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  1. Windows10 crashed - reinstalled - Lost all content

    Found a place in support to lodge a ticket. So I will see how we go. B...... Microsoft. they know how to russle one's Jimmy's. 3rd major problem with Windows 10 in 2 Years. Grrrrrrrrr. Alex
  2. Windows10 crashed - reinstalled - Lost all content

    Well I am going to have to leave this for a few hours as I have another large download to deal with. Alex
  3. Windows10 crashed - reinstalled - Lost all content

    G'day Ralph. All I did was to download from the windows store. Fire up the game. and sign in with my usual email and password. Definitely Asia server. The new D/L from WG Asia has just finished. But I am not game to open it just yet until I can find an answer. Many Thanks mate. At least I know my original account is still there. Alex
  4. Windows10 crashed - reinstalled - Lost all content

    Hi Guy's. I am typing this on my laptop while my desktop downloads a new copy from the WG site. It would appear that a new account has been created for me. I suppose that's a Lol moment. OK. So now, how do I access my original account. My Email and password now brings me to this new account. (Which I do not want) I'm sorry guy's, I just have no idea how to deal with this situation. Any advice you can give would be most appreciated. Thank you. Alex AKA Bengal_Tiger23.
  5. Windows10 crashed - reinstalled - Lost all content

    Don't worry. I'll uninstall tomorrow. Then download from the WG site. This has been an absolute nightmare Thanks Microsoft---Not
  6. Hi Guy's Last Thursday windows 10 did an update. This crashed my computer completely which required a reinstall and cleen. I today re downloaded WOWs PC from the windows store and when I signed in, all my progress and ships were gone. It is back to the start. Also tried to find my content in my profile for this forum and it shows nothing. I cannot find a suitable category In the support section or find where to contact staff to correct the issue. Help please. It Would be much appreciated. Alex B_T23 PS Okay. Where did the _au in my username come from?