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  1. Smokeyr867

    Pan Asians soon - What's your weapon of choice?

    I'm going to wait for the Taiwanese ships to be released
  2. Smokeyr867

    Pan Asia Flag poll

    My vote is that in order to avoid offending anyone, we use the following flag on all vessels.
  3. Dude, who cares, it's a game......
  4. Smokeyr867

    How to quit a Clan group ?

    Call the commander a useless &*^% who deserves to be %^&* in the %$#@. That usually works for me
  5. 7700k and 1080 here, it runs with everything maxed out at about 70fps
  6. Smokeyr867

    The Mistery of Bad Advice Captain

    mYstery - here's a few Y's I had hanging about, use them to edit your post YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY
  7. Smokeyr867

    Unintentional kill stealing

    Exactly - it's a team game, and any opposition guns removed from it is a good thing for the team
  8. Smokeyr867

    Padding, Clubbing, Scrubbing and Grinding

    I'm lucky to get into a match in t2, the other day after a 4 minute wait I was put into a 1 v 1 battle! I know I'm no great shakes at this game, but how the hell am I and others supposed to get experience if we can't find a game at the appropriate levels? Smokey
  9. Just wait until they bring in "gold" ammo - the screams will reverberate around the world!
  10. I think the biggest problem is the low server population - there just aren't enough active players in any single timezone to support clan wars :(
  11. Smokeyr867

    New Aircraft Carrier

    I'd be partial to having the HMAS Sydney (III) but I can't see it happening either :( (Not that I play CV's, but I am a bit of a collector :) )
  12. Smokeyr867


    Your a champ ReNation, thanks very much :)
  13. Smokeyr867


    Thx MatterCore :)