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  1. Question about Ashitaka & Kii

    Hey guys, I tend to have a good credit maker premium ship that currently available for sale (also hooked up by that cashback offer). 1. I read about Makoto Kobayashi camou function on these ships. Is it purchaseable right now? 2. What is the current best credit maker ship that available for sale? Thanks. All answers are highly appreciated.
  2. How to get the pin-up codes?

    Hi guys, I am trying to follow all the clue in every video posted by Dasha and Alena to find out the codes. Unfortunately due to my noob eyes that took too much torpedoes, I still can't find it. I have watched the video all over and over again and still got no clue. Can anybody help me to show the correct way to find where are those damned codes? I know there are some other threads already provided the codes, but I would like to get it in a fair sportsmanship way. This is the only "Code" I can get from the video, but it still doesn't work.
  3. Hurray, CV Rework!

    My question a while ago regarding RN CV is answered...! Hohoho, time to move back from DD bridge to CV bridge.
  4. Yeap I get your point well. The message I want to say to WG is: Where there still chances for the guarantee to be missed, it is better they write: "Maximum Waiting Time for a Random Battle is no longer than 5 minutes in normal circumstances" instead of "Maximum Waiting Time for a Random Battle is no longer than 5 minutes".
  5. Could you tell me how to watch that?
  6. So why is everyone choosing sharks?

    I am an Eagle. No idea why others choose Sharks. Everybody have their own personal preference and it is too diverse to learn.
  7. Carriers- how am I so unlucky?

    In the game, USN Fighters are overall excel over IJN fighters. It is not because they are stronger, but it just they simply have 6 planes in a squadron instead of 4 in IJN. Please note: on T5, IJN has a higher fighter tier than its USN counterpart. It is deceiving to players who just learn to play CV line. You will feel weaker on T4, but feel capable on T5, but then weak again at T6. With a 10 skills commander, players can access a skill called "Air Superiority" that will add 1 fighter extra into your fighter squadron. This makes the powerful USN squadron who already have 6 become 7. For IJN, this will make your 4 planes become 5. To improve your performance on IJN CV dealing with the situation: On T4 and T5: Not much can be done. Just try to avoid those fighters and race the damage for you have better striking capability (2 torp bombers of IJN vs 1 torp bombers + 1 dive bombers on USN). On T4 and T5 will be the best chance for you to learn cross dropping torpedoes. Fluency in this will results you a better CV player compared to those who only play USN CV line. Or Try to distract opponent fighters away, and then your striking squadrons sneaking around the map undetected to find opponent CV. Sink opponent CV as soon as possible. On T6 and T7: Let say the situation is opponent commander has Air Superiority skill that makes them have 7 fighters in a squadron and you don't. You are on an IJN CV bridge, your opponent is a USN CV. You should use the module of 3 fighters setup. Make the squadron of no 2 and 3 always fly together, and squadron no. 4 in a bit distance. The IJN CV without "Air Superiority" will be on a very huge advantage. If you need to engage a dogfight, use that combo of squadron 2 and 3 VS 1 squadron of opponent. The win chance will be 100% (with condition of no enemy AA interference). The worst chance will be you lost 2 planes of each squadron and opponent will lose all. Then now you will ask, "So what is the huge advantage?". The answer is: T6 USN CV (Independence) has very a limited fighter stock. Once she lost the first 7, she only have 5 planes left to replace the loss and it is already ALL of available fighters. While on the other hand, IJN CV can replenish 3 times of a full squadron in case she make mistake to losing them. On T8 and above: I believe you already have excellent skill and need no more guide. From T4 to T7, IJN averagely excels in performance compared to USN. This is according in line of the history. At the beginning of Pacific war, IJN has better quality: more agile, more speed, more range, more deadly. Along as the war progressing, US has better economy to replace the loss, research for better planes, and deploy them to the war theater on time. My current achievement is at T7 of both nation. About performance, T7 Hiryu is the best. There are some other premium CVs I have like T7 Saipan and T7 Kaga. Both offer unique gameplay and both are balanced in my opinion. Do not use strafing unless it is necessary. This is the most common behavior of T6 players who just get access to strafing mechanism. They strafing all around with bad accuracy resulting their fighters rushing deep into opponent ship clusters (include me when had that strafing euphoria). Your fighters will be more effective as one click to enemy squadron although it is strafing against you. You might lost 1 or 2 planes when approaching each other, but then the strafing squadron passing by and leave opponent fighters on their tail "strafing" on them. Use strafing only to opponent fighters that locked in a dogfight, excel over your fighters, and your engaging squadron is at nearly perish. The other use of strafing is for opponent striking squadrons who running away from you. Please note: every time you strafing, you will lose 1 fighter as the cost (except for Saipan, strafing has no cost). If you are on a T6 USN CV, try to avoid your fighters direct clash with IJN fighters, unless the IJN uses strike loadout that makes her only have 1 fighter squadron (T6 Ryujo). On T7 IJN CV even have 2 fighter squadrons on the strike load out setup, while the T7 USN CV: Ranger still have only 1 fighter squadron. When you are in the USN CV, engage opponent squadron when it is alone and has no back up to assist the dogfight. From T6 above, ships averagely have better AA. The knowledge you should know is: which ship is a prey, and which ship that must be avoided all the time. Don't bother to bomb an Atlanta, Kutuzov, or Baltimore although they are in an appealing position. For some other ships with average AA power, you can just send all your striking squadron to sink her (if it is really necessary - gather all of your striker squadron on a spot and then send them all together at once. The expectation is they reach the target all together at the same time). You will lose one to four planes but you will manage to deliver a blow. The most important point is: you should determine which one to kill first and which one to kill later. Avoid ships that could contribute loss to your planes at early game to keep your damage power steady to the end of the game. Aim for helpless ships with weak AA first. You might want to slam a DD first if you are good in cross dropping torpedoes . It will contribute much to the team. Continue it. The effort is really rewarding. You will learn a lot from your defeat. Do not give up. Additionally, try to do scenario battles that changes every week. Some of if will give you reward as: 10 skills Commander which you can use to lead your main vessel.
  8. Why there is no British CV line?

