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  1. Robby_Hermanto

    WG giving new player free premium CV

  2. Robby_Hermanto

    hit hard hit fast task

    First reset your commander to get BFT and AFT, use all AA modules, and then.... Shout at global chat your square coordinate. The rest you just need to use your planes to bitching around DDs who trying to reach you.
  3. Robby_Hermanto

    French DD OP..... Until people realize it.....

    Don't teach me about what is a DD. My opponents on the field already taught me well. If you think you are more experienced than me, just please post a picture of what Tier 10 DD you currently use and tell me how you use it.
  4. Robby_Hermanto

    French DD OP..... Until people realize it.....

    Ah yes you are right. It must be my memory wrong about the numbers. Des Moines and Worchester has 10 km radar. Not 10.5 km. My bad, sorry for that. I must be mixed up with Z-52 Torpedo range. Moskva & Dmitri Donskoi have 12 km radar, not the 13.5 km I wrote. I don't have Moskva screenshot, but will provide it later from my friend's account. Yes you also correct. The correct speed for the stock is 69 knots. I was on captain perks that boost it to 74 knots. And it is also still wrong. I wrote it is 72 knots. Thank you for the correction.
  5. Robby_Hermanto

    French DD OP..... Until people realize it.....

    Yes it is totally wrong. Please allow me to explain: Math on the paper should be also calculated against your opponent, not only the self capability. You might say you have the strongest katana in the world, used by the best elite samurai battalion. But when we talk about your battalion of elite Samurai armed with tamahagane blade katana fight against a squadron of USAF A-10 thunderbolt, that will be a massacre party; your elite Samurai will be served as barbeque. Now lets discuss about T9/T10 environment. Des Moines, Worcester, as well as their T9 sisters have 10.5 km radar. Moskva and Donskoi are even more fearsome with 13.5 km radar, except Salem has a weak 8.5 km radar. You can expect any one them will almost always present when you are playing in T9 or T10. So what is your torp range again? 9 km? When you need to torp someone, it means you must pushing deep inside their radar range. After you reach that 9 km away from target, you need to take circling maneuver to release it. That means, you are going to move even deeper closing to the target. Maneuver takes space and time. Now, you release your torp. The target sense it. What your torp speed again? 60 knots? It is easily dodge able. Even Fubuki on T6 has 2 knots faster torp. That 60 knots torps have similar performance of T6 Anshan torp. The 60 knots torp might work well on T6 environment. There are not so many radar boat there. But if you talk about T9/T10, we talk about speed approach, drop, leave. You late, you dead. Let say, your torp managed to hit. How much damage the torp will inflict? They do only a very slight better than Z-52. FYI, Z-52 is the weakest damage torpedo among all T9/10. Ah ok the France DD is slightly higher. So you are on the 2nd weakest torpedo rank now. Will you expect your target sink immediately like in T6? Sweet multiple hit with devastating strike achievement? I had intercept a Yamato with my Z-52 one day. She had 90% HP. I dropped the whole salvo of my torpedo rack right in front of her nose to her speaded belly from 2.5 km range. 100% full salvo hits. Did the Yamato sunk? Well, she got 65% HP left. After your target sense it, what next? RADAR on! You should run away, out from their radar detection. How fast is your speed? 30 knots? 47 knots? How much time you need to reach the edge of the radar to disappear? Let me share you an insight: Z-52 is able to drop farther 1.5 km away than the France DD. She also has 37.5 knots speed stock, 42 knots at engine boost active, and higher HP than the France DD. Is it means an easy life for Z-52? You can check the forum that people complaining about her survivability. It is a suicide play if a Z-52 tries to stealth torp like that. What thing that you can expect to endure? Des Moines of 203mm HE of 9 guns raining you every 5.5 sec (if the player not using gun reload mod. It will be faster with mods), Worcester of 152mm HE of her 12 guns raining you every 4.3 sec. Moskva of 220mm of 9 guns raining you every 10.4 sec. Do you think how many salvo you can endure? You will finish in 3 - 5 salvo if the ship is alone. It is not even if the target has companion who also shoot at you. Don't even mention Minotaur that has 2.5 sec reload. Maybe you will think, "Ah not every ship got radar. Zao didn't have one, so is Hindenburg". Yes they don't have radar, they have awesome hydro with long duration that sense your torp from afar. It means: easy to dodge (remember you have 60 knots lame torp. Don't even dare to compare with Z-52's 72 knots or even Shimakaze's best torpedo in the world). Besides, do you wanna intercept a Zao or a Hindenburg on the 2nd defense line? Go pass the first line first. Where there are Gearing, Yueyang, Daring, etc. Luring behind the island waiting for a careless torp boat that tries to sneak. Again, don't even dare to compare your 8.1 km "as seen from the moon" detection with Shimakaze detection of lower than 6km. Even the fat Z-52 has 6.4 km detection (with legendary upgrade mod). Wanna try a knive fight with a Gearing? Your France DD slow turret will not even have chance to land a shoot on a nimble ghost like them. I am not even calculate yet the hungry planes of Midway, Hakuryu, and Audicious that wandering around specially to scout DDs. Are you sure wanna say goodbye to the Smoke? Now you might think, "Ah I will play safe, play around my herd, spamming torp. Spray and Pray." Then your team will bitching on you for being useless. You are a DD. Your team expect you to do your job: scouting, capping, etc. Spraying torp out of nothing is just like telling the enemy "Hey, we are here! See the torp trail!". You will not score a hit, instead you are inviting cruisers lurking to find you. Maybe the scouting CV squadron too. Besides... Man...! the torp is only 9 km. Don't think the T9/T10 map is the same as T6 map. T10 map is huge. You will see 9 km is just a small circle around your boat. From the spec I see, I expect the France DD gameplay will be like Khabarovsk or Harugumo. Khaba and Haru do have really hard hitting torpedoes. They really stings hard. But you can ask every Khaba/Haru players here. They use their torp only for self defense when they are intercepted or cornered. They use their guns to work. That is a little insight about "what if" the T6 armament used in T10 environment. It is far from OP. It is not even considered competent. Lastly, I would quote Sun Zi's wise word: If you know your power and your opponent power, you will be victorious in every battle If you know your power but do not know opponent's power, your chance to be a victor is only half. If you do not know your own power, and do not know your opponent power, you will be succumbed in every battle. Conclusion: From the calculation you present, it is clearly you don't understand yet the ship's characteristics (I can understand, the ship is still on working progress). You also do not have any idea about what will you face in T10 environment. So, my opinion is: it is too early to say now if the ship is OP or underdog. Lets wait until it released, at least at the test server.
  6. Robby_Hermanto

