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  1. WG need to offer refund to people that have long term Premium time and Premiums ships especially DD,s as they have no chance. I realise it's new and needs time to work out, however this is not what I fell in love with or signed up for. At the very least you should have the option to freeze your account for a time period ( not loosing Premium time ) until this crap is sorted.
  2. MrHoy_11

    CV rework day 1 observations

    Yes I agree if they offer a refund to CV players then they must also offer a refund to premium time players and those that have spent $100's or more on Premium ships.
  3. MrHoy_11

    New Special Commanders

    Hi does anyone now how long these are on sale for ? I wouldn't mind picking up a couple just want to make sure I don't miss out. Thx Oh one other thing aren't the special commanders we can win in game ( do the missions for ) that have yellow stripes after they names, do they have same skills or not ?
  4. Well played 7 games in Random lost the lot dead set [content removed] hopless I go in get wiped I stay out get hardly any damage then get wiped out. I have secondary build setup. Profanity. Post edited. ~Beaufighter
  5. Thank you for all the suggestions I've been convinced go her the morning first game 5900 exp that was 200% and captain flag, never had that in Co Op before. Credits are nice but it's the exp I'm after I'm upto 14 point capt so still long road ahead, I'm using same capt for two premiums and one silver BB now so about 120 games away from 19 points if can keep same pace.
  6. MrHoy_11

    How can i get 70% discount starter pack

    Yes I'm not new however it was never offered to me when I was new.
  7. So did I read right you got all that XP playing CO-OP ? Also what flags and camo are you using ? While it will be handy to use in ranked the captain XP is what I want the most, it;s a long road to 19 points
  8. All power to you I got F...k all no ship 20 boxes top 2 level boxes pretty pissed with the whole thing seen just about everyone get some good stuff mine very average.
  9. Is the Tirpitz worth getting considering I have the Shinny Horse already which I love. I was thinking it well help level up my Captain quicker trying to get a 19 point Captain over next few months. Or is it better to spend the money on more premium time and como's and grind Shinny horse and the silver battleship t7 then 8. I also don't have a T8 ship so it would allow me to play ranked as well.
  10. Can you still get the Kutuzov for doubloons ? I notice it's in the tech tree 10250 doubloons says must buy in premium shop. I would love to get hold of one.
  11. MrHoy_11

    No ships discount nor 1-35 exchange rate this time?

    Shame you can't stock up on the camos , to my knowledge can only buy for each battle.
  12. MrHoy_11

    How can i get 70% discount starter pack

    That was never offered to me, I never herd of it I would have got those 7 & 8's for sure.