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  1. Robby_Hermanto

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    Oh. All "on paper" data anywhere you could find enlisted HE as the ammunition. This video was uploaded a month ago. It was on update 0.9.4. In that video, you can see the Kürfust having brawl at minute 03:45 to 04:15. The Kürfust secondaries fired both AP shells from the 128mm guns and HE shells from the 150mm guns. The current update 0.9.5 we have today is still the same, no changes at German BB secondaries. I have test myself and found it still at the same state. It just I don't have video of my own game play. So I present a recent uploaded video from YouTube regarding German BB gameplay. German is the only nation in game who have mixed secondary guns ammo of AP and HE. Other ships have only HE. Do you have any official announcement that mention all secondaries have turned into HE as for this latest update?
  2. Robby_Hermanto

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    I just tested my Groẞer Kürfust, Friedrich Der Groẞe, and Bismarck (8 hours ago). Their secondaries are not changing. They still have guns firing AP. Where do you get this information?
  3. Robby_Hermanto

    Georgia or Thunderer?

    THUNDERRRRRRRR!!! The reason why Thunderer: 1. It is a T10. It gives special reward at events. For example, there is an event during Christmas. Every ship has "snow" marking on it. It is like the "50% extra EXP" marking on ships if you haven't get a victory in it that day. Do you know what T10 reward ship gives? STEEL! 2. Thunderer is fun and easy to play. You play from the distance and burn everything. Of course she also has weaknesses such as mediocre armor, but overall she is fun to play. She is nimble to dodge shells like a cruiser. 3. It is a Conqueror with built in Unique Upgrade. Look at her stats, to have her is like having a Conqueror with the unique upgrade already installed in the system (of course with all 6 upgrade slots still vacant). The reason why not Georgia: 1. Despite Georgia making more credits than Thunderer, Georgia has only 6 guns, and American shell. That means super slow flying shells. We don't play premium ships for grinding, we play for fun. Georgia is not so fun when comes to long range shell exchanging. 2. Now people said that Georgia is a great brawler. Yes... Compared to her American counterparts Georgia is an excellent brawler. But if you compare her to real brawler ships (let say Friedrich Der Große or Sovyetsky Soyuz, not even mention Ludendorff), Georgia is not good at all. She doesn't has the proper turtleback armor. It means you still must properly angling during close range combat, unlike FDG that you can just confidently goes full broadside at less than 5km range to expose all of your secondaries without afraid of being citadelled. Soyuz might be the same as Georgia; must be properly angled. But Soyuz has a lot better main guns than Georgia for close combat use. 3. Now let's talk about her secondaries.Georgia has American shell which I have described above that it is so floaty. You can use her for your guilty pleasure that her secondaries can lobbing over islands, but other than that her HE shells have very low penetration. Georgia couldn't produce much damage out of her secondaries. Most of Georgia damage output is by her main gun. Her secondaries can't penetrate most of BB and CA parts other than superstructures. Her secondary damage is from the fire it cause. Now let's compare with German brawler BBs. The secondary shells of German BBs are mixed of HE and AP. It means German secondaries do make real penetration damage. So, if Georgia brawl against a German brawler, she will hardly win. The same situation when she brawl against a Soviet brawler. Georgia secondaries cannot penetrate Soyuz armor, and exchanging main gun shells in short range is always be the Soyuz wet dream. So, Georgia is excellent when brawling against a non brawler ships and lobbing secondary shells over island. But when comes to brawl vs real brawler ships, she is at disadvantaged side. 4. Georgia is fun at the hand of experienced brawler BB players. Other than that, it is frustrating to handle her, especially when handling tactics to sneak in a huge BB to the front line for a brawling chance.
  4. Robby_Hermanto

    Abuse in WOW

    Lol.... Hope we never met... In case we do, I apologize for the greedy behavior. There is nothing wrong with allies in the Co-Op, it just my greed want to have more....😂😂😂😂
  5. Robby_Hermanto

    Abuse in WOW

    Disregard that kind of people should be your first initial response. But on the other hand, do not accept their behavior as it is not healthy for the community. In the game while on battle, you can press and hold Tab, look for the name of person who conduct that unethical behaviour. Right click on the name, options will pop up. Choose: Report, then another option will pop up. choose a reason why you report that person. That kind of behavior is not acceptable. Then, you review yourself after the battle; what you did wrong? After you find a possible reason, try to browse YouTube or Twitch about how to do in correct way about your game play. As a player that plays quite long since 2017, I find it is sometime frustrating to see "potatoes" (players who doesn't know what to do) in their ship. Sometimes I also grumbling at the chat. However, I never do any kind of insult in lower tier (8 and lower), I just shut my mouth and play. I bitching off to people who perform so noob only in T10. Co-Op battle, is a different story. I did torp allies, I did sink friendly ships... As if I have to. The reason is to achieve certain goal. For example, I am commanding a Cruiser. That time I must finish a mission what mandates me must be on top 2 rank in the battle results. We have 1 more healty enemy BB far away at the edge of the map. Meanwhile the member left on my team are me (a Cruiser) and another dying DD. The DD runs fast approaching the poor BB. I know for sure that I can't race his speed to also inflicting damage to the target. The DD will owns the BB. As the the DD passing me on side by side, my dark greedy soul whisper to me... Torp it!!!! Torp it!!! TORP IT!!!! I can't control self from releasing the torp. And then.... Booom...!!! The DD ate my torp. I got disciplinary action, but the BB is all mine to sink. Lol.
  6. Robby_Hermanto

    Does Siegfried makes more credit than Äegir?