    Attacking personal status altered from the topic discussed is merely a sign of inferiority. According to the forum rules, I need to have 5 battles to be eligible to post. May I ask if there is any other rules written that 1k battle is not enough? There is no fight everyone off. People said their opinion, and I said my opinion. Opinions might be different based on each person background experience and opinions might against each other. That is healthy in a community. The unhealthy one is when someone saying an opinion and then answered with a bully by attacking personal status. It is much better if you would say your own original opinion (if you have any), rather than to suggest to follow other's opinion. Please don't be afraid. My ships all are virtual. They don't really drop bombs and no real torpedoes. I also don't have real shells to throw at anybody. We discuss, we play, we have fun. Nothing should be afraid of. Sounds good enough for you?
  9. Why there is no British CV line?

    Please don't feel like that. Experience gains along the time goes. When you face better opponent, yes you might say you have less experience. So is vice versa when you face worse opponent. About that AA stuff @Exiaa mean, I also get his point well. Please allow me to reaffirm what I said: my AA is for myself, and I mean it. My fighters are not goal keeper to prevent reckless player charging alone and then become an appealing target of opponent striker. If they are stay in the formation, opponent striker will also think few times before decide a daring strike. I will not bother to send my fighters across the map just to intercept opponent strikers that would reach my team. My fighters are assigned for air superiority duties, which is: clear the sky and killing opponent strikers to weaken the other CV. Should in case the scenario is opponent strikers reach my team, I'd rather follow them home and intercept them along the way to prevent them back for good. It is pointless to try to please everybody. You do what you need to do. If the request is: I should able to cover AA safety with my fighters; I would say again: No. Your ship have talents cope with the situation, and my fighters got their own task to be completed. You are not impolite at all. I really appreciate you for a good discussion although your point of view might different than mine. This is what a forum for. I just flame those who try to bully without using their brain. Those who answering out of context with a complain that has no relation with the topic. Agreed with this. This also I agreed. If I may ask, is this referring to previous statement that mention attacking multiple target simultaneously? If so, I would say attacking multiple target is possible but situational. I'd prefer to focus to stop one threat rather than deal with multiple target without same effectiveness... Unless the situation allows me (or forced me) to do so. About this one, your priorities might be different than mine. I would rather target opponent CV as my first priority. The next will be the rest of other types. DD is favorable when I am with HE Diver Bomber ready, or the DD is somewhere among small islands where it is challenging to avoid torps, or she is currently staying still hiding in smoke. You have full right to think about a player is good or not. I also didn't say I am good. I said I do have experience. This maybe a bit out of context, but I would love to answer this one: What people think about me is not a matter. I will keep developing as the progress planned. Nobody gonna report you if you really reach that tier by grind yourself. From the way to present your thought, and the way you understand words, you don't reflect a person with 3k battles of 47% rate (or maybe that is a co-op rating). I had only 5 or 6 recognition so far, but nobody ever report me yet. Please tell me who is that guy that make the 47% rating? I never ask for AA support from the beginning I play until this moment I write. I know the feel to be nagged, and I will not nagging for a cover. Lol. I had that. Lured to an Atlanta. It is a cool joke though.
