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  1. Dununda

    patato is well cooked

    There is something going on since the last update. I have never seen so many AFK's or pink players in the game. Random or co op, makes no difference. Ruins the game not only for the player that gets locked at the load screen, but for the few that manage to get in and find that 6 players are afk. Not happy Jan!!!!
  2. Dununda

    Broken Match Making

    Just had a random battle in the tier 6 Bayern. Ended up low tier (T6 to T8). The opposition CV and two ISE's blew me out of the water before I could even get within firing range of anything. Does War Gaming really want to keep players? Fix up the match making. My team had 1 CV and no ISE's No fun when you are out of the game in 5 minutes. What do you think?
  3. Dununda

    Server Asia - any issues

    Hi all, does anyone know if the Asian server is experiencing any issues today (04/05/18). I keep getting cannot connect to server error reports. Thanks for your help, Cheers Update - I have uninstalled and re-installed the game, changed my password, run the server / network checks and sent the logs to WoW. I am south of Sydney. Managed to get on for a game this morning only to be disconnected immediately at conclusion of game. Also, discovered I had team penalty for early exiting game and inactivity all due to disconnect issues. Sorry to anyone that was on my team at the time. Update 2 - I have followed all the instructions from support, still no good. Still cannot connect to update or game server. Common thread - Optus? Update 3- Was able to connect using my mobile as a hot spot. Contacted Optus to report issue. 30 minutes later was able to connect via eithernet. Coincidence? Will monitor for the next few days. Cheers Dununda