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  1. Alakshendra_Joshi

    Advice needed for premium ships.

    I completely agree but I am still at a level where going full steam into a brawl with my experience will get me wrecked in seconds in high tier MM. And personally I don't always wanna do that. Maybe try something different. I know the Alabama is a tad less accurate than the NC but I don't know about the Tirpitz.
  2. Alakshendra_Joshi

    Advice needed for premium ships.

    So I started playing the game last year but stopped playing in between for sometime. I am an inexperienced player so far but have been trying my hand at the game and I'm not as pathetic as I expected. I am currently progressing along the USN and German BB and cruiser line with my top tier being the Yorck. However I admit that I have upto tier 8 Richelieu on my French line which I did not grind obviously but I'm trying to learn the play style of the same. I have played some tier 8 MM with some tier 9 and I wasn't completely useless. I am planning to buy a premium ship solely for the purpose of getting credits as I run out very quickly while still learning the ropes of the game. Needless to say I'm sure many will admonish me for even thinking of buying a premium ship but I want to emphasise the fact that I want to learn the aspects of the game while not using my free exp as long as possible to get ships. Although I have been tempted by watching hundreds of youtube videos about the Colorado just to skip it but I wont do that. My play style right now with the BBs is very aggressive with close brawling combat and tanking as much as possible to support my teammates but I also want to try other tactics in the game. My choices are obviously the Tirpitz and the Alabama. Tirpitz would be a good choice if I continue with my close quarter play style and focus on the secondary firepower but I want to get better at other styles as well. The Scharnhorst isn't available otherwise I would have taken that and I am not sure about the Nelson as positioning is of vital importance in that ship which I'm still learning. So TL:DR Tirpitz or the Alabama. Which will you suggest? P.s Somehow more inclined towards the Alabama but open for suggestions. Thanks