  10. Why there is no British CV line?

    Answer: Experienced: Yes I am experienced as a full time CV player of both nation. Win rate: NO, I Can NOT beat more than half a time. My win rate currently at 44% Spotting: Yes I do provide spotting on potential target. That's why you whining here. I know you can't hide if there CV in play. AA cover: No, I am a CV, not your baby sitter. My AA is for myself. Strike importantly target simultaneously: Yes if only necessary. You said, "only skilled players can actually play it properly." You said, "Adding a new line so inexperienced CV players can start ruining mid and high tiers with their antics,..." Are you trying to say that inexperienced players managed to reach mid and high tier without gaining any experience start ruining mid to high tier with their antics. Man, do you have a brain? Whose brain you use to write such inexperienced analysis in this thread? Ah yes, have you ever heard about World of Warships? You should try to play it man, it is really a great game.
  11. Why there is no British CV line?

    I agree on this part that T7 and above is stressful to play. (I even see it from T6, the tier where strafing mechanism is applied). As a CV player, I see that it is a huge touch for the balance. By that mechanism, it allows the player skill to override the ship and the commander qualities. It prevents inexperienced players who have money to just go buy a premium ship straight and then ruin the battle. T4 to T5 have a huge flaw that can be exploited. Once you have a 10 skill commander on them (air superiority skill), you are most likely to excel in any battle. What I used to do to exploit is: Launch all the squadrons to the sky, and then send them all together to target opponent CV estimated position (Launch to the sky, NOT to other CV position straight from your runway). You may adjust the course slightly to avoid other surface ships from being harassed by AA guns. If while on the way if the enemy fighter spotted, just simply pass it. If it dares to attack, you just assign your fighter squadron to engage. The rest of striker squadrons continue their journey. Target the CV, release armaments, back to ship. On the way back you can see opponent squadron already cleared from the sky. No player skill necessary, no situation analysis necessary, just no brainer actions to follow step by step guide and you'll be fine. If your captain doesn't has "Air Superiority", while opponent on the other side has, your chance to win is extremely low, although both of you are experienced players. It is not stressful, but it is really broken. T6 above is balanced. CV bridge is not for everybody. You can't just jump to play a CV based on your 1000++ battle experience of other ship background. About this one, I have no clear idea. But yes you give me some insights to guess in the dark of why they are not present yet. Blueprint designs, specs, etc., can be found in detail at www.armouredcarriers.com Your explanation about the capacity is also logic though. US CV averagely carry 80 aircrafts while RN CV averagely run with 51 - 54. Despite the logic explanation, there also a factor to appeal with capacity issue though. If we see Italian BB line. They also have the same situation. They don't have every BB to fill until T10. But however, WG managed to release them in a partial tier presence. So is it maybe the authorization bureaucracy of UK that is complicated? Lol. Only WG knows. It is working. If it is not working, it will be CV players who will complain and nobody from other classes will complain about CV mechanism. If other players complaining of CV, it means CVs are working too well and their presence becomes an annoying harassment. CV is not for everybody. The skill ceiling is extreme. If you are inexperienced in CV and you play CV in high tier, you will just be a free citadel. If you are experienced, then you have the capability to turn back the table. Please allow me to add a little correction: USS Enterprise is a premium ship. The original non premium for T8 is USS Lexington and IJN Shokaku.
  12. Why there is no British CV line?

