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  1. This Bug had fixed. problem solved confirm!
  2. This Bug had fixed in 0.8.2 problem solved confirm!
  3. 1. Description English client show russian in clan page menu (see picture below) 2. Reproduction steps use english language on client open clan page right click on player name who isn't myself russian menu appear as bottom of menu 3. Result russian menu appear as bottom of menu 4. Expected result russian menu translated to english
  4. Thank you so much. I hope this problem will solve soon.
  5. 1. Description Cleveland - Freedom camo (camo in the picture below) have no gun firing sound 2. Reproduction steps Pick Cleveland mount Freedom camo play random battle 3. Result Have no firing sound while gun fire 4. Expected result Have gunfiring sound when fire 5. Technical details Time of occurrence: about 19:48 (GMT +0700). Replay file attached. 20190301_194832_PASC208-Cleveland_15_NE_north.wowsreplay
  6. pureexe

    Dasha letter arg 2

    by set X = 78 we get, N = 68 E = 33 J = 64 P = 70 it's word "NEJEEP" but it isn't code? what is this?
  7. pureexe

    [Poll] "Azur Lane" collaboration

    Add Atlanta to poll please
  8. pureexe

    Can't log in

    same for me, still can't login.