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  1. Hi everyone! I am curious to know about above mentioned ships credit making capability in this current update 0.8.7. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 🙂
  2. Robby_Hermanto

    What to Grind Next...

    What is your main Class? As if you are a BB player: go for Grosser Kürfust or République. As if you are a CA player: go for Henri IV. As if you are CL player: go for Worcester. As if you are a Torpboat DD player: go for Z-52 As if you are a Gunboat DD player: go for Gearing. Summarizing all the suggestions above: go have some tier X ships as your "badge" of achievement. Having tier 10 in the port is something to proud of. Looking at them, circling the camera, etc etc are a unique satisfaction. Can you imagine how hard you struggling to obtain it. I collects tier X ships that I like, invest a permanent camou on her, grind a 19 skills captain on her, and finish the legendary quest. At the end, I sit and adoring the ship at the Port. It is feels so good when you rest and enjoying your hardwork beautifully docking at the Port.
  3. Robby_Hermanto

    Inconsistent Data. Which one is the correct one?

    Don't take penetration measurement by the caliber. 127 mm on certain ships may differ to another. The best to know the penetration value of a particular ship is by looking to the stat at Wiki, or at proships.ru For DDs, I strongly not recommend to take IFHE, unless for Harugumo. All DD guns are able to penetrate superstructure, and players have access to full manual control to aim those shells to the the superstructure. It means all DDs have potency to inflict damage regardless with or without IFHE. In the case you use IFHE, you still unable to penetrate hull plating of CA and BB. If the target is fellow DD, you still able to deliver damage regardless with or without IFHE.
  4. Robby_Hermanto

    Us BB 406mm guns

    Hello! Welcome to the game! I will try to answer with the best information you provide. The shell shatter: What kind of shell do you use? if you use High Explosion shells, then yes they will shatter when hit target's side armor belt for those shells have low penetration rate. Lets see this armor configuration. I pick the Tirpitz for an example: The upper side belt armor above water line of the Tirpitz is 160 mm The upper side belt armor on the water line of the Tirpitz is even thicker. It is 315 mm Now, lets examine the HE Penetration of the T8 North Carolina: It is 67mm. When you hit a full broadsiding Tirpitz with North Carolina's HE shells, you can expect no damage will inflict. You may hope for fire will occur, but not a direct hit damage. For broadsiding ships, you must use Armor Piercing shells to get a nasty damage. Below chart is North Carolina's AP Shell penetration rate: As you can see on the chart: the penetration numbers of AP shells are greatly higher than the HE one. Along as the target farther than your position, the penetration rate will also goes lower. So, lets say a Tirpitz is full broadsiding against you at 18 km away, your North Carolina AP shell will still able to penetrate 477 mm of her armor. There you will not see any shattered ribbons but damages instead. Hope this helps. Good luck and fair seas!
  5. Hi Guys, I usually use proships.ru for comparing stats for the website always presenting nice format that easy to understand. However, I often found that there is data difference between what is presented in the website and in game information. Please have a look at this screen shot taken from my in game account: Compare with this below screenshot taken from the proships.ru website: Here is the case: The highlighted data is Republique's 127 mm Secondary Gun penetration rate. In the game, it is written 20 mm, but in the website is written 21 mm. You may ask, so what is the matter? It is just 1 mm difference. I would explain, yes it is a huge difference. I currently considering to set the ship to the Secondary configuration. As if the true penetration is 21 mm, the penetration when IFHE implemented is 27.3 mm which means able to penetrate most of Cruiser's plating. As if the true penetration is 20 mm, the penetration when IFHE implemented is 26 mm which means unable to penetrate most of Cruiser's plating. For your information, most of Cruiser's case mate plating is 27 mm. By this thread, I would ask about what is the correct data? Is it from the proships or from the information showed in the game client? Thanks. Any information is greatly appreciated.
  6. Robby_Hermanto

    Wrant (want and rant) - German Arc, please.