    Dead class? Do you have any reliable sources to prove the statement other than a random video about a guy which what he play on the screen is not even seen? On my side, I have 6 of my invitation codes used by new players all switched to full time CV players, which they are on T6 now. If you want I could write down all of their IGN. I have 12 out of 21 in my office who play WoWs plays CV as their main. One more... 4 of them offers to buy my account just because I have a Kaga and Saipan on it. Ah maybe that just me, and my office. I could expect you will post a deep research statistics stated that the whole world left CV and it is a dead class now. Lol.
  13. Help regarding cruiser gameplay

    Indeed. One must choose either Hydro or AA. Despite any of the option chosen, both are still excellent features. About the French BB, are you referring to Dunkerque? There are some reasons of why I choose Graf Spee instead of Dunkerque. Here are some of my personal consideration: 1. Reload time: Graf reloads for 20 secs compared to Dunk at 28 secs. Means more firing spree for my impatient trait. Lol. 2. Detectability: Graf has 13.14 km compared to Dunk at 16.92 km (original without any other influence factor). It means more space to swimming around with dolphins. 3. Turning Circle Radius: Graf has 680 m compared to Dunk at 730 m. Everybody loves tight hole, isn't it? 4. Rudder Shift Time: Graf has 10.3 secs versus Dunk at 14 secs. Honestly both are still big ass lame snail for me. XD 5. This one is the decisive factor that is a deal breaker of Dunkerque: AA Capability. Graf has excellent AA capability, Dunk has a meh one. I can't paste the whole AA comparison due to the details of gun variant to gun variant. Meanwhile in T6, AA capability is one of the keys to survive. As you you can see how tight is T6 Independence torpedo wall (With Air Superiority skill), T7 Kaga's enomormus aircraft stock, or even T8 Enterprise fearful AP bomb. Those AAs on Graf are actially not capable to swat the squadrons off the sky but at least, it will make Graf Spee become a less appealing target than Dunkerque. About Des Moines: Hell YESSS she is a must have. Aye Capt! Working on her now. PS: Please let me know if you actually referring to a ship other than Dunkerque.
  14. Help regarding cruiser gameplay

    Exactly. I agreed with that. I love the Germany lines. They are unique. My background is from CV lines (both nations). When I play conventional surface ships, I want the characteristics as: fast moving, fast shooting, good damage, and... tank as well. I can't find those at BB gameplay. They move slow, fat, and their loading time is painfully scourging. So something that reloads 28 secs or more is not definitely for me. On the other hand, US CA has rapid fire rate but too squishy for me, and they can't heal too. At the end, I found myself fits Germany ships. Graf Spee is one of my favourite. She possess acceptable speed, good AA, great brawler, fairly heavy punch, and great reload time (20 secs)... And torpedoes too! Too much if I would say about Graf Spee; hydros, defensive AA fire, all are just splendid. One thing if I may give correction about Germany CA: from T5 above, they are not fragile at all. Especially Graf Spee, she is the most tankiest cruiser I ever had, and she also has access to heal. For her tier, I could consider that she is a tier bully. Other than Graf Spee, I would recommend you to try her bigger sibling: Scharnhost. She is considered as a BB, but she feels like very Graf Spee, with more guns and powerful heal.