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  1. Just checked out the Steam version of WoWs, just wondering if I can transfer all the files from the original client to the Steam folder. Currently testing it, will add a note if I confirm it works.
  2. Jappu

    Unable to Launch in Update 0.6.9

    Thought I was gonna get a fix from today's update, but there was none. Also, I run the game in vanilla. I'm updating my GPU Drivers in hopes that it'll get fixed. I'll edit once I find a fix.
  3. Jappu

    Bigclient eror

    Experiencing the same thing here. Been camping in the forums for a few days but none of them replied. I got one though, try enabling Compatibility mode (Properties > Compatibility > Run this program in compatibility mode for) for the game launcher. That's all I can offer, hope you get it fixed right away.
  4. Jappu

    Why always critical error?

    Try updating your drivers, or enable the compatibility mode from Properties > Compatibility.
  5. Just got this today, it was working fine last week. Also experienced two BSODs when I start the game. Any suggestions I can try to fix it? Edit: It happened again. I was able to play yesterday. Edit #2: Deleting the file "preferences.xml" actually fixes this problem.