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  1. Robby_Hermanto

    Admiral Hipper

    Ehm... People said she is underperform though.... 😞
  2. Robby_Hermanto

    Yashima(Shikishima) and G.K Full Secondaries build Test

    Wow you are fast to respond. Hey I just edit my previous post in case you need to review if your comment is still valid.
  3. Robby_Hermanto

    Yashima(Shikishima) and G.K Full Secondaries build Test

    That is logic. Yamato (which has the same secondaries as Yashima) also results the same. The first point is in the hull built of both ship: Yashima/Yamato armor scheme is not built for close quarter which make her easy to get citadels from opponent main guns at short range. On the other hand, the armor scheme of G.K. makes her not easy to get citadels from short range. That make G.K. becomes a more potent brawler. The second point is the secondary guns: Yashima's shorter secondaries range will not make her become a potent brawler, her asset is her enormous main guns. On the other hand, G.K has farther secondaries range. Yashima has 9.7 km in total secondary built setup. G.K. has 11.6 km in total secondary built setup. That means G.K will open fire to the target first compared to Yashima to the target. The third point is the secondary guns durability: G.K. has more than twice secondary guns durability compared to Yashima (both at full secondaries setup). On the real battle, brawling will not happen in early game. There is most likely both ships had sustained damage before the brawl occurred. When the brawl occurs, it is also most likely G.K still has all her secondary guns intact while on the other hand Yashima/Yamato had lost some of her guns. Specification wise, according to https://proships.ru/stat/ru/ships/3143,3587/ both ship secondaries could penetrate each other. In the video, the target is a Yamato. Although Yashima secondaries have lower penetration values than G.K on the paper, her penetration values are more than sufficient to inflict damage to the casemate (especially when IFHE applied). This is the Yashima setup as the video mentioned: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PJSB510&modules=1111&upgrades=212123&commander=PCW001&skills=353386499&ar=100&flags=4034&consumables=224. It is clearly seen that Yashima secondaries are capable to penetrate 32mm case mate. G.K. secondaries are also capable to penetrate 32mm. With more secondary guns available on Yashima, it is logic if Yashima has more DPM than G.K. For comparison, this is the G.K setup as the video mentioned: https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PGSB110&modules=2111&upgrades=212324&commander=PGW103&skills=353386499&ar=100&flags=4034&consumables=2242. The point to analyze is: The penetration rate of G.K secondaries (this setup is based on 0.9.1 update) are also surpassing 32mm. This means both Yashima and G.K are able to penetrate casemates. Now the number of secondary guns speaks about who will have more DPM. In my personal opinion, after 0.9.2 implemented I will not use IFHE for G.K secondaries. Her 150mm penetration values will penetrate 38mm, and her 128mm will penetrate 32mm. This will make G.K secondaries able to penetrate most ships plating. Skill points for IFHE can be transferred to FP which make G.K even more potent. On the other hand, Yashima commander should have IFHE if wanting results as G.K has (which mean no FP). In conclusion, higher DPM did not speak for Yashima to be a better brawler. There are other dominant factors contribute to a ship to be a brawler.
  4. It is a 'light' battleship then 😁😁😁😁😁
  5. Robby_Hermanto

    Suggestion - PVE Content section

    This game is very lacking in PvE content. A multi phase clan co-op scenarios will be fun. Those tier Xs should more rewarding than just being a pvp bote. PVP is cool, but to achieve the top of the line just to have pvp only ship is not that rewarding.
  6. Robby_Hermanto

    Going up front and support, Tanking

    I login, I tank, I am on the top chart. Yay, let the island tank for me.
  7. Just to make it short: Please make RB point reward from a resetted line could afford 5 unique upgrades. Consideration: Before 0.9.2, a player can proceed to grind the unique upgrade immediately upon their first tier X ship. Along with the grind, that player will also obtain generous number of vary premium consumables following every milestones. After 0.9.2, a player can access the RB after their 5th tier X ship and resetting a line will not grant any premium consumables. So please make that sacrifice could afford at least 5 unique upgrades. Thanks Dev Team!
  8. Robby_Hermanto

