for one day,only once from his account. That way player will understand if the play style of the ship suits his or her play style. I am saying this because,I wanted to buy Atlanta,but scared that the ship might be too fragile for me to handle,so i tried my friends account to play the ship once,and i loved it instantly. Bought it the very next day. I hope this is not a impossible thing to consider. Thanks
  2. Zhorphia

    Torp Spam with FUBUKI

    When I upgraded my MUTSUKI to FUBUKI,it felt like a gift from above(specially when you are grinding MUTSUKI). With 10 km torps,I was excited to play with it. But I just could not get enough torp damage. It is hard to hit targets with 59 knot torps,and is also hard to predict your targets movement at that range. Even with MUTSUKI,in a good game(rarely),I scored 4 to 5 torpedo hits. But with FUBUKI,what I do is just gather info for my team,and put up torp walls to temporary block CAs and BBs to come that way. I am asking my fellow captains,is there any way I am missing to play this ship,where I can fully utilize its torpedo power? Thanks
  3. Zhorphia

    Kongo shooting

    I have been playing the Kongo for some time now,but I still couldn't understand the optimal shooting angle for it. Kongo has the lowest horizontal dispersion,but I think it has a higher vertical dispersion. Most of the time,at around 15km range,I shoot at the waterline,but I barely get 2 confirm pens. Where same with the NY ,or König,I get 4 and in good conditions upto 6 pens. Everyone loves the Kongo. I might be missing something,need help.