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  1. I agree with Ralph. Fair and reasonable.
  2. BossCocky_1

    No British DD's

    Join the club. I also have received zero personel missions. I'm not buying any lottery tickets either with my present run of luck.
  3. BossCocky_1

    The common random game motto

    Don't worry about the radar cruisers ill see them when i get in the cap.
  4. BossCocky_1

    Defensive destroyers?

    I see WG wants the upcoming British DD line to be defensive. What exactlly constitutes a defensive destroyer? I thought their bread and butter was spotting, capping, dd hunting and denying areas to BB. None of which sounds defensive.
  5. BossCocky_1

    So many radar in game ...

    I understand completely where your coming from. Assuming most people play the game for fun and relaxation, if it stops being fun as you have pointed out with radar, people will vote with their feet and stop playing DDs. Has this not occured?