    Graf Spee Alternate Credit Earning Camo

    Really not bad for a Tier 6.
  9. I think this inquiry is best addressed to developer team. However, feel free to answer and comment. Why WG should make 2 Tier 9 premium cruisers instead to make one to Tier 10? USN have T9 Alaska and T10 Puerto Rico IJN have T9 Azuma and T10 Yoshino Why KMS should have 2 T9s based on the same hull?
  10. Robby_Hermanto

    Andew Cunningham

    In my opinion he is best to fits BB.
  11. Robby_Hermanto

    German CV line

    Hi Developers, By this thread I would like propose for WG to found the German CV line. For Forum Administrators: You can move this thread to the proper section as you see fit. Here is the tech tree proposal: Tier 4: Ausonia Tier 6: Jade Tier 8: Flugzeugträger B: is an alternate design of Graf Zeppelin (Flugzeugträger A) which is a premium ship. The Flugzeugträger B has no name yet. Feel free to name it as WG see fit. Tier 10: Europa As the other nations tech tree split line are in the shelf awaiting for progress, here is the alternate tree line: Tier 4: Stuttgart Tier 6: Type II (Was a plan to convert incomplete captured French cruiser De Grasse at Lorient to a CV). Please name the ship. Tier 8: Elbe Tier 10: Weser Comments are very welcome.
  12. Hi everyone! I am curious to know about above mentioned ships credit making capability in this current update 0.8.7. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks. 🙂
  13. Robby_Hermanto

    Grygus's Grind (Previously "What to Grind Next...")

    What is your main Class? As if you are a BB player: go for Grosser Kürfust or République. As if you are a CA player: go for Henri IV. As if you are CL player: go for Worcester. As if you are a Torpboat DD player: go for Z-52 As if you are a Gunboat DD player: go for Gearing. Summarizing all the suggestions above: go have some tier X ships as your "badge" of achievement. Having tier 10 in the port is something to proud of. Looking at them, circling the camera, etc etc are a unique satisfaction. Can you imagine how hard you struggling to obtain it. I collects tier X ships that I like, invest a permanent camou on her, grind a 19 skills captain on her, and finish the legendary quest. At the end, I sit and adoring the ship at the Port. It is feels so good when you rest and enjoying your hardwork beautifully docking at the Port.
  14. Robby_Hermanto

    Inconsistent Data. Which one is the correct one?

    Don't take penetration measurement by the caliber. 127 mm on certain ships may differ to another. The best to know the penetration value of a particular ship is by looking to the stat at Wiki, or at proships.ru For DDs, I strongly not recommend to take IFHE, unless for Harugumo. All DD guns are able to penetrate superstructure, and players have access to full manual control to aim those shells to the the superstructure. It means all DDs have potency to inflict damage regardless with or without IFHE. In the case you use IFHE, you still unable to penetrate hull plating of CA and BB. If the target is fellow DD, you still able to deliver damage regardless with or without IFHE.
  15. Robby_Hermanto

    Us BB 406mm guns

    Hello! Welcome to the game! I will try to answer with the best information you provide. The shell shatter: What kind of shell do you use? if you use High Explosion shells, then yes they will shatter when hit target's side armor belt for those shells have low penetration rate. Lets see this armor configuration. I pick the Tirpitz for an example: The upper side belt armor above water line of the Tirpitz is 160 mm The upper side belt armor on the water line of the Tirpitz is even thicker. It is 315 mm Now, lets examine the HE Penetration of the T8 North Carolina: It is 67mm. When you hit a full broadsiding Tirpitz with North Carolina's HE shells, you can expect no damage will inflict. You may hope for fire will occur, but not a direct hit damage. For broadsiding ships, you must use Armor Piercing shells to get a nasty damage. Below chart is North Carolina's AP Shell penetration rate: As you can see on the chart: the penetration numbers of AP shells are greatly higher than the HE one. Along as the target farther than your position, the penetration rate will also goes lower. So, lets say a Tirpitz is full broadsiding against you at 18 km away, your North Carolina AP shell will still able to penetrate 477 mm of her armor. There you will not see any shattered ribbons but damages instead. Hope this helps. Good luck and fair seas!