    Otto Kretschmer Hans Georg von Friedeburg Alwin Broder Albrecht The most impressive story for me is: Karl Jesko von Puttkamer, the Commander of Z10 Hans Lody; The German Destroyer with radar.
  7. Robby_Hermanto

    Hi Halsey

    Missouri, Iowa, Montana, Des Moines, or Salem
  8. Robby_Hermanto

    Daily container with missing collection item most of the time

    Why people just never stop of complaining.... Damn man! You have 22 duplicates already. Go click on those empty slot. exchange those duplicates to the collection you need. You will complete your collection less than 1 minute after you read this sentence.
  9. For me, the most interesting line is German; all of its types whether DD, CA, or BB. HMCS Bras D'or: Slap those France and Russian speed destroyers.
  10. Thanks. This info provide so much insights. Thanks bro. Very useful information.
  11. Robby_Hermanto

    So German Cruisers are Bad?

    Talking about comparison to other cruisers from other nations, I do have T8s other than German's. They are: Baltimore and Cleveland. Some others are T7s. My highest Cruiser is the Des Moines with 19 skills Alexander Ovechkin. So, in overall opinion feeling of playing German Cruiseline, I don't feel that they are underdog at all. They do have gimmicks which take time to understand, but Yuro's statement about the Hipper is bad is quite exaggerated. As I came from other nation cruiser background, playing German CAs also take some time for me. After that, I found that they are really great. In fact, the first reason of why I research the German CA line was due to that damn rental Hindenburg. When I play her, it feels like I am in a Des Moines with the BB armor. They are extremely durable (If you are a Des Moines player, you know what I mean), I would say Hindenburg is even better than Moskva. While Moskva is great at distance, she clumsy at close combat. As if I am in my Des Moines doing close combat against a Moskva, it is almost 100% guarantee that the Moskva will be taken down. It is different than Hindenburg. While Hindenburg also good at distance, Hindenburg is also confident when comes to close quarter brawling. At the medium distance of 17 to 14 km, she is really a beast from hell, it is the best range that she is made for. Back to talking about Hipper. Hipper in T8 is really resemble the Hindenburg. That is the reason why I can get every chance as an opportunist to kill running away ships and burn those who insist to push forward. So Hipper is bad? Try to spent yourself at least 100 battles with her, then you can start to see her qualities. She is a brutal executor. She finish everything in an elegant way. Frankly yes. When you review about a ship, what do you think you will write? The pros, the cons, the abilities, the drawbacks, the do's, the don'ts, etc... am I correct here? Then your viewer can try your suggestion and later provide you a feedback. When it come to brainwashing attempt, you will first say your conclusion. The next step is you will providing information to support that your conclusion is correct. By that, the purpose is to drive people mindset toward your conclusion. It is not intended as a guide, it is not intended to enrich you with information. It is intended to drive your opinion onto something.
  12. Robby_Hermanto

    So German Cruisers are Bad?

    In my opinion, people is like a sheep. They are very easy to believe in a nice wrapped information. Try once or twice, and then go to forum complaining. They are just tends to be brainwashed easily like Hitler brainwashed the whole Germany. FYI: Captain: 14 Skills Perma Camou: None. Signals: Zulu Hotel. Consumables: Standard. I just an average mediocre player with low win rate. That was what I did in my Hipper.
  13. Robby_Hermanto

    Unstable Connection

    Yes I am
  14. Robby_Hermanto

    Unstable Connection

    These last 48 hours when I write this post, I have a very bad unstable connection in WoWs. It is so bad to make it really unplayable. Ping vary from 35 to 700++ ms. It is really really annoying. There are times I got DC up to 4 times. There is no problem to login to the game, but soon after login to the battle map it is immediately DC. Although if able to play, the connection is extremely unstable. I have check my internet connection and find it stable. I did some test by running Youtube when playing and found no problem at all. Everything seamlessly streaming even at the highest resolution. Apparently the connection problem is only happen in WoWs. Is anybody have the same problem? Got any solution for this annoying problem?