    Guys... Both Äegir and Siegfried are T9... We don't talk about T10 here.
  7. Robby_Hermanto


    I don't have courage to test my planes against so many kinds of AAs. I just play to win, and that means trying to save my planes as many as possible. Hey thanks for the info. I haven't know that Graf Zep could do that. Actually I am considering to buy her in the future... It just... my wallet is just being hit severely by a torpedo and it is draining out its HP about to die.😅 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... Bring back Enterprise instead. I don't have her yet! 😱
  8. Robby_Hermanto


    Look buddy, I don't have problem with my battle achievement. The message I want to say to you is: I know what I am talking about. I don't play CV for only 3 months, and I know exactly every T8 premium CVs on my rooster. Your problem is with your lack of experience, you don't understand your situation, and you don't want to learn. You choose to put blame on something else and flaming in the forum rather than go online and enjoy the game. By the way, instead of bla bla bla, here is a screenshot for you as evidende that Saipan is in my port. I know exactly what it is and I know what I am talking about. I had the same experience as yours when first playing Saipan, especially after the CV re-work. You know what, the most joy is the learning phase. It is when you networking with other CV players to discuss what have been done wrong, and then try again. There is the way you should enjoy the game. Regarding 3 ships Tier X (1 BB 1DD 1 Crusier), you can't bait me with that. Every experienced CV player to the most noob one knows that kind of configuration herd must be avoided, a cluster that is not a feasible target. It is only desperate CV player who would attack ships on that configuration.I will attack those when I am the only one left in my team and those ships are approaching me.
  9. Robby_Hermanto


    Sorry... I got bugged. It don't respond when I submit.... And I can't delete my spam postings..
  10. Robby_Hermanto


    Please scout with your planes... Not with your CV! 😨 Fighters take only one minute to sweep the map from West to east. By that time none of your team haven't reach the front line yet... This is the blunder knot. I think you better play Candy Crush. Such damage wouldn't necessary there so you don't have to suicide and nobody will notice your weak perseverance. Oops... I am gonna get warning for recommend another game here. 😁😁😁
  11. Robby_Hermanto

    How to counter high tiers Italian cruisers?

    The Counter technique is depends on what ship you are using. I will share the techniques of some ships that I have experience: 1. Smolensk: This is a no brainer way. Just smoke up. If you can't see it after smoke up, just wait. Normally the opponent will not smoke first. It will smoke up only after you bombard it. After you can't see each other.... Just wait. Don't run way. Get your torp ready. When it renders up visible, release the torp then bombard with AP. It is too late to angling for the target and your AP DPM is too fast to be raced. Don't forget to turn on your Hydro soon after smoke up. It might trying to torp you in the smoke. Your intuition must go fast to notice when it suddenly broadsiding. If it does, send it to the bottom of the sea with AP. The best if you have engine mod to accelerate your speed from zero. 2. Yoshino, Hindenburg: full bowing (not angling). This is to lower the chance many SAP shells land to your ship. If the range is close, use one rack of torp to strict the incoming target, meanwhile you go circling trying to get its broadside. Release another torp trying to make it cross fired. If you manage to go broadside. Go with AP. It doesn't matter if both of you broadsiding each other, you going to kill each other. Only one ship will leave the scene. If the range is medium to far, better angling away and go dark. There is no use exchanging shell unnecessarily and loss a big chunk of HP. 3. Z-52: My favorite DD that always hunt down Venezia. Go a bit close to your detection border, but not too close. Leave 1 km gap away from your detection border. Smoke up then rain it down until you can't see it anymore. The Venezia intuition is always closing up to kill you. It may take circling way, or straight to your position. Turn on the Hydro. The Venezia will get an unpleasant surprise. Keep rain it down with shell until it turns away, calculate the target circle and release one rack of torp. It is guaranteed it got a lesson not play with you again. When it turns away from you, don't miss the chance to get away too avoiding unnecessary drama. But then if it insist to chase you, kite it from the conceal and release another torp. It will be great if you would provide in what ship are you using, because each ship has different tactic to cope with these SAP throwers.
  12. Hi guys! I would like to ask a question for you who already have both Äegir and Siegfried. Does Siegfried make more credits than Äegir? Thank you in advance! 🙂
  13. Robby_Hermanto

    Skane and Match making only ship at 7 over and over.

    Does it really matter? When I am in a Skåne, what I can distinguish in the game is only the feel of fighting a gunboat DD and a torp boat DD. Other ships? They all just the same. All T5 cruisers can kill me and all T9 BBs eating my torps. Regardless what is the Tier... from T5 Texas to T9 Georgia, from T5 New York to T9 Iowa; all survived my torps. I am talking about me in a Skåne. So why does tier really matter? PS: Ah yes... There is a difference. Blapping a T9 with a Skåne makes more money. 😂😂😂
  14. Ahhhh I just know this. Thanksssss!! Yes I just found her. Thanks you!! ;))
  15. It think it is better WG tweak the matchmaking system to a certain degree: that players of certain number of battle experiences will match against other players of their average flight hours. Sometime it is frustrating to have low experienced team mate in a team. I can recall there was a moment in my battles where 3 enemy DDs chasing me up shooting like crazy (I was in the Lyon, regrinding my BB tree). I was sailing away from them with my stern facing their bow. It is hilarious when one of them tried to torp me from behind, 8 km away, and the ship that torped me was an Okhotnik (Which I think he only has 4 km torp range). I can imagine how frustrating to have 3 newbie DDs in the team, while on the other hand my team's DD walking in the park having picnic sitting in the cap. I believe it was also frustrating for them seeing a Tier 7 Battleship on their Tier 5 gameplay.