    soviet ERA UI

    Pardon me if my writings altering the topic discussion. I was a huge fan of Russian engineering, from the ships to the aviation. From WW2 to modern era.... until I watch the video about Kursk. There is the point where all my respect to Russian Navy evaporated.
  7. I do have this one on all of my German ships. Yes I also able to put this on other country ships, but it just weird to use incorrect coat of arms on someone else's intellectual property. WG enable this to be obtained by doing certain quest event.
  8. Robby_Hermanto

    French DD OP..... Until people realize it.....

    OP? Lmao. Try to see Z-46 in comparison. If Mogador is true really OP, people already screaming for Z-46, and there will be threads asking to nerf it all over the forum. I have a T10 Z-52. She has 52 sec torp reload, 2x4 rack, 10.5 km range, and 72 knots torp speed, the ship's stock speed is 37.5 knot. On top of that she has the best ever hydro acoustic in game (5.88 km circle), 6.4 km detection range, higher HP than Kleber, and 2nd best AA among all T10 DD. Do I spam torp all day? No, Des Memes spam HE on me all day.
  9. She is already like a Groz at the current state... with the proper way of playing of course. Sometime it is kinda weird seeing people complaining like Z-52 is very incompetent.
  10. This one I have to disagree. I agree for Z-52 needs a little bit of buff, she will reap lots of fun with a slight enhancement. But it is not like Z-52 is an underdog. She is an awesome competent DD. I had tons of occasions experiencing knife fight with Harugumo, Kitakaze, Gearing, and YueYang. It is the Yueyang that hardest to fight against. Z-52 is simply excel over Haru and Kita due to the smoke + Hydro, where the opposite is blind and relying on their insane reload barrage of their guns. Z-52 has the complete advantage to land a full 6 guns salvo on target, while [stupid] Haru/Kita commanders insist to blind barrage to the cloud of smoke. The most close similar characteristic to a Z-52 is the Grozovoi. However, those two have their own signature differences that makes them clearly two different destroyers. If you want the buffs, the most eligible domain to address are: her detection range, shell ricochet angle, and AA power. The other characteristics are already on a well balance. Edit: Turning Radius: nope, I disagree this to be touched. Z-52 is a big sexy girl. It is weird to give her a tight turning circle. Rudder shift time: Look at Khaba and Harugumo. Z-52 should be grateful with her current rudder shift. Guns: I also disagree this to be touched. She is a German DD. She represents the characteristics of German shells: Anemic HE and good penetration AP. If her AP is not good enough to perform penetration, that is a normal common sense. All DDs have small caliber, don't expect any shell to pen a broadsiding Yamato hull. If this has to be touch, it is maybe only the ricochet angle that should be a slightly more "forgiving".
  11. Uhm ok she will be better to have a little bit of buff. I Have nothing against the idea to disagree. I understand that Z-52 has good AP. However the AP quality is still far from being enough. It doesn't penetrate BB hulls (which it is suppose to be like that, the same as like all other DDs AP) and it fails to penetrate angling ships (included against other DDs). The good point of using her AP are only at broadsiding cruisers (which that will be a situation between life and death on the last grasp), and BBs superstructure at distance (which all DDs can do that). So if we would like to say Z-52's AP is real good, then there should be a strong reason compared to other DDs.
  12. Robby_Hermanto

    CV's in or out

    This is balans Kamerad!! 🤩
  13. Robby_Hermanto

    CV's in or out

    Lets file a petition to WG to remove potatoes! 😀😀😀
  14. Robby_Hermanto

    CV's in or out

    Isoroku Yamamoto: These American plays dirty by using flying planes.This is not acceptable! We should protest to WG for this is World of Warships!! James Cook: WTH!? Boats made out of steel with rotatable guns!? This is cheating! We should protest to WG for the real ships uses cannons on each side! Zheng He: WTF!? Ships using blasting black power and steel balls to shoot? This is unfair! We should protest to WG! Real warrior uses fire arrow to burn! Flintstone: Fire!? So they throw fire sticks to cover up their incapability in battle? We should protest to WG! They kill the community with this way. People should fight by throwing rocks! That is the real champion, not cheating by using the strings to throw things!! Adam & Eve: Dude, why so afraid to engage fight hand on hand? Throwing stones to make you easy to escape? We will file a petition to WG for this imbalance! C'mon real man fight with fist! WG Official Channel: Dear Players, since we received so much complaining from Players time to time to adjust "the balance", we will set the system back to basic fighting measures. From today, the game name is officially changed to "World of Fists".
  15. Robby_Hermanto

    [poll] The Most Hated person in World of Warship

    I love CV very much because they are simply hated by everybody. You don't want to play a ship that every red ships on the map go after you, isn't it? You want every red ships on the map to run away from you, furiously press the report button, and then crying at the forum in rage. Hahaha...!